MOW Gondolas

Conrail had hundreds of 40', 46', 52', and 65' gondolas pulling a variety of duties in MOW service. Tie gons, gons hauling scrap rail cars, panel turnouts and other miscellaneous items can be seen here.

Class 791G

The 791G class was built by Greenville in 1949 as NYC 712500-713099, totaling 600 cars. Some of the remaining cars in this class on Conrail finished out their last years in MOW service.

Class 829G

The 829G class is a group of 1000 gondolas built by Greenville in 1951 as NYC 715600-716599. Some of these cars survived into the Conrail era and were used in MOW service.

Class 970G

The 970G class consists of 700 cars rebuilt from lot 702G cars by the NYC in 1965. Some of these cars that made it to Conrail were assigned to MOW service.

Class G22B

These 46' gondolas were rebuilt by the PRR from class G22 cars in 1930.

Class G26C and G26S panel switch gondolas

The PRR began rebuilding some class G26C gondolas with a fishbelly and interior center divider to carry panel-track switches as early as 1966. These rebuilds continued under the PC and CR years, with some cars being rebuilt into the early 1980s. Conrail labeled some of these cars "PANELIZED TURN OUT CARRIER"s on the left-hand side.

Class G28

Former PRR cars

Class G32B

The G32B class consists of 600 cars rebuilt from class G32A gondolas by the PRR in 1966, formerly PRR 317400-318899.

Class G32C

Former PRR cars.

Class G37

The G37 class consists of 450 mill gondolas built by the PRR at their Sam Rea shops in 1957 in the series PRR 379400-379849. Later on in Conrail, as these cars became older, many were renumbered and placed into MOW service.

Class G43A

Former PC cars

Class G44

Former PRR cars.

Class G44A

Former PC cars.

Class G46

Conrail's class G46 65' gondolas were built by Fruehauf for the PC in 1972.

Class GE52H

Former EL cars.

Class GE61C

Former EL cars.

Class GE61D

Former EL cars.

Class GE61E

Former EL cars.

Class GE61F

Former EL cars.

Class GL61B

Former LV cars.

Class GR51D

Former RDG cars.

Class GR51M

Former RDG cars.

Class GR61A

Former RDG class GHt gondolas, previously numbered RDG 30400-30549.

Class GR61C

Former RDG cars.

CR 2243 King of Prussia, PA 2-21-1977

CR GP-30 2243 and U33B 2929 storm past RDG MOW gondola 96331 at Abrams yard in February, 1977.

CR 30296

Conrail 30296 is seen at Enola, PA. Car is ex NYC 33614 and was built 7-59.

CR 35044

Car is ex NYC 749226 and was built 3-26. When the car came to Conrail, it served as part of the Selkirk Wreck Train.

CR 46216

Car is ex NYC 628300 and was built 5-25. According to Lon, these gons were rebuilt by NYC from 1951-1954 from various lots. Seen here in early 1997.

CR 46808

Car is ex LV (93082?) and was built 8-26.

CR 54817

Conrail 54817 is seen at Rutherford, PA. Car was originally built as Erie 10397 in 2-41.

CR 55207 - Class GE51C

Car is ex CR 510398/EL 12050 and was built 5-52.

CR 55295

Car is ex RDG.

CR 63017

CR 63017 (M/W idler for crane 92546) is seen at Columbia, PA. Car is ex PC 63017 and was built 1-46(?). It was deleted 12/30/98.

CR 64951 Bethlehem, PA 12-17-1988

MOW gondola CR 64951 and CR 527342 rest at the Bethlehem engine terminal in December, 1988.

CR 66018

Car is ex CR 596965/RDG 31667 and was built 10-56. Car was deleted 12/30/98.

CR 66087

Car is ex LV and is seen here in November 1993 in MOW service.

CR 66153

Conrail 66153 is seen at Palmyra, PA.  Car is ex LV 34400 and was built 12-55.  It was deleted on 10/27/95.

CR 66153

Conrail 66153 is seen at Columbia, PA

CR 66194

Seen here in November 1993 in MOW service.

CR 66214- RDG Class GHO

Car is ex RDG and is seen here in June 1994.

CR 66222 Allentown, Pa 3-1996

CR MOW Gon 66222 is seen in the consist of a train at Allentown, Pa 3/1996

CR 66303

CR 66303 is seen at Walnuttown, PA

CR 66309

Conrail 66309 is seen at Cove, PA in April, 1989

CR 66328

Conrail 66328 is seen at Rochester, PA

CR 66328

Conrail 66328 is seen at Rochester, PA

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