Class F41B

Former PRR cars

CR 716092 - Class F41B

Conrail 716092 is seen carrying MOBX 53207 at Enola, PA

CR 716095 - Class F41B

Conrail 716095 is seen at Rochester, PA carrying a large metal casting of some sort

CR 716178 - Class F41B

Conrail 716178 is seen at New Brighton, PA

CR 716179 - Class F41B

Conrail 716179 is seen at Lancaster, PA in the mid 1980s

CR 716191 - Class F41B

Conrail 716191 is seen at Cove, PA carrying a load of steel plates

CR 716219 - Class F41B

Conrail 716219 is seen at Temple, PA

CR 716225 - Class F41B

Conrail 716225 is seen at Enola, PA

CR 716226- Class F41B

CR 716226 is seen here carrying two locomotive trucks. Car is ex PRR.

CR 716306 - Class F41B

Conrail 716306 is seen at Duncannon, PA

CR 716308 - Class F41B

Conrail 716308 is seen at Enola, PA

CR 716334 - Class F41B

CR 716334 is seen at Columbia, PA.

CR 716335 - Class F41B with CR 57216

Conrail 716335 is seen at Denholm, PA carrying CR

CR 716937 - Class F41B

CR 716937 is seen at Enola, PA.

CR 716956 - Class F41B

Conrail 716956 is seen at Altoona, PA

CR 716961 - Class F41B

Conrail 716961 is seen at Thompsontown, PA

CR 716964 - Class F41B (PC 181092 Load)

CR 716964 loaded with damaged PC 181092 boxcar, in the yard at Edgemoor, DE on 5/30/81.

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