Conrail series 494970-494999.  Acquired via HLMX, originally C&O cars that were rebodied by BSC in 1988.

CR 494860

CR 494860 is seen in the consist of XSM-79B at Johnstown, PA on 6/8/97. Car is ex HLMX 10095/TWRY 10095/C&O 87349 and was dleted by NS on 11/28/02. Car then became CIRR 494860.

CR 494962

CR 494962 is seen in the consist of a WB at Altoona, PA on 11/24/96. Car is ex HLMX 10085/TWRY 10085/C&O 87666. Car was later restenciled to HLMX 494962 after the lease had expired.

CR 494981

Seen here is a triple hopper that Conrail acquired through HLMX (Helm Leasing). Car was rebuilt 8-88.

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