GE 44 Ton

Conrail's only 44-Tonner was a former PC/PRR unit.

CR 9999 Hubbard, OH 11-20-79

A true PRR survivor, this PC 44 ton GE is working a scrap dealer in Hubbard, Ohio that took in a lot of old Conrail equipment. It's Nov 1979, and I believe this unit was the property of the scraper and off the CR roster by this date. That's the ex NYC Youngstown Line in the background.

This unit was numbred to 9999 by the PRR prior to the Penn Central merger in 1968. Its only assignment during the Penn Central era, and into Conrail was on the Pemberton & Hightstown Line in New Jersey, leased and oprated by the Union Transportation Company which ran from Lewes, NJ to Fort Dix. Servic ended on the line in 1977 and the 9999 was sold in 1978 to Midwest Steel and Alloy in Ohio.

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