Summer 2009 Rail-B-Q Photos

Blue over Rockville - sweet!

A blue leader brings out the photographers!

Enjoying a warm summer evening at Rockville

On a beautiful summer evening members of the CRHS spend some time watching and photographing trains crossing the famous Rockville bridge.

Fireworks after the show

CRHS members were treated to some fireworks courtesy of the carnival in Marysville. A preserved Conrail hirail truck provided seating for some to watch the show.

Future Railfan

Our littlest member enjoying the trains in back of Kris's Highrail

NS 8352 (CR 6113)

Former CR 6113 is seen at Marysville PA on 8/1/09. It would appear that this unit was involved in a grade crossing accident. This unit sports new ditch lights but is not the first time this unit has had them mounted on the pilot. Conrail 6113 was the test unit when ditch lights were first introduced by Conrail having two sets of ditch lights mounted on the short hood end in the beginning.

NS 8352 (CR 6113)

Former CR 6113 is seen on 21E at Marysville PA on 8/1/09.

Preserving Conrail, digital style

Our very own Ed Kapuscinski bags this former Conrail unit near Harris tower with his digital camera.


I shot out to Newport to catch up with the wreck rebuild C40-8W but, courtesy of an accident in the square, got set back in a half mile long dead stop...


As I watched my catch cruise by at 60per while I was stopped on the bridge, by the time I made it out to my spot, this was all that was left.


I did manage to catch a great east/west meet outside of town. By mid train there was so much coal dust in the air you could taste it in your mouth!


Brock Kerchner holds Linda Sauls' birthday cake while the group gives a HORRIBLE rendition of "Happy Birthday"


Part of the crowd at Rockville bridge...


I decided to spend the majority of the day running around myself with Kaden. Here's one of our Buffalo line chase in the hirail. We managed to catch this guy going north and H3W coming south at a PERFECT meet on top of a road crossing at 10mph each. Someday I'll have to get the video of that added... was absolutely amazing!


It was off to the east side of the river for a hike up the mountain to get ready for some fireworks overlooking Rockville bridge. The CRHS (Marysville carnival) put on one heck of a fireworks show. Just before 11:15pm, the carnival lights are still lit up...

The race is on

Racing to catch the blues

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