Spring 2008 Rail-B-Q Photos

Were you there to enjoy the 2008 Spring Rail-B-Q? If not, see what you missed here!

Off to Rockville

More of Marysville Mass Transit's Finest: Here we are heading off to the early evening photography session at Rockville Bridge.

Pat pacing SD60i 6750

Don't let his calm demeanor fool you. This was shot while Russ was tearing a** through Marysville keeping up with a westbound intermodal train with a blue leader on it after missing it coming out of Enola.

Pat came all the way from Michigan to be with us, and I'm hoping he left wanting to come back! 

Properly Labelled Liquid Refreshment

A new addition to the Rail-B-Q this year was some of Pottsville's finest, properly adorned, of course.  

Rail-B-Q from far away...

Taken from the top of the hill at Marysville.

Sean Shooting some blue during the chase

With Russ as wheelman, we chased down a blue SD60i and got some funny looks from the crew as we paced them through Marysville.

After this shot it was back to the bbq. 

Steve braces up to get rolling

We're getting ready to head out to Rockville (and the chase through Marysville after that) and piling into Russ's truck.

Sweet light on Rockville

Toward the end of daylight a bunch of us headed down towards Rockville to catch a number of trains traversing the bridge in the sweet evening light. 

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