Conrail Days 2009 Photos

Blue SD60I tripod

Using the 5644 as a photo platform while shooting the Reading FP7.

Brock on 5644

Brock adjusted the number boards on the 5644.

Durant doing his thing

John Durant prepares to give another fine show at Conrail Days.

Ed having fun

Ed is having fun demonstrating the Trainz Railroad Simulator at the Conrail Shoppe.

Finished preparing the locomotive

Kris and Ed are proud of the work they have done!

Happy birthday Kris and Brock

We had a little impromptu birthday party for Kris and Brock. Happy birthday guys!

Night photo lineup

Line up of photographers shooting the 5644.

The Durf with the Reading

Yours truly posing with the Reading Lines FP7. Sorry- I forget who actually snapped the shutter for me, but thank you! (Was it you Brian?)

Unlocking the 5644

Unlocking the 5644 in preparation for Saturday's crowd.

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