The REAL Conrail Blue Color

The "true" color of Conrail Blue is a subject of great debate, as any discussion based around photos can be biased based on lighting, fade, weathering of the subject, etc. The CRHS would like to provide some clarity by helping modelers and enthusiasts make sure they get the "right" Conrail color.

There is much more to write and research about this, but for now, here's a start:

  • Pantone
    • PMS Color: PMS 300
  • HSB Color:
    • H:203
    • S:100%
    • B:76%
  • RGB Color
    • R:0
    • G:121
    • B:193
  • LAB Color
    • L:46
    • a:-18
    • b-50
  • CMYK
    • C:100%
    • M:44%
    • Y:0%
    • K:0%
  • HEX
    • #0079c1


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