Pre Convention Preparations

Altoona 08 went amazingly smoothly in large part to the amount of preparation that the crew put in ahead of time. These photos are a behind the scenes look at getting ready for the big event.


The behind the scenes stuff is always so unglamorous, that is until it comes time to wrap 300 chunks of sweet chocolately goodness! My dining room table was ever so happy to have these on it than 450 copies of the latest Conrail Quarterly!!!


Shortly after our arrival to Juniata, these three CRHS beauty queens were ready to depart for South Fork for Saturday's events!

Flying proud

With the true company flag flying proud, Conrail was officially back in town!

In Love

Yes I know.... sometimes I take to much to Conrail but ya gotta admit... this sure is one classy locomotive and I was blessed to have the opportunity to clean her up for our photo shoot a few days down the road!

Light up the Spirit

Brock Kerchner replaces the headlight on "The Spirit of Conrail."

Prep work

Brock Kerchner readies 2943 at Juniata for our cleaning detail Thursday afternoon before the Convention.

Testing the process

Ryan Emrick prepares to run through the registration process before the swarm of Conrail fans descend upon our Convention hotel

Touching up

With several locations needing paint attention, Kris Klemick carefully does the proud work of the Juniata Paint Shop by re-applying some Conrail Blue paint over top several rusty locations after light prep work was completed.

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