Saturday Morning Opening Horseshoe Curve

Saturday morning started off nice and early with our tour opening the park at the famous Horseshoe Curve. We got a little wet thanks to the rain, but it didn't dampen our spirits.

Arriving at the curve

Pulling up to Horseshoe Curve we found the gates locked. It was an hour before opening.

Back to the Busses!

Next stop South Fork, and a big surprise for the group. Little do these guys know they'll be in the cab of an 80mac in 30 minutes.

Breakfast time

Saturday morning started at 6:30 with breakfast. This was a REALLY early call since we didn't get back to the hotel until 11 the night before. It's a good thing there was a coffee maker. And waffles.


It's 7:51am and the gang is waiting for the gate to open at Horseshoe Curve so we can begin our tour! Just to think, in a matter of one hour these guys will soon find out the next seat they'll be taking is in the cab of Conrail Blue SD80MAC's and SD40-2's!

First thing's first, a safety briefing

A true professional, JB started our tour off with a safety briefing, making sure everyone knew the rules for the coming day.

Funicular Test Run

Before they let us on they made sure it was working right. It was only a few more minutes until we were at the top of the curve.

Horseshoe Curve Sign

In case there was any doubt where we were.

Light Helpers Approach the Curve

A pair of SD40-2s run light up the hill. Here they are running past the conventioneers.

Opening the Gates

That's right, it might be before opening, but the CRHS was on the VIP list. They opened up the park early for us to get our first sight of the mountain railroading action.

PRR 7048

PRR GP9 7048(former CR 7048) on display at the top of Horse Shoe Curve on Oct. 25, 2008

PRR flatcar 473908

PRR class F30 flatcar 473908 on display at Horse Shoe Curve on Oct. 25, 2008

The diehards walked

While some of us waited for the funicular, others climbed the mountain on foot.

Waiting for the Funicular

Staying warm and dry while we waited for a ride to the top.

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