Conrail placed additional orders for SD80MACs, however due to the pending takeover by Norfolk Southern and CSX the order was changed. Norfolk Southern, not wanting to take the plunge into AC power, changed the order to standard cab SD70's built to NS specification. The 4,000hp locomotives were numbered 2557 – 2580, in sequence with NS’ own SD70’s. They were assembled and painted at the Juniata Locomotive Shop between July and October 1998 in traditional Conrail paint.

CR 2558, is on the point of ALSE at Ridgefield Park, NJ 5/1999.
CR 2559 & 6002 are seen XSG-400 at Altoona, PA on 3/5/99.
CR 2559 & 6002 are seen leading XSG-400 out of the tunnels at Gallitzin, PA on 3/5/99.
CR 2559 is seen XSG-400 at Altoona, PA on 3/5/99.
A pair of SD70's pass under the 1910 bridge at Port Royal, Pa with PIMO-0 in March 1999.
CR SD70 2561, photographer unknown, Chris Howe collection
CR 2564 and 2567 power TV10B eastbound thru Oak Harbor, OH on December 9, 1998. Chris Howe photo
Conrail SD-70's 2564 and 2566 lead northbound coal train UOH-87 at West 32nd Street in Ash, Ohio, on Conrail's Youngstown Line.
CR 2565 leads Mail-8M past some parked camp cars at Edgerton, OH on October 28, 1998. Chris Howe photo
CR 2565 and fellow SD70 leads TV261 near Stryker, OH on October 31, 1998. Chris Howe photo
STBN-7 with the 2566 and a GE for power at Union City, OH on May 27, 1999
Conrail power that includes some new SD70's like the 2568 facing the photographer is seen at the former Erie Lackawanna 51st Street Yard in Chicago, IL in November 1998. Other units that can be identified in the shot includes CR 6810(SD50), 2577(SD70), 5607(SD60I), and 2560(SD70). Doug Davidson photo with permission
CR 2568 leads TV11 under the NS line to Bellevue at Oak Harbor, OH on April 25, 1999. Chris Howe photo
SD70 2569 leads TV6 across the flats in Brookfield, MA. on Sept. 5, 1998. Sharp-eyed observers will note the second unit is not CR, it's an EsPee SD45.
A rare visitor to the Boston line, SD70 2573 leads a BOSE-X through Chester, MA. on Feb. 20, 1999.
Because of it's rarity up here, BOSE-X was worth a chase to get another crack at SD70 2573 as he works up by Ballou's on Feb. 20, 1999.
UBT-406 departs Shire Oaks yard, heading to the coal fields to load.
A pair of SD70's, led by the 2574, take TV9 through Huntington, MA. on Feb. 20, 1999.
CR 2574 is on the point of SECS at Ridgefield Park, NJ 1/1999
Conrail SD70 2575 is seen leading Mail3 westbound at Cove, PA on 10/15/1998
A pair of SD70's built to NS specs cross over at CP MO in Cresson, Pa with train ALPI-2F. These were nice units despite being built with a standard cab well into the wide cab era. I put the first miles on many of these when they came out of JBS and went west to Conway on train ATPI, smooth ride, sweet horn, but a little noisy.
BUHE-9X with the 2575 and 3310 for power at Porter, IN on May 9, 1999
CR 2577 and 2562 are eastbound with ELBU-0 at Butler, IN on May 30, 1999. Chris Howe photo
Conrail 2579 rests between assignments in the former Conrail Ashtabula Harbor Ohio Yard (now owned by NS)
EMD Demonstrator locomotives 7001, 7000 and 7002 wait for permission to head south to West Brownsville yard for a train..

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