Surviving B36-7s

After a short tenure on NS and CSX, many CR B36-7's went to Brazil, where they were modified into 8-axle narrow-gauge units classified as BB36-7's.

CR 5011

CR 5011, soon to become CSXT 5788, is at Cumberland, MD on 6/28/99. It was later sold to Brazil and became EFVM 729 (BB36-7), then became FCA 729.

CR 5011

CR 5011, soon to become CSXT 5788, is at Cumberland, MD on 7/9/99. It was later sold to Brazil and became EFVM 729 (BB36-7), then became FCA 729.

CR 5038

CR 5038, soon to become CSXT 5799, is at Cumberland, MD on 7/3/99. After CSX, it went to Brazil as EVFM 738.

CSXT 5787 (CR 5009)

Former CR 5009 is on the point of a westbound at Cumberland, MD on 10/5/01.

CSXT 5788 (CR 5011)

Former CR 5011 is at Cumberland, MD on 6-25-00. Unit was deleted on 1-3-02 and sold to Brazil, becoming EFVM 729.

CSXT 5791 (CR 5018)

Former CR 5018 is at Cumberland, MD on 6/29/00. Unit was deleted 1-3-02.

CSXT 5793 (CR 5024)

Former CR 5024 is at Cumberland, MD on 11/29/01.

CSXT 5796 (CR 5031)

Former CR 5031 sits outside the shop at Cumberland, MD on 10/21/01.

CSXT 5797 (CR 5033)

Former CR 5033 is at Cumberland, MD on 3/18/00.

CSXT 5799 (CR 5038)

Former CR 5038 at Cumberland, MD on 11/20/99. This unit would later be sold to Brazil and became EFVM 738 (BB36-7).

CSXT 5805 (CR 5052)

CSXT 5805, ex CR 5052, sits at Piqua Yard in Ft. Wayne, IN in July 1999. Richard Heine photo, Chris Howe collection

EFVM 706 (CR 5020)

EFVM BB36-7 706 (ex CR B36-7 5020) and EFVM DDM45 824 are switching at Costa Lacerda yard.

EFVM 727 (ex-CR 5007) and EFVM 706 (ex-CR 5020) in Brazil in 2004

Former Conrail B36-7 5007 (currently EFVM BB36-7 727) and Conrail 5020 (now EFVM 706) leading a limestone train at Pedro Leopoldo, MG Brazil on September 25, 2004.

EFVM 739 (CR 5041)

Former CR B36-7 5041 is switching at Prudente de Morais yard with DDM45 861 on May 1st, 2004

EFVM 743 (CR 5050)

Former CR B36-7 5050 is leading daily passenger train P02 at Belo Horizonte central station. This train runs from Belo Horizonte, MG to Porto Velho, ES, more than 700 km away. Amazing to think that in 20 years, these units have gone from hauling Conrail's hottest long-distance intermodals to hauling long-distance passenger trains in Brazil.

EVFM 706 (CR 5020)

Former Conrail B36-7 5020 is surviving as EFVM BB36-7 706. It is trailing DDM45MP 1847 crossing the Taiobas Viaduct while leading a general cargo train on the way to Tubarao port. This is a branch line that connects EFVM to FCA. December 18, 2004 at Sabara, MG Brazil

EVFM 719 and 734 (ex-CR 5051 and 5025)

EFVM BB36-7 719 (former Conrail 5051) and 734 (former Conrail 5025) are passing by Vespasiano yard with an iron ore train to Aratu port, in Bahia. This train goes only to Wilson Lobato yard, where FCA locomotives get it and go forward to the port. The reason is simple; FCA mainline from Wilson Lobato yaard to Bahia can support the weight of these huge BB36-7. The train runs about 1,600 km from the mine to the port. February 10, 2008 at Vespasiano, MG BRazil

EVFM 738 ex-CR 5038

EFVM (Estrada de Ferro Vitoria-Minas) is one of several South American railroads that employs former Conrail GE units. Here we see 738 and 718 (ex-CR 5048) arriving at Wilson Lobato yard with an empty train. The line belongs to FCA (Ferrovia Centro Atlantica), but EFVM trains go there to get the huge limestone train that is bound for the Tubarao port or Usiminas steel plant. These locomotives are now designated BB36-7s. May 15th, 2005 at Pedro Leopoldo, MG Brazil

FCA 712 (CR 5035)

Former Conrail B36-7 5035 is at Embirussu yard (in Brazil) with an empty train for soybean loading on August 9th, 2008.

NS 3604(ex CR 5008)

NS B36-7 3604, ex CR 5008, leads a westbound freight out of East Wayne yard New Haven, IN back in August 2000. Richard Heine photo, Chris Howe collection

NS 3608 (CR 5020)

Former CR 5020 is at West Brownsville, PA on 8/2/99. It was later sold to GENX 3608 and was sent to Brazil, becoming EFVM 706 by January 2004.

NS 3617 (CR 5037)

Former CR 5037 is at Edgemoor, DE on 12/25/99. Unit was later sold to Brazil as EFVM 714.

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