Surviving Conrail Cabooses

Even though Cabooses had fallen from widespread use by the end of Conrail, a number have survived in yard and local service for CSX and NS. Others have also moved into private hands.

Caboose Sightings Roster 1999 - 2009

Former CR 18446 is seen at Catawissa PA on 9/27/97. Cabin is ex PC 18446/ATSF 1717 and was built 2-51.
Car is ex PRSL 251. It now resides at the Reading Tech museum in Hamburg, PA.
CR 23511 is seen at Hollidaysburg, PA in March 2001.
ERIE C237 is seen restored at Catawissa PA on 9/27/97. Car was CR 19662/EL C237/ERIE C237.
LSX 1992 is seen at Gap PA on 10/18/97. Car is ex CR 21631/PC 21631/NYC 20311 and was built 3-52. Caboose is part of the Loose Caboose Motel.

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