Surviving Conrail Cabooses

Even though Cabooses had fallen from widespread use by the end of Conrail, a number have survived in yard and local service for CSX and NS. Others have also moved into private hands.

Caboose Sightings Roster 1999 - 2009

CR 18446-Class N5K

Former CR 18446 is seen at Catawissa PA on 9/27/97. Cabin is ex PC 18446/ATSF 1717 and was built 2-51.

CR 18564 - Class N11E

Car is ex PRSL 251. It now resides at the Reading Tech museum in Hamburg, PA.

CR 23511- Class N8B

CR 23511 is seen at Hollidaysburg, PA in March 2001.


ERIE C237 is seen restored at Catawissa PA on 9/27/97. Car was CR 19662/EL C237/ERIE C237.

LSX 1992-Class N7A

LSX 1992 is seen at Gap PA on 10/18/97. Car is ex CR 21631/PC 21631/NYC 20311 and was built 3-52. Caboose is part of the Loose Caboose Motel.

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