Conrail Scenic and Action Photographs - Page 2

A collection of scenic shots of Conrail action from April 1st, 1976 through the final split day. These photos are arranged by their photographer and general subject. They capture Conrail at work moving freight (and occasionally passengers) and contain photos from all across the system.

Roger Durfee's Conrail Photography

Roger Durfee has been doing train photography since before the advent of Conrail. His galleries here contain photos from all the blue (and the early black and blue) years.

CR 3318 west Campville OIBU 05011999

OIBU rolls west along the Suquehanna River between Campville and Owego, at one of my favorite late afternoon spots. The leaves have yet to emerge on the trees on this first day of May.

CR 6344 at Lehighton, PA 7/78

Conrail SD40 6344 is seen leading a train on the Lehigh Line at Lehighton, PA in July, 1978

CR 6697 at Easton, PA July 1978

Conrail SDP45 6697 is seen crossing the Delaware River near Easton, PA in July, 1978

CR 7551 at Easton, PA 10-10-79

Conrail GP10 7551 leads a local through the former LV station in Easton, PA on 10/10/79

Roger Cole's Last Days On The Former Pomeroy and Newark Railroad

Back in 1980, a short section of the Pomeroy and Newark Railroad still existed in Newark Delaware. It ran from the connection with AMTRAK north roughly paralleling Chapel Street to the one remaining shipper, NVF. Conrail provided the freight service on this branch.

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