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CR 1980 in Edison, NJ

Conrail B23-7 1980 brings out a cut of cars from an industrial siding off Talmage Road in Edison, NJ at 1727 hrs on 13 May 92. Northeast Corridor passenger main is on the right.

CR 1983 at Middlefield, MA

Conrail B23-7 1983 leads the James E. Strates circus train west through the Berkshire ledges at Middlefield, MA on the Boston Line at 0940 hrs, 13 July 1990.

CR 1990 at Springfield, MA

Conrail B23-7s 1990 and 1913 earn their keep on the B&A.

CR 2194 Waterbury, CT 3-5-1978

Conrail GP30 2194 at the Waterbury, CT station on the morning of 5 March 1978.

CR 2197 Boston Line Winter 1977

Ex-PC(RDG) GP30 2197 leads an eastbound on the Boston Line at MP98 during the morning in the winter of 1977-78.

CR 22968

Click here to see the head end of this train. CR 22968 ex PC 22968/PRR 477694.

CR 23089 at Bancroft, MA

Conrail N5C 23089 on the tail end of an eastbound at Bancroft, MA on the Boston Line in 1978.

CR 2503 Harmon, NY 8-13-1976

Conrail 25B 2503; U33B 2939 and U30B 2880 negotiate the third-rail territory at Harmon, NY on 13 August 1976.

CR 2520 Canaan Center, NY 9-22-1979

Westbound exiting the 1840 bore at State Line Tunnel near Canaan Center, NY on the Boston Line on 22 September 1979.

CR 2548 Springfield, MA early 1978

Conrail U25B 2548 at the Springfield Station on the Boston Line early in 1978.

CR 2555 Springfield, MA 11-1977

U25B 2555 ex-PC(NYC) is the lead unit on a Boston Line westbound at at Springfield, MA., November 1977.

CR 2561 Middlefield, MA 1-1-1977

With blue GE U-25B 2651 leading a lashup of six units, a Conrail westbound hammers its way through the Twin Ledges at Middlefield, MA in 1977.

CR 2564 Bancroft, MA early 1977

Three veteran U-Boats pulling uphill at Bancroft, MA on the Boston line, early 1977. The lead unit is ex-PC(NYC) U25B 2564, followed by ex-PC(PRR) U25B 2624, and the trailing unit may be ex-PC(NYC) 2832, a U30B.

CR 2569 Springfield, MA 3-1-1977

Two ex-PC(NYC) U-25Bs bring a westbound past Five Mile Pond on the Boston Line at Springfield, MA on a dreary day in March 1977.

CR 2652 near S. Shodack, NY

U25B 2652 led a TV off the A.H. Smith bridge and east on the Castleton Cutoff near South Shodack, NY on the Boston Line on 11 September 1977.

CR 2673 Westfield, MA 2-1-1977

Ex-PC(NH) U25B 2673; ex-PC U33B 2894; and ex-PC(NYC) U25B 2548 take a westbound empty autorack job across the low trestle over US 202 in Westfield, MA on the Boston Line in February, 1977.

CR 2721 eastern MA 2-10-1978

Taken on 10 February 1978 as eastern Massachusetts began to dig out from the Great New England Blizzard of 1978. On this date Conrail managed to move some freight west out of the snow-bound region.

CR 2808 at Becket, MA

Conrail B23-7 2808 leads at westbound west of Becket, MA at 0930 hrs on 10 October 1983.

CR 2911 Westfield, MA 6-11-1976

Conrail U33B 2911 is in charge of this eastbound TV photographed at Westfield, MA just west of the Canal Line diamond on 11 June 1976.

CR 3003 Chester, MA 4-5-1982

CR SPCP-5 rolling west through Chester, MA on the Boston line with a train consisting largely of B&M/CV traffic brought down the Conn River line to Springfield, MA. Monday, 5 April 1982.

CR 3003 W. Springfield, MA 4-5-1982

This westbound manifest is stopped, awaiting orders at the W.Springfield, MA yard, 5 Apr 1982.

CR 3039 Springfield, MA 10-5-1977

GP40 3039 leads a southbound out of the Columbus Ave Yard in Springfield, MA in the early afternoon of 5 October 1977.

CR 3040 Bancroft, MA 1978

A quartet of EMD units led by ex-PC(NYC) GP40 3040 bring an eastbound TV around the curve at Bancroft, MA on the Boston Line during 1978.

CR 3230 at Huntington, MA

Westbound late in 1976 at Huntington, MA on the Boston Line.

CR 3293 leads QV-4 at Washington, MA on 6/16/77

Late morning shot of QV-4 westbound about to enter the cut east of the summit at Washington, MA on the Boston Line. Taken with a 135mm lens on 16 June 1977.

CR 3298 at Middlefield, MA in 1978

Conrail GP40-2 3298 leads an eastbound TV downgrade at Middlefield, MA on the Boston line early in 1978.

CR 5452 leads WNWS-5 at Westfield, MA

Conrail WNWS-5, a local on its eatbound return run to West Springfield from Woronoco, MA photographed at Williams Riding Wat in Westfield, MA on 15 April 1983.

CR 5455 at Westfield, MA

GP8 5455 at Westfield, MA on 15 April 1983.

CR 5455 at Westfield, MA

Conrail GP8 5455 brings a Trap Rock Work Extra west at Williams Riding Way in Westfield, MA on the Boston Line on 15 April, 1983. Bushes and trees largely obscure this view in 2009.

CR 5602 at Middlefield, MA

CR SD60I 5602 is on the point with C40-8W 6081 trailing on an eastbound descending the Berkshires at Middlefield, MA at 0810 hrs on 24 May 1996.

CR 6037

Conrail C40-8 6037 leads an eastbound downgrade over the West Branch of the Westfield River at Middlefield, MA on the Boston Line at 0915 hrs 20 May 1994.

CR 6118 Chester, MA Winter 1977/1978

Going-away shot of a westbound light move at Chester, MA during the winter of 1977/78.

CR 6143 Springfield, MA 1-22-1977

Conrail SD45s 6143 & 6194 with U23B 2760 trailing bring a TV into the Columbus Avenue yard at Springfield, MA. It is early afternoon on 22 January 1977.

CR 6168 Westfield, MA 3-1977

A varied lashup brings an eastbound past Williams Riding Way in Westfield, MA on the Boston Line in this March, 1977 view. Ex-PC(PRR) SD45 6168 is on the point, followed by ex-RDG GP-35 3638, then ex-PC GP38-2 8027, ex-PC(NYC) U-25B 2533 and the trailing unit appears to be ex-PC(PRR) SD35 6009.

CR 6262 Springfield, MA 03-02-1977

Springfield, Massachusetts was the most significant rail freight gateway in New England throughout the Conrail era. In this shot we see train M-7 southbound around noon on 2 March 1977. In this atypical lash-up PC 6262 is an SD40, EL 2563 is a GP35, and CNW 924 is an SD40.

CR 6329 leads TV-9S at Rome, NY

Ex-PC(PRR) SD40 6329 and ex-PC U33C 6559 take TV-9S west at Rome, NY on the Chicago line. The date is 29 July 1978.

CR 6434 on 10/1/93

Conrail SD40-2 6434 leads an eastbound through the Berkshire Hills east of Bancroft on 1 October 1993.

CR 6524 at West Springfield, MA

Late in 1976 this westbound departs the yard at West Springfield, MA on the Boston line with U28C 6524 leading.

CR 6555 Washington, MA 2-6-1977

Conrail U33C 6555 pushing an eastbound through the cut at Washington, MA on 6 February 1977

CR 6562 at Hinsdale, MA.

Conrail C30-7As 6562 and 6572 and one other haul a ballast train west at the summit of the Boston Line, Hinsdale, MA on 1 October 1993.

CR 6563 at Dalton, MA on 6/10/90

Conrail C30-7A 6563, 6579 and two other GE units working hard upgrade with an eastbound at Dalton, MA on the Boston Line on 10 June 1990.

CR 6569 at Middlefield, MA

Conrail C30-7A 6569 is on the point as this westbound works uphill at Middlefield, MA on the Boston Line at 1415 hrs on 8 June 1990.

CR 6569 Chester, MA Summer 1977

Ex-PC(EL) U33C 6569 leads a freight westbound at Chester, MA on the Boston Line during the summer of 1977.

CR 6571 at Hinsdale, MA

Conrail C30-7A 6571 and three other GE units are eastbound at Hinsdale, MA on the Boston Line at 1505 hrs on 5 October 1990.

CR 6572 on TV-14 at Hinsdale, MA

Conrail C30-7As 6572 and 6583 and a trailing GE product were in charge of TV-14 on 9 July 1989 at Hinsdale, MA on the Boston Line.

CR 6576 at Middlefield, MA

This double-stacker eastbound at Middlefield, MA at 0645 hrs, 22 May 1992.

CR 6577 at Middlefield, MA on 5/22/92

Conrail C30-7A 6577 leads SD40-2 6482 and SD50 6820 and an eastbound autorack job downgrade at MP 131.70, Middlefield, MA on the Boston Line at 0815 hrs, 22 May 1992.

CR 6579 at Middlefield, MA on 7/13/90

Conrail C30-7A 6579 and four other GE locomotives are working hard uphill in the Berkshires on a hot 13 July 1990. It is 1420 hrs as the big blue units negotiate the defile that is the Boston line at this point near MP132 at Middlefield, MA.

CR 6586 on 7/4/93

Conrail C30-7A 6586 leads a NS GE unit and others east across the diamond with the Pioneer Valley RR at MP107. The Westfield station is the building on the right.

CR 6590 at Canaan Center, NY

Three GE stablemates, of which C30-7A 6590 is the trailing unit, lead a westbound through the remaining bore of Stateline Tunnel, near Canaan Center, NY., at 0825 hrs on 17 August 1990.

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