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An unnamed eastbound blasts by the Blue Circle plant at CP 293. He'll be at Dewitt in about ten minutes.
I was driving west on NY 17, when I came around a curve near Corning, where the tracks and road are side by side, and saw a headlight coming toward me. I quickly found a spot that wasn't too badly blocked by trees, and pulled off to get this shot of an eastbound coal train.
ML 401 rolls west through Waverly on a summer morning. A pair of CSX units aid in the effort to get a string of auto racks to Buffalo.
Two EMD's and a GE roll 78 cars of ML 401 past one of Erie's classic semaphores between Barton and Waverly. It was near this point that the former LV Auburn Branch crossed under the Erie to reach Sayre.
TOSE rolls past the Amtrak station at Dewitt with a 76 car TOSE behind a pair of SD40-2's.
OIBU with a variety of power, including NS C30-7 8034, rolls through downtown Waverly.
OIBU rolls along the rocks as it approaches the Wellsburg connector, that runs from Wellsburg over to NY 17. This is a challenging shot to do on a sunny day, since the orientation of the line is such that is in shadow most of the time. On a gloomy day-the Tier doesn't have many of those, right??-it's a better bet. Atop the rocks is NY 427, which I followed her from Chemung, running far faster than any sensible person would to get the shot. NS 8034 is the second unit.
An unnamed TV train's power backs down through Dewitt for a pick up on a typically snowy Syracuse day. Second unit is UP 3572.
A 30-7A sits under the sanding towers at Selkirk.
SYMS rolls north under the NY 481 overpass in the Town of Clay on its way to Massena with 81 cars.
A C30-7A and mate sit over the inspection pit at the Selkirk fuel pad.
An eastbound has topped out at Washington summit, and is now headed downhill toward Springfield.
Eastbound freight works hard to the summit of Washington Hill behind three C30-7's, the standard power on the Boston Line. Note the westbound signal is set for an approaching train.
BUOI waits in the siding at CP CAM, the east end of the siding at MP 318, just west of the River Rd crossing. He'll be meeting TV207X here shortly, then roll down the Canisteo valley to his next stop at Gang Mills. Also in consist is CR 5002 and SSW 9058, the latter a dead in tow unit going for a rebuild.
Some units seemed to follow me around. CR had ten C30-7's, but if I saw one, it was almost always 6607. Here it is on Horseshoe Curve, heading downgrade with an eastbound coal train. Note the Reading hoppers head out.
One of the features of the August 1985 Hudson River Circle trip was a tour of the Selkirk shop. The crowd is assembled to admire a truly distinctive unit, one of CR's ten C32-8's, a model only Conrail bought.
TV 6 rolls up on the Berkshire summit behind a trio of CR's C32-8's, 6617-6616-6611.
For a time, ex EL SD45-2's were a common sight on the Boston Line, both as helpers and as road power. A quartet of them rolls past the Amtrak platform, headed for Washington Hill.
If I recall, I took this shot either from an Amtrak train, or possible an NJT train, possible at Waverly in Newark. It's an ex EL SDP45.
I caught this ex EL SDP45 from the Cardinal as it was leaving Chicago. I believe it was at 51st St, but was not familiar with the facilities in the area at the time, and didn't take good notes. It's good to see one of these beasts in any event.
The trains that ran the Lehigh Line had several incarnations over the years. Variously, they were ALCG/CGAL, which was the symbol most commonly used. As traffic levels ebbed and flowed, service was tweaked, the end points were adjusted, with OICG/CGOI and ALBU/BUAL being used. We see the latter here arriving at Gang Mills with 69 cars. He'll work here, and leave after a crew change for Allentown, via Sayre and the Lehigh Gorge.
A trio of EMD's led by 6706, with 6401 and 5538 assisting, lead TV 9 past CP 5 in Blasdell as they rush west.
A stone train in charge of a pair of SD 50's rolls west through the Utica station as the light fades.
ML 440 rolls through Hunt on the now single track line, a new Rule 261 signal replacing the semaphore that stood approximately where the new light stands. Track 2, which was in worse shape than track 1, has been removed, and track 1 upgraded. The leader on this train is one of the units painted to promote US Savings Bonds. The trailing unit is NS 6189. Behind the power are 17 cars of COFC, and 78 auto racks for Doremus Av.
An eastbound TV train passes Lock 10 at Cranesville behind an interesting mix of power.
CR 6727 and 6017 lead a stack train west through CP 293, the connection to the NYSW and the Oswego Branch, the hazy Syracuse skyline in the background.
TV 203K pulls past the Amtrak station as it arrives at Dewitt with 85 stack platforms. It will pick up 21 more here before heading west. CR 6745 and 5579 are doing the honors today.
Having now made his pick up, TV 203K once again rolls past the Amtrak station as he heads out toward CP 285 and the Chicago Line with 106 platforms.
CR 6748 leads a sister on a stone train at Reading.
TVLA rolls past the Amtrak station on its dash to Chicago and the Santa Fe.
TVLA with CR 6777/5641/5628 and 91 cars, rolls past the Amtrak station while TV 261, behind CR 5594/6745, makes a pick up at Dewitt. It will head west with 145 stack platforms and 10 COFC.
ML 401 rolls past Ted Clark's in Waverly, 44 cars of fill tonnage ahead of 48 mostly empty racks.
A westbound pulls past the Depew Amtrak station with 51 TOFC behind 6788/6717.
A 107 car ML401 rolls into the sun at MP 231 behind CR 6806/6755/6702.
Cr 6806/6755/6702 lead 107 auto racks of ML 401 under the NY 17C overpass east of Owego.
BUOI rolls through Kirkwood behind a trio of units, including help from NS 8027.
ML 440 gets underway after a crew change, rolling through BD as it heads for darkness on the Delaware Division with 10 platforms of stacks and 87 auto racks for Doremus Av.
A trio of SD's lead a short(41 car) BUOI past Endicott Forge as it blows for the Hayes Av crossing.
A pair of units that have seen their last revenue mile. Closest to us is a U30C-a model still in service on some roads at this time-and a GP 9.
SV 6 with 77 stack platforms rolls past the Amtrak station at Dewitt behind a mix of EMD's.
A U23C works as a trim engine on the west end of Selkirk Yard.
An SD 38/MT 4 set I caught at Niagara Falls yard while riding the Maple Leaf from Toronto.
I caught an SD38 and an MT 6 slugs at Conway. I must have done this as a grab shot from my truck while going up PA 65. If I recall, I was making a pick up in Rochester that day.
I got 'em all on this train!! SV 20 rolls toward the NY 17C overpass in west Endicott behind all three variants of SD 40 then extant on the railroad. The leader is an SD40R, followed by an SD40-2, then a straight SD 40 of CNJ heritage. They are leading 127 mostly APL stack platforms, followed by 10 COFC.
The SD40-2R leading ML 486 rests under the Chenango St bridge as it waits for the new crew to come on for the remainder of the trip to Jersey. In the background is the former DL&W station, now privately owned and occupied by offices. Today's train also has CR 6728 and 3342 for power, rolling 35 stack platforms and 26 auto racks to Doremus Av.
In one of those "hold up the camera and pray" shots, I caught this westbound empty coal train approaching CP GIBSON along NY 17. I had been pacing it since I saw it coming around the curve at Horseheads, and I got up to the head end just as I went under the NY 352 bridge at the east end of Corning. I don't recommend this!!
A single SD40 rebuild takes two cars east out of the gathering gloom, heading for Buffalo with a car of pipe and a car of panel track.
After Conrail single tracked the Tier west of Waverly, that town became a frequent meet point. This afternoon is a case in point. We see eastbound BUBI, a short turn out of Frontier with Binghamton cars, meeting CP 557, behind SOO 768/CP 1837, the trailing unit an RS18u. He got stabbed badly here, having to wait for, in order, CP 252, at that time a stack train that ran from Buffalo to Binghamton, then getting an NYSW crew for the trip to Little Ferry; then ML 440, 78 auto racks behind CR 6709/NS 8802/CR 5556; and this 24 car train we see here. The trailing unit on BUBI, out of sight, is CR 3269.
A long line of dead units at the ex Reading Rutherford Yard. In the mid 80's this yard and Enola were chock full of retired units going to scrap, including a fair number of second generation engines. Note the SD 45's and U30C here, along with the GP 9, 30, and SW. In addition to the units listed, also here are 6945 and 6160, as well as two more SD 45's and a pair of what look like GP 9's.
ML 440 rolls through Horseheads just as the sun sets. A former LMS unit, now painted CR Quality, is leading two more GE's as the train rolls on into the night.

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