Tom Beckett

CN 6002 south CNSE Woodard 11101995

CNSE sits at Woodard in the early morning waiting for a crew. Once the new crew is on, it will head south for CP 291, then on to Selkirk. CN 6002, a rebuilt SD 40, was a common sight on this train at that time.

CR 1664 east Sea Land Forest Hill 04281996

CR 1664 leads a transfer on the Belt Railway of Chicago, approaching Forest Hill tower with a cut of Sea Land containers.

CR 1689 PVRR yard 08131985

CR 1689 works the yard at Westfield Mass as it interchanges with the Pioneer Valley.

CR 1923 Fulton Secondary Woodard 10191995

CR stands on the Fulton Secondary at Woodard, tied up for the day. Tomorrow it will return to working local industry on the line. I was attending driving school for JB Hunt, which, in the Syracuse area, was at National Tractor Trailer School, which was adjacent to Woodard on the Montreal Secondary.

CR 1925 local Solvay Paper 09071997

A pair of B23-7's work at Solvay Paper in the late afternoon. This customer is now served by the Finger Lakes Railway.

CR 1928 south New Baltimore 08111985

In August 1985, there was a Hudson River circle trip that ran from Newark Penn Station to Shell Tower on the Corridor behind Amtrak power, then with these three CR B23-7's to Selkirk. We got a shop tour, then returned to Newark via the River Line. The trip did a runby at New Baltimore on the River Line, which we see here.

CR 1928 south Selkirk hump 08111985

The Hudson River Circle Line trip runs under the Selkirk hump as it leaves the yard headed for SK and the River Line

CR 1943 west CP 293 local 08201996

A Dewitt local job returns from the NYSW, approaching CP 293 to get back on the Chicago Line for its trip through town to the yard.

CR 1944 west WASY local Dewitt 1018995

A local departs Dewitt Yard, heading for the Chicago Line, which it will gain at CP 285. Seen from the former Amtrak/NYC station.

CR 1948 south MIL Woodard 10181995

A southbound MIL train with equipment from Fort Drum approaches Woodard as a CR Special Agent surveys ahead from the cab door.

CR 1960 west WAFU12 Dewitt 10231995

A single B23-7 has today's WAFU 12 in hand as it leaves Dewitt.

CR 1970 south N Bergen 021984

CR 1970 leads a pair of EMD's at the south end of North Bergen Yard.

CR 2009 east Allentown 08061985

A work extra-looks like it may be a rail train-crosses the Lehigh River and Canal as it approaches Allentown Yard behind a pair of B23-7's.

CR 2109 Wilmington 03061984

A GP 20 works on the Northeast Corridor at Wilmington Del, seen from the passing Crescent. They only had ten of these, so I consider this a lucky catch.

CR 21244 east Bound Brook 071983

CR 21244 along with a sibling is bringing up the rear of this TV train on the ex Lehigh Valley at Bound Brook. The ex CNJ station is at left.

CR 21276 east Washington Hill Summit 08131985

CR caboose 21276 trails an eastbound over the top at Washington Mass.

CR 2733 east Burns Harbor 10111984

A U23B and GP40-2 lead a freight I took a grab shot of from the car while passing Gibson Yard.

CR 2753 east Allentown 08061985

U23B 2753 has pulled up to CP HAMM while switching at the Allentown Yard.

CR 3213 west UNE Barton 05131994

A UNG empty coal train rolls past semaphore 247-2 in late day sun near Barton NY on the Southern Tier Line.

CR 3213 west UNG Barton farm 05131994

A UNG empty coal train from the NYSEG Goudy Station in Johnson City rolls through a bucolic Tioga County scene.

CR 3213 west UNG Waverly 05131994

A UNG empty rolls west past one of the Tier's hallmarks, an ex Erie semaphore, at Waverly. GP40-2 3213 leads C40-8W 6201. Note the pipe extending down from the signal. There was once a hotbox detector at MP 257 that would illuminate an indicator light here. A radio alarm detector replaced it when the line was single tracked west of here in 1992.

CR 3266 West Rail Waverly 05131994

A rail train sits on the east siding at Waverly, done for the day.

CR 3278 West UNE Campville MP 231 10/23/1995

An empty UNG train rolls out of the shadows and into the late afternoon sun at MP 231 between Campville and Owego.

CR 3296 west TV Haverstraw 04121985

A trio of 40's rolls a TV train north on the River Line, passing the Haverstraw station, now a private business.

CR 3318 west Owego OIBU 05011999

OIBU with a GP40-2/SD60 combo rolls past a field of stubble corn, not unusual even this late in May. In another month, the new crop will be knee high, and by mid summer, I'll have to stand on top of my car to get this shot.

CR 3319 North Iona Island 06/11/1985

Three GP40-2's lead an autorack train across the Iona Island trestle at Bear Mountain State Park. Check out the open racks!!

CR 3361 east WACG30 Savona 03071994

WACG 30 rolls east on the ex Erie Rochester Branch, now the Bath Secondary, passing Savona with a single GP 40-2 and two cars, one an LP gas car returning empty to Gang Mills.

CR 3376 east SPL Browns Crossing 10081994

An SPL symbol rolls along the Canisteo River with a single bilevel coach from Hornell.

CR 3398 east TV 204 Endwell 05051994

A GP40-2 lead a pair of 6 axles past the pond adjacent to Watson Blvd as TV 204 makes its way to a crew change at Binghamton.

CR 3403 on TV6 Seneca, NY 5/27/94

TV-6 with the last GP40-2 passes ELBU behind a set of Santa Fe power led by ATSF 2899 at Bayview.

CR 5009 west ML 401 Waverly 2 05221994

ML 401 rolls west through Waverly on the Tier. 91 racks trail the three GE's.

CR 5024 west ML 401 Owego 11051994

ML 401 rolls west with 98 racks behind three GE's on a typically gloomy Southern Tier day.

CR 5050 West TV 79 Dewitt 03/18/1995

TV 79 rolls 74 cars past the Syracuse Amtrak station, at the time out near Dewitt Yard, behind the usual mix of 4 axle GE's and EMD's.

CR 5051 West Utica 081984

An unnamed TV train rolls past Utica station behind a power set consisting of three GE's and a pair of EMD's, a consist that would remain a constant over the years for CR trains on the Chicago Line. I have posted a number of photos from ten years later. It's hard to tell the time period by looking at the power.

CR 5066 East SV 20 Campville 09/14/1994

For a short while in the mid 90's, Conrail called their stack trains "Super Vans," giving them an SV symbol. This is SV 20, behind a labor/management B40-8 and unseen SD60I 5567 and C40-8W 6073 rolling 94 stack platforms along with 34 TOFC into the curve at MP 230 late in the day.

CR 5069 West Syracuse 03181995

A pair of GE's, 5069 and 5059, lead 112 cars of what looks like SETO through Amtrak's Syracuse station. An Amtrak Turboliner is poking its nose around the freight as it approaches the station.

CR 5070 East TV 12 Dewitt 03/18/1995

Another mixed set of GE's and EMD's rolls 35 platforms and 69 TOFC of TV 12 toward the Amtrak station. TV 12, and counterpart TV 11 once were mainstays on the ex PRR via Harrisburg and Conway, but in the early 90's were moved to the ex NYC.

CR 5071 East Berwyn 01/06/1996

I started driving for JB Hunt in November 1995, a job that took me a lot of places. By that time, JB had become a big user of intermodal, and road drivers were, at that time, often called on to run rail freight to ramps. The network was still developing, and a lot of the runs were really OTR for the truck drivers, as we'd go several hundred miles to a ramp from the customer. In this case, I picked up a load from Dixie Cup in Bowling Green KY, taking it to BNSF at their Cicero ramp at Clyde Yard on the ex BN/CB&Q. The load was going to Portland. I had nothing planned on me, so I went out to Berwyn to wait on my next assignment, figuring I could watch the action while I waited for dispatch. It was a good show. While I was there, this 102 car eastbound showed up behind a solid set of CR power.

CR 5082 west TV 201 Dewitt 09021994

TV 201 with 104 APL platforms and 2 COFC just because, rolls past the Amtrak station at Dewitt Yard behind a three unit mixed set of a B40-8/GP40-2/B36-7.

CR 5452 east local Palmer CP 83 02191985

GP 8 5452 gets the board at CP 83 in Palmer, and revs up to start across the Central Vermont as it heads west to work local customers.

CR 5528 west OIBU MP 235 Owego 07161994

OIBU rolls past MP 235 with 86 cars as it approaches downtown Owego on a summer day.

CR 5530 west Syracuse 03191999

The end is near as an SD60I and C40-8W roll a westbound stack train into the afternoon sun past CP 293. The track to the right is the connection to the NYSW, once the DLW Syracuse Branch. That line passed under the old NYC here, eventually reaching Oswego. The Willis Av overpass gives a commanding view of the Syracuse skyline behind the train. The NYC passenger line that went downtown-part of that line is now I 690-also diverged here, near the curve the train is rounding, in the distance.

CR 5531 6067 Chicago 10041997

One of each. A pair of road units, an SD 60I and a C40-8W, sit ready at Park Manor Yard in Chicago, as seen from the Chicago Skyway. Sometimes sitting in Chicago traffic isn't all bad!!

CR 5531 east BUOI Endwell 05101994

A short 45 car BUOI passes the pond along Watson Blvd in Endwell as it heads for some work at Binghamton behind an EMD/GE duo.

CR 5535 east TV 202 Endicott 05211995

TV 202 with a typically long 175 platforms of APL stacks rolls past the semaphore at west Endicott as it approaches the NY 17C overpass. It about 15 minutes, it will change crews at Binghamton, and be on its way down the ex Erie Delaware Division. The APL trains were often quite long, especially the westbounds, which on many occasions pushed 11,000 feet.

CR 5545 east CP 293 05091997

A pair of SD60 lead an eastbound stack train through CP 293, passing the Blue Circle Cement plant. That's Onandaga Lake in the background.

CR 5555 west Weedsport 05071996

A westbound stack running wrong main rolls under the Oakland Road overpass just west of Weedsport behind the quad 5's and a GE. This is a great spot to watch the action, OK for a westbound, but superb in the morning for eastbounds.

CR 5571 on TV202 at Endwell, NY 9/19/95

TV 202 with 116 APL platforms rolls past the pond along Watson Blvd.

CR 5583 west TV 13 Dewitt 03181995

The power for TV 13 backs onto its train after making a pick up at Dewitt.

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