The Thomas King Collection

CR 4801 Columbia, PA 4-22-1976

CR 4801 pulling 2nd with 4868 on front pulling southbound freight on manor siding in Columbia Pa

CR 4808 Columbia, PA

Cr 4808 lead engine with CR 4869 pull a eastbound freight across the front st (rt 441) rail crossing onto the columbia branch headed to lancaster dillerville yard.

CR 4841 Columbia, PA 4-22-1976

We have a death shot of CR 4841 waiting to be scrapped, Here's CR 4841 In a action shot pulling a southbound freight through Columbia PA

CR 4850 Columbia, PA 4-22-1976

CR 4850 pulls a eastbound freight off the columbia branch (from Lancaster dillerville yard) onto the enola branch in columbia PA (cola tower is right on the other side of the gg1)

CR 4861 Columbia, PA 4-22-1976

CR 4861 heading a northbound freight In Columbia Pa

CR 4868 Columbia, PA 4-22-1976

CR 4868 GG1 on the front with CR 4801 pulling southbound freight on manor siding in columbia PA

CR 4937 Columbia, PA 4-22-1976

CR 4937 on front pulling northbound freight under the veterens memorial (rt 462) bridge in Columbia PA

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