Stanley Short's Conrail Photos

AMTK 439 leads the eastbound National Limited past Spruce Tower, 8/78

EB Amtrak No. 30, the "National Limited," passing Spruce Tower, Spruce Creek, PA w/ two E units. 8/6/78.

CR 10 brings up the rear of a WB TV Train, Gallitzin PA, 10/82

Conrail Office Car 10 brings up the rear of a WB TV Train, Gallitzin, PA, 10/2/82.

CR 1973 leads a westbound through Newport, PA on April 13, 1985

A westbound Conrail manifest passes throughout Newport, PA on April 13, 1985, led by B23-7 No. 1973.

CR 22818 trails an eastbound manifest through Mapleton PA, 3/78

Conrail caboose No. 22818 trails an EB manifest into Jack's Narrows at Mapleton, PA on 3/20/78. Anyone interested in a new Corvette?

CR 2282 and 2366 at Hagerstown, 11/76

Two former PC GP35s pause in WM's yard in Hagerstown, MD on 11/15/76 after bringing in a freight.

CR 2419 Leads an Eastbound TV Train at Banks Tower, 2/78

An EB manifest holds back while being overtaken by an EB TV Train led by C425 No. 2419 at Banks Tower, near Marysville, PA, on 2/5/78.

CR 2517 roars west at Oak Harbor OH, 6/81

Some things stick in your mind like they were yesterday. On the way to Michigan, we stopped off in Oak Harbor, OH to see if we could bag a train or two on the former NYC. We found a neat grain elevator in town and peered off down the long straightaway to the east. In the far distance we could see a black cloud with a pinpoint of light in the center. A few minutes later three Conrail U25Bs charged past running track speed. It was one of those experiences you don't forget. 6/20/81.

CR 3296 leads a westbound manifest at MG Tower, PA, 9/84

Westbound Conrail manifest at MG Tower, PA on 9/8/84, led by GP40-2 No. 3296.

CR 3353 leads a westbound TV train up the mountain at Bennington, 4/80

A WB Conrail TV Train grinds upgrade at Bennington, PA on 4/19/80 w/ a GP40-2, a U25B and a GP40. The U25B was making more racket than the two GP40s combined. The top of the east end of the cut at Bennington was always a good place to appreciate "stack talk," and the U25Bs always put on a show.

CR 3374 leads a TV train through the cut at Bennington PA, 9/84

A westbound Conrail intermodal train enters the cut at Bennington, PA on Sept. 8, 1984 with three GP40-2s.

CR 3602 and 3608 at the Hump in Rutherford, 4/76

Former Reading GP30s No. 3602 and 3608 have just shoved the last car of a cut over the hump at Rutherford Yard. Rutherford, PA. 4/11/76.

CR 368 in Binghamton NY, 4/76

Two trainmen appear to be having a heated discussion as former EL SW8 No. 368 switches the yard. Binghamton, NY. 4/10/76.

CR 5005 and two sisters bring a westbound Conrail intermodal train upgrade past MG Tower on 9/84.

I was equally as fond of the B36-7s on Conrail, as I was on Seaboard System. As a matter of fact, it was by testing four Conrail units, as well as four MP GP50s, that Seaboard made its decision to purchase the B36-7s. Three of the units bring a westbound Conrail intermodal train upgrade past MG Tower on Sept. 8, 1984.

CR 6095 Leads a westbound manifest through Benny, 3/78

Patched SD45 No. 6095 leads a westbound manifest upgrade through Benny Interlocking at Bennington, PA on 3/18/78.

CR 6125 at MG Tower, 4/77

A WB TV Train grinds upgrade at MG Tower, PA on 4/29/77 w/ former PC SD45 No. 6125 and a former EL SDP45. The first few years after Conrail's birth on 4/1/76 weren't pretty. Back then, I would have never guessed that Conrail would turn out to be the success it was.

CR 6129 and 6144 head back downgrade at Bennington, PA. 10/79.

Its push done, a Conrail light helper drops downgrade at Bennington, PA on 10/15/79. For me, a pair of SD45s on a helper was always a treat.

CR 6280 and 6314 grind upgrade with a westbound ballast train at MG Tower, 9/84

A westbound Conrail ballast extra grinds upgrade at MG Tower, PA on Sept. 8, 1984 with SD40s No's. 6280 and 6314.

CR 6335 at MG Tower, 5/77

A WB manifest climbs upgrade at MG Tower, PA on 5/1/77 with a head end helper consisting of two SD40s, followed by the road power with three GP40s.

CR 6340 leads a westbound TV train west of Altoona, 3/78

A WB TV train climbs upgrade west of Altoona,PA on 3/19/78, led by patched SD40 No. 6340.

CR 6346 Leads an Eastbound Manifest at Tunnel Hill PA, 3/78

An eastbound manifest is beginning to drop downgrade at Tunnel Hill, PA on 3/18/78, led by patched SD40 No. 6346.

CR 6373 drops downgrade east of Cresson, PA on 10/2/82.

A westbound Conrail manifest drops downgrade east of Cresson, PA on 10/2/82.

CR 6375 leads a manifest downgrade east of Bennington Curve, 8/79

Back in the late 1970's and early 1980's, one could drive the access road east along the right of way from Bennington, almost to MG Tower. There is some pretty neat territory in those few miles. An EB Conrail manifest drops downgrade east of Bennington, PA on 8/26/79 with two SD40-2s.

CR 6442 leads a TV train at Gallitzin PA, 10/82

WB Conrail TV train, led by SD40-2 No. 6442, Gallitzin, PA, 10/2/82.

CR 6502 helps a westbound off of the Portage Secondary at Tunnel Hill, 3/78

A westbound manifest climbs up the Portage Secondary and is about to enter the main line at Tunnel Hill, PA on 3/18/78. Two U25Cs provide the head end helpers. Two more units were also shoving back on the rear.

CR 6571 Heads west through MG interlocking with a caboose hop, 3/79

Since Conrail's early years, the term "patch job" has made me cringe. Up until Conrail, the only "patch jobs" I had ever seen were those done by SCL, when ACL and SAL merged. Compared to Conrail, those were an absolute class act. The former EL units seemed to get the best patches of all the Conrail predecessors. U33C No. 6571 wasn't one of them. It leads a cab light move upgrade at MG Tower, PA on 3/19/78.

CR 6602 rolls east through Mapleton PA, 3/78

An eastbound manifest rolls through Mapleton, PA on 3/20/78, led by relatively new C30-7 No. 6602. New power and new crossties were signs of the times. Serious money was being invested.

CR 6656 and another EL painted SD45-2 help a westbound TV at Benny, 3/78

Two former EL SD45-2s are the head end helper on a WB TV Train as it climbs upgrade through Benny Interlocking, Bennington, PA. 3/18/78.

CR 6657 leads a light helper set upgrade east of Bennington Curve, 10/82

A westbound Conrail light helper climbs the East Slope, east of Bennington, PA, 10/3/82 with SD45-2 No. 6657 and SD45 No. 6066. With the amount of EL paint showing through on No. 6657, one has to wonder if it was repainted with watercolors.

CR 6694 east through Mifflin on the Pittsburgh Line, 3/78

An EB manifest passes through Mifflin, PA on 3/20/78, led by SDP45 No. 6694.

CR 6721 leads eastbound Conrail upgrade at Gallitzin, PA on June 15, 1985

An eastbound Conrail unit grain train climbs upgrade at Gallitzin, PA on June 15, 1985, led by SD50 No. 6721.

CR 7547 leads WHWC-12 at Auburn, PA on April 28, 1987

Eastbound Conrail Train WHWC12 rounds a curve at Auburn, PA on April 28, 1987 with GP10 No. 7547, a MP15 and a SW1500.

CR 7885 climbs upgrade at Tunnell Hill, 3/78

A WB manifest climbs upgrade at Tunnel Hill, PA on 3/19/78 with two GP38s and a SD40-2.

CR 8064 leads a westbound "hospital move" of other units through Union Furnace PA. 9/84

A westbound hospital extra climbs upgrade across the Little Juniata River, west of Union Furnace, PA on 9/7/84. GP38-2 No. 8064 leads an assortment of Geeps, switchers, and "Dewitt Geeps," all headed for the happy scrap yard in the sky.

CR 9158 creeps across a crossing, north of Queen, PA on the Bedford Secondary, 10/82

A southbound Conrail freight creeps across a crossing, north of Queen, PA, on Oct. 1, 1982 with NW2 No. 9158. It wasn't a high speed operation.

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