Roger Durfee's Later Conrail Photography

As Conrail continued, Roger continued shooting it. This selection of photos from the mid eighties through 1999 is from Roger's collection.

Conrail "Golly" signal Stow Ohio 03-09

CP Golly on the Akron Branch in Stow, Ohio was a signal to alert the train crew of hot journals and dragging equipment. This signal was to be viewed by the caboose crew who would then stop the train if a problem was detected. This was one of the ways it was done before the advent of talking detectors. It is located about 3 miles south of CP Hudson which was where the branch wyed off the Cleveland Line. Although the wye at Hudson is still used today to spin power, the branch between there and Akron has been OOS since the early 90's. It's amazing this signal has survived intact- even the lens isn't busted out. Photo taken March 20th, 2009.....a true Conrail survivor for sure. Summit County owns the right of way and rail these days, it's future is cloudy at best.

Conrail 8098 NS ES44AC heritage unit

Leaving a cloud of coal dust in it's wake, NS train #572 blasts through a spring-like setting in Hudson, Ohio with the Conrail heritage unit leading.

Conrail graffiti

Shot just last week on one of the auto parts cars in the yard, this is one of many "play on words" this person chalks on some of the cars that pass through our yards. The "man in the 10 gallon hat" is always above the words, so it seems like maybe this is someone from the southwest, but who knows.... Not sure what gallery this might fall under, but it is Conrail related- I guess :-)

CR 10 February 1985

A short business train is just a little east of Alliance,Ohio with 4022 up front and #10 bringing up the rear.

CR 1617 Waltz, MI 03-22-1986

Conrail GP-15-1 #1617 works a branch job in Waltz, Mich March 22nd, 1986. This unit would become CSX #1535.

CR 1649 Cresson, PA 03-7-1998

In a facility better known for it's SD40-2's and SD80macs, this pair of GP15-1's have just been serviced at Cresson, Pa. This was the local power from Latrobe that would pay a visit here a few times a year. NS would get both of these as their 1423 and 1424.

CR 1991 B23-7 Collinwood 06-83

A nice mix of eighties style Conrail with B23-7 1991 leading eastbound past the fuel and sand towers at Collinwood, Ohio in June of '83. Has the looks of an ELBU with all those CN cars up front.

CR 2013 B23-7 Rootstown 06-83

Several things have disappeared since I took this shot in 1983. The Thomas Bros barn has been torn down, the B23-7 is gone, and last but not least Conrail itself is history at this location. That's a section of ELPI seen here, a heavy train from the looks of the exhaust. NS still uses this former PRR/PC line in a big way as it's main from Chicago to Conway and points east.

CR 2033 MGA 2303 B23-7R Mather Pa 04-91

Monongahela Railway Super 7's 2303 and 2304 pass the old station at Mather, Pa with a train of empties. MGA 2303 has a lot of history involved with it, starting life as a Western Pacific U23B. It would become MGA 2303, Conrail 2033 (both patched and in full CRQ), Norfolk Southern 4094, New Castle Industrial RR (in New Castle,Pa) 4094 in full NICR colors, Ohio Central 4094, and finally becoming G&W property last year after the OC was sold to them- still wearing it's colorful New Castle coat.

CR 2038 MGA 2308 04-91

MGA Super 7's 2308 and 2309 push a train out of the Bailey Mine on the Manor Branch through Time, Pa in April 1991. MGA 2308 would go to NS, 2309 would go to CSX. Check out that EL hopper first out.

CR 2038 MGA 2308 November 1990

The photographer got invited up for a cab ride through the loader at the Bailey Mine complex on the Monongahela Railway, and was able to jump off for this quick shot of Super 7 2308 passing through the "mini tunnel" on the loop. Neat units, they started life as U23B's on the Western Pacific. MGA 2308 would become Conrail 2038 and then NS 4098.

CR 209975 - Class BR50L

This former reading Lines boxcar has managed to survive in it's RDG paintout into 1993 in this photo. Now a Conrail class BR50L, it appears to be a former RDG class XLj car. Youngstown, Ohio, October 1993.

CR 221155 - Class B62C

Surviving- just barely. This CR class B62C was part of the first group to be rebuilt at Hollidaysburg for auto parts service in early 1987. Part of that rebuild included raising the roof. It resides today in Bucyrus, Ohio as a tool shed, a fall from grace to be sure. CR 221155 rebuilt 2-87 from CR 279022/PC 279022.

CR 22135 N20 class ex Reading 11-88

One of the 10 ex Reading wide vision cabooses on Conrail rests between runs at Lordstown, Ohio in 1988. It was delivered as RDG 94104.

CR 24040 N10 and 21313 N21 Motor 10-09

Two Conrail survivors got paired up this week at work, N10 # 24040 and N21 #21313. The N21 class was the only class of caboose purchased new by Conrail. Basically just shoving platforms these days, the stories these two could tell though....

CR 24534 class N12 Macedonia 10-91

A clean blue class N12 caboose is at the Macedonia car shops for some work. This unit is marked for local CH61 out of Chrysler yard.

CR 2559 SD70 Port Royal 03-99

A pair of SD70's pass under the 1910 bridge at Port Royal, Pa with PIMO-0 in March 1999.

CR 2575 Cresson 12-98

A pair of SD70's built to NS specs cross over at CP MO in Cresson, Pa with train ALPI-2F. These were nice units despite being built with a standard cab well into the wide cab era. I put the first miles on many of these when they came out of JBS and went west to Conway on train ATPI, smooth ride, sweet horn, but a little noisy.

CR 2740 Lowellville, OH 01-28-1989

By this 1989 date GE U23-B's were hard to come by, let alone a pair of them. This day's BUPI had 2740 and 2708 for power as it passed through Lowellville, Ohio on their way to Conway via the Youngstown Line. Both units were former Penn Central.

CR 3332 GP40-2 Sewickley 07-98

A Roadrailer train heads west past the former PRR Sewickley station. This train originated in Rutherford, Pa near Harrisburg, no stranger to the 2nd unit, CR 3277, the ex Reading 3673.

CR 3380 GP40-2 Leetsdale 04-99

A local with CR 3380 passes a coal train with CR 5643 at Leetsdale, Pa in April of 1999. The renumbered GP38-2 behind the 3380, the NS 5378, is a sign of things to come. 3380 would go to CSX.

CR 4020 Cresson, PA 03-26-98

In a somewhat odd move, the Conrail OCS with 4020 leading is westbound on track #1 at Cresson, Pa.

CR 4100 EMD SD80mac Cresson 10-98

A pair of Conrail SD80macs, 4100 and 4127, lead ALPI-1F through MO interlocking in Cresson, Pa.

CR 4100 SD80Mac Altoona 04-99

Conrail 4100 and 4102 have made in down the east slope and are heading for Rose yard and a set off with train PIAL-5.

CR 4106 SD80MAC Cresson

A pair of 80macs have eastbound tonnage well in hand at MO interlocking in Cresson, Pa.

CR 4111 SD80mac Cresson 06-98

A pair of very clean SD80mac's pull up to a stop at MO in Cresson, Pa. June 1998. At this point in time Conrail has less than a year to go before the split.

CR 4122 SD80mac Conway 05-99

Conrail train ATPI-7X pulls into the 908 track at Conway with a string of multilevel flats out of Johnstown America. I'm not sure where the tops of these auto carriers will be applied. SD80mac's 4122 and 4112 have the honors this May 17th, 1999- less than 2 weeks until split date. Both units would go to CSX.

CR 4123 at Lilly PA 1/1999

On a cold but sunny January day LAPI-4 picks up speed over the Lilly DED with 4123, 4109, and GP-15 # 1668 for power. Sun, snow, and Macs- does it get any better?

CR 4129 EMD SD80mac Cresson 02-98

CAPI pauses at MO in Cresson to cut off the helper on a beautiful winter day. While the Mac is still with us, MO tower is not.

CR 4141 SD70mac Altoona 05-98

Just about as fresh as they come, this SD70Mac soaks up the sun at JBS in Altoona. Once these units departed Altoona they didn't make it back much as they did not have cab signals- they were built to CSX specs.

CR 5054 B36-7 Conway 05-99

Only a few days before the split a Conrail B36-7 sits on one of the cab tracks at Conway yard. This unit went to NS as their 3626 and has since been retired.

CR 5055 B36-7 Toledo 09-87

Eastbound vans pound the C&O/TT diamond at Vickers in Toledo, Ohio, with CR 5055, 3340, and 5028 in charge, standard 80's TV train power on Conrail.

CR 5071 B40-8 wrecked Cresson 03-97

An odd helper set for sure, this ENG move was used to push this hopper train up the west slope due to engine problems on the head end power. I don't know the details of how this unit got wrecked, but it was eventually repaired and survived to become CSX 5955, but has since been retired. Note the EOT being used as there were no working headlights to use as a marker on the 5071. In this scene the ENG has just cut away from the hopper train at MO in Cresson, Pa.

CR 5076 B40-8

A dimension special has been put in the clear on the Akron Branch at Hudson, Ohio to let some mainline traffic pass. B40-8 5076 has but one car in tow, EJ&E 6280.

CR 5084 in 10/1989

In the right place at the right time, I'm set up for e/b TV-12 with a trio of B40-8's when TV-11 shows up too with a B40-8/GP40-2/B36-7 set rolling west at the same time. The 5084 would become property of NS as their 4814, then eventually to CSX as their 5976.

CR 5407 EMD GP8 Akron 03-89

A pair of GP8's pause at AY in Akron, Ohio with a rail train. Rail was being lifted on both some ex EL and ex PC lines in the area. CR 5407 was rebuilt from CR/PC 5856 at ICG Paducah in Dec 1976, and was originally numbered by Conrail as 5727. The 5445 was CR 5941, the ex EL 1211, rebuilt at CRI&P Silvis in Nov 1978.

CR 5602 SD60I Nitro 05-95

Conrail 5602 rests at one of those away from the mainstream mainline places, Nitro, West Virginia on May 13th, 1995. This unit would become property of NS as their 6732.

CR 5628 SD60I South Fork 10-97

This westbound Roadrailer encountered some problems getting out of Rutherford last night requiring a crew change at South Fork, Pa this October 11th, 1997 for the last leg into Conway.

CR 5649 SD60I Leetsdale 04-99

The quintessential 90's Conrail train, two big HP EMD's and a train of 100% CR coal gons, blasts through Leetsdale, Pa with train UCI-275. It's April 30th, 1999- Conrail has one month left before the split.

CR 6069 Buffalo, NY 10-02-1992

After running up the Buffalo Line from Enola, ENBU doubles it's train into Frontier yard. Helping out CR 6069 this day are two CSX units: U30C 7250 and GP40 6849. It's October 1992, many years before the split of Conrail, but the CSX units are a harbinger of things to come at Frontier- and the CR unit would become property of NS.

CR 6291 SD-40 Latrobe 05-87

A pair of ex CNJ SD-40's have tied on to a westbound in Latrobe, Pa and will shove all the way to Box 4 in Pittsburgh. The 6291 was CNJ 3067, the only large road unit to receive the CNJ modern "Coast Guard" red and white scheme, now under a coat of dress blue. The 6289 was former CNJ 3065. Both units trace back to the B&O as the original owner.

CR 6388 SD40-2 March 1997

Over the top, this Conrail helper set gets a dusting of snow as this westbound picks up speed through Cresson,Pa. in March 1997.

CR 64637 Gallitzin 01-10

Former Conrail Jordan Spreader 64637 is put to work during January 2010 on the lines around Altoona, and a former CR GP38-2 was used for power.

CR 6580 C30-7A Akron 10-94

The last thing I expected to see on EMD pure Wheeling and Lake Erie was a big Conrail GE, especially on the former AC&Y lines. In October 1994 Conrail C30-7A 6580 lead an eastbound into Brittain yard in Akron, Ohio, passing some other WE power waiting in the clear. The W&LE is only 4 years old at this point, so none of the power is wearing the company colors yet. I'm standing right at the edge of the turntable. CR 6580 would become NS 8098, but only work a short time for it's new owner.

CR 6586 C30-7A Youngstown 07-85

A pair of Conrail C30-7A's, 6586 and 6578, have PIBU in tow on the ex PRR/PY&A at Center St in Youngstown,Ohio on a fine July 1985 afternoon. The Republic mill off to the right still stands, but has been cold for some time by this date. It would be totally torn down in the 90's. CR 6586 would survive long enough to become NS 8129 but not last long on their roster.

CR 6611 C32-8 Cresson 10-97

An all gray train on Big Blue, this westbound ballast train has stopped west of MO to cut off the helpers. C32-8 6611 and 6616 will continue west shortly. 6611 will become Norfolk Southern 8543, then be renumbered again to NS 8461. 6616 would become NS 8547 then 8466, and both would be retired shortly after that. 6611 has been scrapped, the 6616 may survive overseas.

CR 6615 C32-8 Cresson 03-99

On a cold but sunny late winter day one of the rare C32-8 units pays a visit to the Cresson, Pa engine house. It would carry two more numbers while under the short lived NS ownership, 8546 then 8465.

CR 6620 Cresson, PA 10-18-1997

A Conrail westbound is stopped at CP MO to cut off it's helper. C36-7 # 6620 is one of the two C36-7's to carry the "Ballast Express" lettering under the number, 6621 being the other. Neither one would get painted gray as did the ballast express C32's. A pair of Southern Pacific EMD units trail the Conrail GE.

CR 6631 GE C36-7 Rochester 04-99

Conrail C36-7 #6631 rounds the curve through Rochester interlocking with an eastbound van train. That's the Cleveland Line off to the left, and the center two tracks beside the train are the Youngstown Line. 6631 would end her days on the Ohio Central as their 7133 (see surviving GE's section).

CR 6639 GE C36-7 Handcock 05-95

Although it looks like a post split scene, it's 1995 in this shot of a pair of Conrail C36-7's passing HO tower in Handcock, Maryland on CSX train R343. While this is still a mainline for CSX, the tower is gone as are the C36-7's.....not to mention Conrail itself.

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