Roger Durfee's Early Conrail Action - Page 4

Roger has been shooting Conrail action since the beginning in his home area of Ohio. These superb photos come from Roger's extensive collection. 

CR 6668 Akron, OH 05-8-1976

A busy morning at the South St TBS as the op has just handed the 19's to a southbound(westbound) Conrail train headed up by former Erie Lackawanna SDP45 #3636. Holding a little west of the crossovers is CR 7991 on OM-8, and over on the ex EL an eastbound waits with Penn Central F7A 1773, RDG C430 5211, and a PC GP-9. Conrail is only a month old and a lot of the inherited power has been scattered to every corner of the railroad.

CR 6669 Akron, OH 10-18-1977

Ordered with dual control stands, the former EL SDP45's could be ran long hood lead as witnessed by CR 6669, the ex EL 3638 leading "hammerhead" style through Akron, Ohio in October 1977.

CR 6669 SDP45 6097 SD45 Akron, OH 12-17-1975

Since today is the 4th, I'll toss this on the site. Both of these Erie Lackawanna RW&B units would become property of Conrail in a few months and get new numbers, 6669 and 6097, and run in this paint for a couple of years before dress blue was applied. The 3632/6097 survives today as the engine test bed at Altoona (ex CR Q1). In this photo 2nd NY100 cools it's wheels at JO in Akron for a Chessie to cross over in front of them. You can tell JO was a PC/Chessie controlled tower, as anyone in an EL tower that stopped this train would probably be unemployed after doing so!

CR 6669 Walbridge, OH 05-14-1977

I seemed to run across this unit a lot, which is OK in my book. A pair of ex EL SDP45's have pulled up to a stop in Walbridge, Ohio to wait on C&O traffic. The sun was right on the horizon, and I'm fighting shadows, but the lowest of low light sure brings out the under frame detail.

CR 6669 Wooster, OH 07-01-1979

A westbound coke train drifts down Wooster Hill near Wooster, Ohio in July 1979. Still in it's (rough) EL red/white/blue scheme, it would receive a coat of dress blue. Of interest is the trailing unit, CR 6688, the former EL SDP-45 #3657 that has a wreck replaced long hood.

CR 6671 Akron, OH 04-11-1976

A former EL SDP-45 gets a little help from a PC F7A and a PC FP7A as it waits for railroad west on the ex EL at Voris St in Akron, Ohio.

CR 6675 Akron, OH 10-19-1976

A former EL unit on home rails, CR 6675, the ex EL 3644, leads an eastbound through Akron, Ohio.

CR 6687 SDP-45 Youngstown 11-79

Units from the Erie Lackawanna and PRR pass at Center St in Youngstown, Ohio in Nov 1979. It's an all blue scene, as both the SDP and the Alco C425 pair- as well as all the cabin cars- have received a new coat of Conrail blue. The 6687 has just arrived from Ashtabula and the Alco's are on a local out of Brier Hill. The caboose line up is ex DL&W, DL&W, PRR, and Erie.

CR 6699 EL 3668 SDP-45 Akron 02-76

Running out it's last two months as an EL unit, SDP-45 3668 would become Conrail's highest numbered SDP as the 6699. Shown on a cold February 1976 day in Akron, note the pup getting dusted off to the left. It's in the clear for this e/b on the ACY transfer. All track is gone now, and it's hard to tell a railroad even ran in this spot.

CR 6725 Akron, OH 07-10-1976

A trio of Conrail Centuries, 2 Lehigh Valley units and 1 Reading, wait for the engine maintainer to show up and fix yet another problem. All 3 of these units were in storage at Conrail's startup, and all were showing the effects of sitting around for a time. The train was a "Creston Turn" ore empty from Youngstown to the N&W interchange at Creston, Ohio. LV 629 would become CR 6725.

CR 6725 Barberton, OH 04-28-1976

A Lehigh Valley/Penn Central pair team up on southbound tonnage through Barberton, Ohio on former PC/Chessie track. That's the Akron Barberton Belt line off to the left and the CR/ABB interchange in the distance at BN.

CR 6725 Collinwood 08-79

Heading to her funeral dressed in Cornell Red, ex Lehigh Valley C628 #629 has passes through the Collinwood shops- the chalk date on the frame is 08-01-1979 - and is ready for her final "run" to the scrapper, a sad end to a colorful career. An unidentified sister seen in the background will join her as the Alco era on Conrail continues drawing to a close this August 1979 day.

CR 6731 Collinwood, OH 11-29-1978

Looking more like the Sayre deadline than Collinwood, 3 former Lehigh Valley Alco C628's have reached the end of the line and are stored. CR 6727, 6731, and 6735, ex LV 631, 635, and 641, form this sad Cornell Red reunion. All will be scrapped.

CR 6736 Conway turntable 05-76

What a circle of power this day around the Conway turntable. Lehigh Valley and Reading Lines centuries rub elbows with a variety of Penn Central units. Conrail is only 2 months old and the control cab for the turntable is still sporting it's "PC" logo. LV C-628 #640 would eventually get a coat of blue.

CR 6736 Youngstown, OH 3-8-1977

A former Lehigh Valley Alco C628 has some former Penn Central and Erie Lackawanna units for company under the ex EL fuel and sand service track 1 at the Brier Hill yard in Youngstown, Ohio.

CR 6740 Collinwood, OH 08-5-1976

Eastbound grain has Penn Central Alco C628 # 6302 and Reading Lines C630's 5301 and 5305 for power at Collinwood on a muggy August 1976 day. PC 6302 would become CR 6740, the two RDG's would become 6754 and 6758.

CR 6749 New Brighton, PA 06-5-1976

In a typical early Conrail scene, a westbound out of Conway has stalled going up the hill towards Wood tower, and why? Maybe that crew member looking inside that dead Lehigh Valley C628 is a good clue. It's a nice June 1976 day in New Brighton,Pa. Penn Central C-628 would become Conrail 6749 , but by September 1978 it would reside in the Collinwood deadline.

CR 6750 Collinwood, OH 09-6-1979

Back in the days when we could do such things I would walk through the Collinwood deadlines and shoot anything that was sitting out. Their days of hauling ore over for good, these ex Penn Central Alco C628's wait out their final days, cast off's no longer needed due to new power on the property and a decline in business. While many units in those deadlines came up missing parts to keep others running, the 6750 (ex PC 6312) was intact.

CR 6757 Dayton, OH 05-3-1978

A pair of former Reading Alco C630's and one ex PC geep are power for this hopper train. A little grainy due to being scanned from a print negative.

CR 6760 Collinwood, OH 06-26-1977

Reading Lines C630 5307 has seen better days. It's the summer of '77, and this unit would be deemed unfit for service or fixing and placed in the Collinwood deadine. Assigned Conrail number 6760, she would never physically be renumbered and go to scrap with her Reading Lines diamonds a couple of years later. On a sad note, everything railroad in this photo is gone- units, shop, and tracks.

CR 6771 Collinwood, OH 03-10-1979

Conrail Alco C630 #6771 resides in the Collinwood deadline showing the results of being involved in a wreck. Here is a shot of the other side : CR 6771 was Penn Central 6321.

CR 6773 Cleveland, OH 07-16-1977

A set of 4 units, Alco C630 6773, C628 6749, a U33C, and SD45-2 6666 back down the north to Whiskey Island to tie on to their train. Bridge 1 and drawbridge tower are behind the power, and that's the B&O curving away to the right behind DB. 6773 came to Conrail as Penn Central 6323.

CR 6776 Brady Lake, OH 11-1976

Alco C630 6776, the former Penn Central 6326, leads two unrenumbered Lehigh Valley C628's and a BAR GP-7 through Brady Lake,Ohio in November 1976 with an empty coal train. In true early CR form, one of the LV Centuries has died leaving Cleveland.

CR 6777 Collinwood, OH 10-5-1978

Four big Alco Centuries, 2 C630's and 2 C628's, pull out of Collinwood for Whiskey Island. CR 6777 was PC 6327 prior to April 1976.

CR 6781 Cleveland, OH 08-18-1978

Former Penn Central and Erie Lackawanna units team up for ore train service at Cleveland, Ohio August 1978. CR 6781 is ex PC C636 6331 and CR SD45-2 6666 is ex EL 3681.

CR 6783 Cleveland, OH 04-12-1979

A pair of former Penn Central Alco's charge up Westinghouse Hill after crossing bridge 1 in Cleveland. C636 6783 and C630 6770 are westbound this April day in 1979.

CR 6792 Kent, OH 02-19-1979

A westbound has pulled into the former EL yard in Kent, Ohio on a cold but sunny Feb 1979 day. Units 6792, 8151, and 7744 would spend most of the day here waiting on a rested crew. Big Alco C636 6792 has less than a year to go as an operating engine on Conrail, but she looks good this day in clean blue.

CR 6812 Camden, NJ 11-23-76

A nice variety of former Penn Central units are at Camden, N.J. this November 1976 day.

Alco RSD-15's 6812 and 6816 are switching, the first number and last number of the 5 total on the roster. Also seen are an SW-7, SW-1, and a pair of E44's. The two RSD's would become MT-6's 1125 (6812) and 1126 (6816) and go through multiple re-numberings under NS, 1125 to NS 1114, then 985, then eventually to RPU6 851. CR 1126 became NS 1115, 985, then RPU6 857.

CR 6849 AEH12 slug Cleveland 11-79

Conrail slug 6849 resides in the Collinwood deadline this November 1979 day. It's 1/2 of a 2 unit set in which both the mother and slug had the same number. The mother was a former RSD-15 with an EMD engine in it, and the slug was kitbashed from an RSD-5 and RS-1. It would be Conrail's first slug. They were numbered 9949 on the Penn Central, and were renumbered 6899 just prior to scrapping in 1980.

CR 6872 Akron, OH 06-14-1980

Conrail got to rub elbows with some pretty interesting railroads during it's life span, and the Chessie System was one of them. Here Conrail train MECI waits to go west on the former EL while a Chessie eastbound with Western Maryland GP-9 6401 passes on the joint CR/B&O Warwick to Akron line. CR U33C 6872 is a former Erie Lackawanna unit on home rails, but that WM chop nose geep is far from the WM. Today CSX still uses the tracks the Chessie train is on, the EL is long gone.

CR 7084 GP-9 Northfield 11-76

A Penn Central lettered GP-9, now the property of Conrail, pauses for a moment at Motor yard in November of 1976.

CR 7206 GP-9 Columbus 02-78

A caboose hop heads home after delivering to the Chessie in Columbus, Ohio in February 1978. Conrail 7206, 3831, 7196, and cabin car 18117 in nice GP9/GP9B/GP9 fashion have the honors. Note the 7206 appears to still be in PRR "colors" with that yellow number, and that all 3 units are former PRR on this ex PRR track.

CR 7301 Chicago, IL 08-19-1978

The afternoon train to Valpo is departing Chicago Union Station. This train ran with a variety of equipment from E8's to Amtrak F40's. This day's version has a CR GP-9/GP-7 pulling some old PRR/PC passenger cars. From this vantage point one could still photograph BN, GM&O, N&W, CR, and Amtrak passenger trains in 1978.

CR 7320 GP-9 Akron 04-79

A Chessie train got to cool it's wheels while Conrail local PE-1 crossed over in front of it at South St TBS. The move from the "PC side" to the "Erie side" complete, GP-9's 7320 and 7027 head west on the ex EL in April 1979.

CR 7332 GP-9 Akron 09-80

Former Penn Central GP-9 7332 is at South St TBS in Akron, Ohio on 09-04-80.

CR 7332 GP-9 Akron 09-84

Four years and 5 days later than the shot of it in PC black, 7332 is now wearing a coat of dress blue and resting between assignments at South Akron yard in Akron, Ohio on 09-09-84.

CR 7476 GP-9 Polk 01-77

With only two GP-9's on the Lehigh Valley roster, these were rare birds to catch west of N.J. and Pa. In this scene at Polk, Ohio in January of 1977 LV number 300 heads up a westbound on the former Erie. The 2nd unit, ex NYC GP-30 2193, has died and an eastbound has arrived to assist.

CR 7561 Youngstown, Ohio March 1979

Before Conrail's first year was out a group of ex Penn Central GP-9's were shipped off to the ICG at Paducah and emerged as GP10's, complete with a chopped short nose, upgraded filters, and the new dress blue colors. Good units, they served CR for many years. Here GP10 7561 has former New Haven Alco C425 2458 for help at Brier Hill yard in Youngstown,Ohio this March 1979 morning.

CR 7610 Allentown, PA 08-20-1978

On a trip over to the Allentown area to find ex Lehigh Valley and Lehigh and Hudson River power I hit paydirt with this local. Conrail 7610, a low hood ex LV RS-11, CR 7643, a high hood ex LV RS-11, and CR 2074, an ex L&HR C-420 have a good size train in tow with the vacant JU tower in the background. I believe this train is heading out a piece of former CNJ/L&NE track.

CR 7656 Lehigh Valley 310

A westbound freight drifts downhill into Wooster,Ohio in August 1976 with a yet to be renumbered Lehigh Valley GP-38ac leading two Penn Central U25B's. LV 310 would become CR 7656 and would eventually trade Cornell red for dress blue. This unit survives today as NS GP38-2 rebuild 5655.

CR 7657

Top off the tank and point her towards Sayre....well, maybe not. This former Lehigh Valley GP38AC gets fuel at Collinwood on an unusually nice day for February in NE Ohio. A somewhat cluttered scene with poles, hoses, and even that fire extinguisher, but that's everyday railroading at these kind of locations. One of only 4 of these on Conrail, this unit is actually heading west this day, away from ex Lehigh Valley rails. Ex LV units were always nice to catch as they added a lot of color to the multitudes of ex Penn Central black engines. CR 7657 is ex LV 311, and the good news is she's still with us as NS GP38-2 5516.

CR 7738 Bayard, OH 05-1984

A neat little train, this MofW extra consisted of a GP-38 on each end with 2 PC boxcars, 1 EL baggage car, and 1 PC coach between.

Shown heading west on the Cleveland Line at Bayard, Ohio in May 1984.

CR 7814 Bayard, OH 05-12-1984

An interesting work train move going west on the Cleveland Line at Bayard. It had an engine on each end and an assortment of former PC and EL passenger turned work train cars. For the other end see :

CR 7862 GP-38 Dover 10-76

Three Penn Central units blast west through the super elevated curve ahead of the afternoon commuter train rush in Dover, N.J. under the former DL&W wires. This train was really moving, and even that GP-9B was giving it all she had.

CR 7872 GP-38 Clinton Ohio 02-78

A GP-38/GP-9 set is the head end helper for this southbound Conrail train coming around the curve into Warwick interlocking in Clinton,Ohio in February 1978. The engineer has already started to notch out for the climb out of the valley as seen by the smoke from the ex RDG Alco 3rd out. Now wouldn't it be nice if all winter days could be this pretty!

CR 7949 Alliance, OH 02-2-1985

Two sets of helper power meet at the east end of CP Alliance on a cold but sunny February 1985 day. The 7949 would be one of the 100 leased GP38-2's that EMD called back after their 15 year lease was up. Many then went to work out on the Union Pacific from '87 to '89, this one as UPL 749. That nice PRR signal bridge has since been replaced.

CR 7958 Kansas City, KS July 15, 1978

With a skyline not normally associated with Conrail photos, Kansas City, Mo., a trio of Conrail units on a Santa Fe run through train is just about to enter the ATSF Argentine yard in Kansas City Kansas. This whole area has changed a lot with the rebuilding of the Santa Fe Junction area (bridge in the background) into a flyover junction with these tracks now on an elevated ramp.

CR 8082 GP38-2 Hudson 04-76

An F unit sandwich heads east at Stow Rd in Hudson, Ohio with what was probably Conrail train FC-10 out of Detroit. I would spend many an hour on this unit while working out of Altoona in the late 90's.

CR 8352 Camden, PA 12-26-1976

A beat up Pennsylvania Reading Seashore Lines Baldwin S12 sits in the Camden, NJ deadline in December 1976, but it was still on the PRSL roster on 040176, so it was assigned CR number 8352. Needless to say it was never renumbered and was scrapped the next year. Grubby day shot, but even in '76 a Baldwin, even one in this condition, was worthy of a photo.

CR 8354 Easton, PA 11-26-1976

Another little part of Conrail back in 1976 was the Ironton Railroad, a small line in Eastern Pa that was heavily influenced by the Reading. They brought one unit, Baldwin DS4-4-1000 #751, to the roster, and it was assigned Conrail number 8354 although it was never officially renumbered and was retired in 1977. Here's proof that Conrail operated at least one pure Baldwin locomotive- Ironton 751 was found working on the former Lehigh Valley in Easton,Pa in Nov 1976. A well maintained unit, it's days were numbered due to it being a loner from a long gone builder. There were 17 pure Baldwin units that made the CR roster on 04-01-76, but this is the only one I know of that actually ran for a time. The others were in deadlines on the former PRSL.

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