Robert Heathorn's Conrail

ATSF GP30 2750 leads Conrail SD50s 6746 and 6716 through Syracuse, NY on a beautiful, sunny day.
Conrail B23-7s 1939 and 1948 earn their keep at Syracuse, NY.
Conrail 6053 leads C40-8W 6165 and an SD60 wide cab through Syracuse, NY with a hot van train in tow.
A trio of Conrail GE C30-7As (6575, 6561, and 6581) lead this manifest through Syracuse, NY.
Conrail C36-7 6628 leads a patched GP40-2, NS 3020, a CR GP and TV-9 westbound under this classic signal bridge at Syracuse, NY.
A pair of EMD standard cabs lead this manifest through Syracuse, NY.

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