Rich "FMNut" Frey's Hard Coal Lines

CR 18645 - Class N5G - Brings Up the Markers on a Local at West Cressona PA

At home in the coal fields, 18645 is on the end of an MP15DC powered local entering West Cressona Yard on the Good Spring Secondary Track. CR 18645 ex LV 95002.

CR 18645 On the end of a coal train at Donaldson PA, 1/82

An ex-LV N5G caboose brings up the rear on a coal train through Donaldson PA. CR 18645 ex LV 95002.

CR 7552 and 7557 at Hern PA, 3/87

After the MP15s went back when their leases ended, these rebuilt geeps held down the branches in the "Reading Cluster".

CR 7552 at Glen-Burn, 3/87

GP10 7552 brings a few loose cars through the Glen Burn complex.

CR 7552 at Ramshaw PA, 3/87

A pair of GP10's power local freight WHSN03 rounds a curve at Ramshaw, PA on the Shamokin Secondary.

CR 7552 Leads a Local Through Excelsior PA

A pair of GP10s roll a local comprised of coal cars and other local business through excelsior.

CR 7552 On a local at Shamokin PA

A former NYC GP9 has become a GP10 through Conrail's rebuilding program. Here it leads a local train through Shamokin PA.

CR 7555 along with CR 9626 and other power at Schuylkill Haven PA.

A set of power is seen sitting next to the ex-Reading station at Schuylkill Haven on the Pottsville Branch. The station has since been refurbished, and the Pottsville Branch is still used regularly by the Reading & Northern.

CR 7555 and a mixed group of GPs and MP15DCs at Mine Hill PA

A mixed group of power is seen at Mine Hill PA. This group includes MP15s which roamed this area until their leases were up, and GP10s, which took over for them when they left.

CR 9311 On the former PRR connection at Kernsville PA

This photo is of the final train from Auburn on the former PRR at Port Clinton and Hamburg prior to the cutover of the new connection near Landingville to service the former PRR at Auburn.

CR 9311 On the former PRR in Port Clinton PA

On what's now a hiking trail above the Reading an Northern's home base, 9311 hauls the final train from Auburn on the former PRR at Port Clinton and Hamburg prior to the cutover of the new connection near Landingville to service the former PRR at Auburn.

CR 9421 at the St. Nick Breaker

A result of a chase of this brace of SWs from Port Clinton to St. Nicholas Yard in October, 1983. Here the train sits in the shadow of the coal spoil pile from the many mines in the area.

CR 9421 Leads its train through Buck Mountain PA

The EMD switcher powered train, a mix of coal and other freight, heads through Buck Mountain PA.

CR 9421 Leads Mixed Freight at Zehners, 10/83

A brace of end cab switchers, led by the rare SW1001, heads through Zehners on the former Reading.

CR 9421 Three MP15s and an SW1001 Through Port Clinton PA

The brace of end cabs rolls through Port Clinton, the future home of the Reading and Northern.

CR 9421, 9628 and 9627, 10/83

A profile shot of three of the five end cabs on the train.

CR 9611 Tamaqua, PA

A lone SW1500 switches coal cars in the shadow of mine spoils at the Arlington Breaker.

CR 9621 and N5 Caboose 22981 at Shamokin

An ex-Reading MP15 and an ex-PC N5 caboose make up this scene in PA's hard coal country.

CR 9621 rolls through CP Potts with a single covered hopper

A lone blue MP15DC brings a sole covered hopper through CP Potts at Pottsville, the home of the Yuengling Brewery.

CR 9622 9630 and 9627 at Cressona PA

A trio of MPDCs idle in the small yard at Cressona PA.

CR 9622 At Night in Cressona

9622 sits under the yard lights in Cressona.

CR 9622 Working Cressona, 10/77

A pair of MP15DCs, still wearing their Reading green, roll through Cressona.

CR 9624, 9628 and 9630 in Cressona PA.

Three MP15DCs idle in the small yard at Cressona PA between assignments.

CR 9625 Moves Hoppers at Arlington PA

One of the handful of CR MP15s brings some hoppers through the Bethlehem Steel facility at Arlington PA.

CR 9625 With Empty Hoppers at Arlington PA

9625 moves some empty hoppers through a scene that only exists in coal country.

CR 9627 and CR 19677 N-3A Caboose on the Greenwood Branch

One of the rare ex-EL N-3A cabooses holds down an assignment on the Greenwood Branch alongside an ex-Reading MP15DC.

CR 9627 and Two More MP15DCs roll through Hamburg PA

A trio of MP15DCs bring empty hoppers through Hamburg PA, the future home of the Reading, Blue Mountain and Northern, who took over many of the branches in this area from Conrail in the early 90s.

CR 9627 Singlehandedly handles empties through New Philadelphia

MP15DC 9627 single handedly handles a train of empty coal hoppers heading back to the mines.

CR 9628 and 9630 approaching Donaldson PA

An approaching shot of a pair of MP15s.

CR 9628 and 9630 at Donaldson PA

A pair of MP15s performing the task which CR usually assigned them. Here they pull some hoppers through the snow at Donaldson PA.

CR 9628 Brings a Flanger Through East Mahanoy Jct

Clearing out flangeways after a snow or ice storm is an important process. It helps prevent snow and ice buildup from derailing a train. When the local power consists of MP15s, of course you're going to send one out to do the job.

Here's the flanger and locomotive passing through East Mahanoy Jct.

CR 9630 and CR 9626 at the St Nick Breaker

A pair of MP15DCs at the St Nick breaker. These units were regular power on the mine runs in the area before the expiration of their leases.

CR 9630 at CP Belt

Four MP15DCs roll through CP Belt in the setting sun.

CR 9630 Switching at Cressona PA

MP15DC 9630 is switching cars at Cressona PA.

CR 9630, 9628 and 9624 at Saint Nicholas Breaker

The ex-Reading MP15DCs stayed around the ex-Reading anthracite branches until their leases expired. Here, three patched units (still in their Reading Green) are seen at the Saint Nicholas Breaker, just west of Mahanoy City.

CR 9630, CR 9626 and CR 9621 at the St Nick Breaker

MP15DCs hanging around at the St Nick breaker. These units were regular power on the mine runs in the area before the expiration of their leases.

CR MP15DCs Cressona PA

A trio of MP15DCs idles near the station in Cressona PA.

N8 On a Coal Train at Tamaqua Tunnel

An ex-PRR N8 cabin car trails a coal train entering Tamaqua Tunnel. Note the early EOT mounting on the rear.

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