Rich Carl's Conrail Action Photos 1985-1998

CR 2357 Phillipsburg, NJ 1987

CR GP35 2357 at Phillipsburg, NJ and Easton, PA crossing in 1987.

CR 5002 leads a TV Train through CP Bethlehem

Conrail B36-7 5002 is seen leading an eastbound TV train through Bethlehem, PA

CR 5047 on OICA at Philadelphia PA, 9/1996

Conrail B36-7 5047 is seen leading OICA onto the Delair Bridge in Philadelphia, PA in Sept 1996. The train is just moments away from its terminus at Pavonia Yard in Camden, NJ.

CR 6111 at CP Valley Jct in Reading PA

Conrail C40-8W 6111 is seen leading ML401 through Reading, PA

CR 6761 on OICA at West Trenton NJ, 9-96

Conrail SD50 6761 is seen bringing OICA south on the Trenton Line in 9/1996

CR 6761 on OICA in Pavonia Yard, Camden NJ

Conrail SD50 6761 is seen bringing train OICA south into Pavonia Yard in 9/1996

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