Paul Carpenito's Conrail Photos

Many thanks to Paul for allowing me to post these here! The photos contained in this album are of Conrail in New Jersey and Pennsylvania with a couple New York photos thrown in. The dates vary greatly from CR's formation in 1976 through it's split up in 1999, so you'll find a diverse selection of equipment here.

AMTK 306 leads Amtrak 47 at Newport, PA 8/89

Amtrak 47, the Pennsylvanian, rounds the curve at Newport with it's then-usual F40PH leader at 12:22PM. CP-Port MP133.4 CR Pittsburgh Line

CP 5578 Packerton, PA 4-14-1997

Two CP SD40-2s, a Susquehanna B40-8, and another two CP SD40-2s are at the former Lehigh Valley yard in Packerton with CP train 556.

CP 674 Allentown, PA 11/15/1992

A pair of consecutively numbered former Kansas City Southern SD40-2s sit just north of Allentown on CP train 266.

CR 2312 Bound Brook, NJ 4/18/82

SEPY heads west through Bound Brook at 10:15AM with a GP40-2 leading two GP35s.

CR 2804 on SEPY2 at Hillside, NJ 12/2/83

A trio of four axle GE's lead SEPY west through Hillside in December 1983. The SEPY ran from Selkirk to the RF&P's Potomac Yard in Alexandria, VA. The train ran on the NEC from Meadows Yard to Landover, MD until the early 80s when it was rerouted down the former LV and RDG trackage between North Jersey and Philadelphia. Under this new routing these trains entered the NEC at ARSENAL, located just south of 30th Street station in Philly.

CR 3180 and other CR units at Croxton, NJ 1/1/78

Various CR units rest at Croxton on New Years Day 1978.

CR 3196 at Blandon, PA in November 1989

Conrail GP40 3196, U23B 2795, and a GP40-2 team up to bring a loaded coal train east through CP-Blandon in the fall of 1989. The old "high grade" right of way is visible to the left.

CR 3315 Blandon, PA 10-01-1990

PIOI rolls through Blandon with two Geeps sandwiching two UP SD40-2's. CP-Blandon MP7.8 CR Reading Line

CR 3341 leads TV4 at Bound Brook, NJ 9/27/81

Three GP40's work Bound Brook on East St. Louis-North Bergen train TV4. MP30 CR Raritan Valley Line.

CR 3342 leads TV8 at Emmaus, PA 11/17/91

An eastbound trailer train heads through Emmaus in the early morning.

CR 3364 leads MAIL-3 at Allentown, PA 1/19/91

3364, 5060, and 5066 lead MAIL-3 through the "old" CP-Burn. This scene has completely changed over the past few years. CP-Burn MP 35.0 CR Reading Line

CR 3367 leads MAIL3 at Blandon, PA 10/90

MAIL3 passes the temporary block station at CP-Blandon with five GP40's and a B40-8. CP-Blandon MP7.8 CR Reading Line

CR 3372 leads PIOI4 at Allentown, PA 11/15/92

A GP40-2 brings Conway-Oak Island manifest train PIOI through CP-BURN on November 15, 1992. PIOI is not working in Allentown, as evidenced by the fact that the train is using the "bypass" via East Penn Jct. to get to Bethlehem.

CR 3393 leads OIEN at Blandon, PA 2/25/93

OIEN5 passes the MP0.8 detector at Blandon with some four axle power. GP40-2's and B40-8's were the main locomotives used on MAIL trains until the C40-8W's and SD60M/I's came in, so it was somewhat unusual to see them on a freight in 1993.

 MP0.8 CR Reading Line

CR 5010 leads XHS36E at Portland, PA 12/29/96

Empty Portland, PA-Shire Oaks, PA coal train XHS36E idles at JAKE with an excellent lashup. This train departed Portland later in the day, and detoured via DL, STL&H, and the Reading & Northern due to flooding on the Portland Secondary. DCS Jake-MP0.5 CR Stroudsburg Secondary Track 7:00AM

CR 6049 leads CAAL at Longswamp, PA 3/1/92

CAAL1 is about to cross from Berks County into Lehigh County as it nears Alburtis on a very late afternoon March afternoon. MP22.6 CR Reading Line

CR 6071 Alburtis, PA 03-01-1992

ALSR1's power passes Smith Lane. The consist itself is still heading through the interlocking at CP-Alburtis.

CR 6078 leads PIED0 at Linfield, PA 7/11/92

C40-8W 6078 leads Conway-Edgemoor freight PIED past the Limerick Nuclear Power Plant in Linfield, PA. The 6078 is unusual in that it has "Conrail Quality" on the front but has the standard logo on the side.

CR 6102 leads PIAL at Longswamp, PA 1/26/93

PIAL5 heads east through Longswamp with a couple Dash 8's as power. MP22.5 CR Reading Line

CR 6132 Topton, PA 3/19/1993

C40-8Ws 6132 and 6102, UP SD40-2 4245, B36-7 5015, and SD50 6709 are on the head end of OIEN seen heading west through Topton in March of 1993.

CR 6137 at Blandon, PA on 11/3/92

CR 6317 leads an eastbound manifest past the mushroom farms at Blandon.

CR 6151 Pittsburgh Line PA 6/21/77

A freight passes over a bridge on the Pittsburgh Line led by an SD45 in PC black, an SDP45 in blue, and another ex-PC SD45.

CR 6186 on ALSE6 at Bound Brook, NJ 7/16/93

A pair of then-new C40-8Ws bring Allentown-Selkirk manifest ALSE through Bound Brook in the summer of 1993.

CR 6244 at Allentown, PA on 8/17/88

SD40 6244 and another SD40 bring an eastbound manifest into the receiving yard at Allentown.

CR 6323 leads UMP146 at Bellwood, PA 5/88

Woodzell, MD-bound UMP146 heads past the abandoned yard at Bellwood with an unrebuilt SD40 leading. MP230 CR Pittsburgh Line

CR 6366 leads CAAL at Allentown, PA 8/87

A couple SD40's (6366 and 6352) lead CAAL by the abandoned Burn Yard in the summer of '87. Note the caboose behind the engines. CP-Burn MP34.9 CR Reading Line

CR 6378 pushes BAPI4X at Logan Twp. (Horseshoe Curve), PA 10/15/94

6369 and 6378 push an extra BAPI, BAPI4X, around Horseshoe Curve on a sunny October day.

 MP242 CR Pittsburgh Line

CR 6408 at Cresson, PA on 6/10/98

A set of Conrail SD40-2s idle in Cresson after sunset.

CR 6433 leads ALPI at Wyomissing, PA 3/10/91

ALPI0 traverses the interlocking at Wyomissing Jct. with 6 EMD's as power. CP-Wyomissing Jct. MP61.2 CR Harrisburg Line

CR 6436 leads UCP112 at Douglassville, PA 3/10/91

Two SD40-2s lead an eastbound coal drag through Douglassville, PA, on the Harrisburg Line. This train is nearing its destination; the PECO power plant in Cromby, PA. Notice that the lead unit is one of the "starred" SD40-2s.

CR 6446 at Blandon, PA on 11/3/92

An eastbound coal train led by SD40-2 6446 heads through Blandon in the fall of 1992.

CR 6458 leads ENBE6 at Longswamp, PA on 1/26/93

A trio of SD40 series units bring the Enola-Saucon manifest through Longswamp in the afternoon.

CR 6489 on the Pittsburgh Line in October of 1989

A pair of SD40-2s bring an empty Potomac Electric coal train under a PRR signal bridge on the Middle Division.

CR 6506 leads MOPI at Sheridan, PA in February 1990

Two SD40-2s pull Morrisville-Conway manifest MOPI through Sheridan in early 1990. Sheridan was home to one of several temporary block stations on the Harrisburg Line. Orders were given here to trains that needed to run against the current of traffic during MOW work periods. There was a set of hand crossovers here, as evidenced by the switch stand in front of the lead locomotive. Note the fourth car in the train, which appears to be a class H1G "Tupperware Hopper" with a removable cover.

CR 6508 leads ALEN at Blandon, PA 11/17/91

ALEN7 rolls through Blandon with an SD40-2 leading an NS C40-8 and three more CR engines. CP-Blandon MP7.8 CR Reading Line

CR 6514 leads OIPI at Lilly, PA 5/88

OIPI heads downgrade at Lilly with five EMDs at the helm. MP253 CR Pittsburgh Line

CR 6522 leads SEAL at Bound Brook, PA in January 1985

An SD40-2 and two GP35s lead Selkirk-Allentown train SEAL through Bound Brook in early 1985. Not long after this date the Lehigh Line will be reduced to single track between here and CP-POTTER in Edison, NJ. The third unit in this lashup is still wearing PC paint.

CR 6640 leads OIAL at Bound Brook, NJ 10/85

Two fairly unusual C36-7's (6640 and 6622) lead OIAL through Bound Brook. MP33 CR Lehigh Line

CR 6643 leads ALSR at Robesonia, PA 9/89

ALSR sails through Robesonia with a C36-7 leading. MP71 CR Harrisburg Line

CR 6657 pushes OIPI at Altoona, PA 7/89

6663, 6654, and 6657 push on the rear of OIPI as they depart Altoona. CP-Slope MP237.2 CR Pittsburgh Line

CR 6720 leads ALCS6 at Longswamp, PA 1/26/93

Conrail SD50 6720 brings ALCS west through Longswamp Township on the afternoon of January 26, 1993. The ALCS ran from Allentown to Rocky Mount, NC and became CSX R413 at Park Junction in Philadelphia.

CR 6732 leads ENOI6 at Bound Brook, NJ on 7/16/93

Two SD50s bring the ENOI through CP-Bound Brook in the afternoon.

CR 6740 leads SENS at Iona Island, NY 3/6/94

SENS6 rumbles through Iona Island with two SD50's leading an NS U23B and GP38AC.


MP41 CR River Line 

CR 6742 leads ALSR at Longswamp, PA 1/26/93

6742, NS 3980, and NS 1628 lead ALSR6 through Longswamp, PA on January 26th, 1993. This train became NS 155 at Hagerstown, MD.

MP22.5 CR Reading Line

CR 6771 leads ENSE at Grandin, NJ 5/9/93

An SD50 and two SD40-2's (one of which in NS paint) lead ENSE9 through Readington Twp. MP59.1 CR Lehigh Line

CR 7580 leads WHRE10 at Topton, PA 10/16/92

GP10 7580 leads WHRE10 through Topton. Another GP10, 7578, is on the other end of the train.

MP18.5 CR Reading Line

CR 7870 leads ENOI at Freemansburg, PA 8/1/92

ENOI1 rounds the curve east of Bethlehem with a couple GP38's leading a C36-7. Some now-demolished buildings from Bethlehem Steel can be seen in the background. MP86.1 CR Lehigh Line

CR 8099 leads JN-5 at Bound Brook, NJ on 11/27/77

GP38-2 8099 is still unpatched in late 1977 as it leads Jersey City-Niagara Falls train JN-5 through Bound Brook. Trailing in the consist is U25B 2626 and GP40-2 3275 (still in RDG paint). The 8099 later became NS 5294, while the 3275 went to NS as their 3000. Note the water jug on the nose of the 8099.

CR 8119 leads ALEN7 at Allentown, PA 9/7/90

A GP38-2 brings Allentown-Enola manifest ALEN westbound through CP-BURN on September 7, 1990. Notice that this was clearly before the Basin St. grade crossing elimination project took place. Today, the roadbed is on a fill several feet above ground level here.

CR 8123 on WPAL11 at Phillipsburg, NJ 9/6/97

Three Geeps bring local freight WPAL11 through Phillipsburg in 1997.

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