Other Scenic and Action Photos

Great scenic and action photos that don't fit on the other galleries can be found here.

Conrail SD60I 5612 is seen at Guilderland, NY while powering BRSE on its final few miles into Selkirk Yard. 3/29/1997
CR 5876 leads a train on the Bedford Branch near East Freedom, PA on 8/9/77.  Color print scan.
Going away shot of CR 5876 leading a train on the Bedford Branch near East Freedom, PA on 8/9/77. Color print scan.
Conrail SD35 6015 (ex-PC 6015) and SD40-2 6395 are seen bringing an eastbound train down Horseshoe Curve in the early 1980s.
CR 6037 and 6340 lead a van train westbound around the curve on track 4.
Conrail C40-8W 6144 passes Guilderland, NY in charge of ML-403 shortly after departing Selkirk Yard. 4/10/1998
CR 6154 is on the point of a westbound on track 4 while CR 6138 leads a van train west on track 3 beside it.
CR 6364 and 6377 helpers are on the rear of an eastbound coal train at "Works" on 8/31/91, amongst a sea of stored cars and locomotives.
CR 6366 and 6387 head end helpers lead two C40-8W's and a B40 on a westbound loaded ore train at Altoona, PA on 10/23/93.
Conrail SD40-2 6438 is seen at Horseshoe Curve in 1982.
Conrail C30-7A 6579 is leading NFSE at Guilderland, NY on 4/10/1998
Conrail SD45-2 6654 (ex-EL 3669) is seen at the helper facility at Cresson, PA in the early 80s.
CR 8719 - ex RDG 1519, nee RDG 13, an SW900M (retired on 8-4-86 and probably scrapped at Hollidaysburg) - switches the Jack Frost National Sugar Refining Co. facility, located on N. Delaware Ave. in Philadelphia, PA. This facility was shut down in 1982 and torn down in 1997. An interesting note: The 8719 was featured briefly in a scene in the movie Rocky II, which was filmed in the former Reading yard in Port Richmond around the time this photo was taken. Photo processed 9/78.

Collection of Jeff Weaver, courtesy of eBay seller "tchowee"

For more history on the refinery itself, check out this link.

The scene from Rocky II featuring the 8719 can be viewed on Youtube.

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