Michael DeSoi's Primarily Philadelphia Area Conrail Photos

Michael DeSoi was born and raised in Philadelphia. He spent his "formative" years watching the Reading RR running down American Street. He started active railfanning in the summer of 1976, just in time for Big Blue.


Conrail SD-60 #6853 leads a train at Bridgeport, PA. August 11, 1991


"Notchin' It Out"

Almost new Conrail GP-15's #'s 1687 & 1686 accelerate with a cut of cars at Croxton yard in Secacus, N.J. September 17, 1979.


Conrail B23-7 #1980 is NOT moving, as its soaks up the Sun's rays in Greenwich yard in Philadelphia, PA. 9/8/1985.


Conrail GP30 2180 (an ex Reading unit) leads a westbound high & wide move at Frankford Junction in Philadelphia, PA. June 11, 1985


Conrail GP-35 #2251 leads a southbound at Cheltenham Jct. in Philadelphia, PA. 3/13/1982


Conrail GP-35 #2391 (EX Penn Central, Exx New York Central, note the "NEW" bleeding through and lack of dynamic brakes) leads a train out of the Port Ricmhond yard at "A St. in Philadelphia, Pa. May 10, 1979


Conrail business car #3 rests in Amtrak's Penn Coach Yard at 30th St. station in Philadelphia, Pa. Late 1970's.


"Port Richmond, We Have A Problem"

GP40 3181 split a switch and its front truck is on the ground. Near "A" St. & Lehigh Ave. in Philadelphia, PA. 1978.


Conrail GP-40-2 #3354 has just crossed the Lehigh River and is about to cross the Canal and head into the yard with this eastbound in Allentown, PA. May 20, 1984.


Conrail GP-40-2 #3361 leads a westbound at Temple, PA. July 18, 1987.


Conrail GP-40-2 3368 leads a seemingly endless eastbound trailer train through the station at Frankford Junction in Philadelphia, PA. August 19, 1979.


Conrail GP-35 #3644 (ex Reading) leads an eastbound through the station at Frankford Junction in Philadelphia, PA. 1978


Conrail E-44 #4414 running lite at Frankford Junction, Philadelphia, Pa. 1978 (scanned from print).


Conrail E-33s 4602 &4608 lead a westbound freight past the station at Frankford Junction, Philadelphia, Pa. 1978


"Old Rivets", the only Conrail GG-1 to wear blue paint is dead in tow, heading west at Frankford Junction, Philadelphia, Pa.


Conrail GG-1 #4886 leads a westbound through the station at Frankford Junction, Philadelphia, Pa.


Conrail GP-8 #5462 Bethlehem, PA. February 24, 1985


Conrail SD-35 #6041 (ex CNJ) heads east 'round the curve at Horseshoe Curve in Altoona, PA. July 10, 1983.


Conrail SD35 6046 (ex CNJ) and GP9 7048 (which now sits on Horseshoe Curve) are ready to leave Port Richmond yard and head west, taken near "B" St. & Tusculum Sts. in Philadelphia, PA. May 19, 1979.


Conrail SD-45 #6210 leads a train at Belmont in Philadelphia, PA. May 14, 1980.

Based on the time, this train was likely ALPG or ALCA heading from Allentown to Philadelphia (Greenwich) or Camden.


Conrail SD-40 #6240 pulls some cars out of the yard in Allentown, PA. May 4, 1985


Conrail SD-40 #6244 leads a westbound, passing the steam excursion at CP Burn in Allentown, PA. October 1987.


Conrail SD-40 #6327 leads a westbound over the Lehigh Canal on a dreary March day in Allentown, PA. March 31, 1985.


Conrail SD-40-2 #6459 leads a westbound on the Delair bridge approach, next to Lewis St. in Philadelphia, PA. February 15, 1986.


Conrail SD-40-2 #6514 leads a PYOI north on the Northeast Corridor, next to the Delaware River in Wilmington, DE. February 6, 1983


Before the can opener logo, there was the equal sign logo, but nobody quite got that one. Here's 1/2 a logo CR U36-C #6591, in the yard at Port Richmond, Phila., PA. 6/5/1978.


Conrail C36-7 #6639 leads a westbound at CP Burn in Allentown, PA. November 10, 1985.


Big Alcos were rare in Philly, and even rarer on Amtrak's Northeast Corridor. Conrail C-630 #6769 is the second unit on a westbound passing the station at Frankford Junction, Philadelphia, Pa. 5/30/1979.


Big Blue Alco C-636 #6783 is ready to roll at Port Richmond. 5/20/1979.


Conrail SD-50 #6791 leads an eastbound at Temple, PA. November 19, 1986


Conrail U30C 6836's crew is getting ready for a crew change at Belmont in Philadelphia, PA. May 7, 1980. Crew changes sometimes took place here, but more often occurred at Arsenal tower (on the other end of the "High Line") as many crews were not qualified all the way to Belmont.


Conrail GP-38 #7697 leads a northbound through the mill at Triechlers, PA. October 1987.


Conrail GP-38 #7923 is shifting the mill in Treichlers, PA. October 1987


Conrail GP-38-2 #8281 leads an eastbound coal train through what is now CP-88 in Bethlehem, PA. February 28, 1982


Conrail SW-1 #8409 is the rear unit in an "Engine Changer" waiting to head west at Frankford Junction in Philadelphia, PA. July 22, 1979.

If the Blue Room liked the crews, these could be real good paying 12 hour jobs shuttling engines around the system.


Conrail SW-1 #8539 is bringing some trailers east (bound for the Aramingo Ave.TrailVan Terminal) through the station at Frankford Junction in Philadelphia, PA. April 29, 1979.


CR 8721 working a local at Manayunk on the Venice Industrial Track.


Its 2 + years into Conrail, and it appears neither of these have been CR'ed over yet. Ex PC NW-2 #8800 trundles down Tioga St, (near Tulip) in Philadelphia, PA.


OOPS!!! Conrail covered hopper #886174 lays on its end, spilling grain all over the place, Port Richmond Graino, Philadelphia, Pa Date unknown (late 1970's or early 1980's).

For a view of this complex in an earlier era, check out this 1927 photo from the Hagley collection. The kickback ramp where this photo is from is over on the far right.


Conrail (ex EL) SW-9 #9015 at Marion Junction, N.J. October 14, 1980.


The engineer on Conrail VO-10E #9310 is looking for his backup signal, A St. near Lehigh Ave. Philadelphia, PA. 5/15/1979.

A thunderstorm just rolled through as Conrail SW-1001 #9408 is about to pull through Tacony station in Philadelphia, PA. April 3, 1985

Looks like someone has uncovered the heritage of this locomotive. Conrail SW-1001 #9412 at the old Grain elevator in the Port Richmond Section of Philadelphia, PA. 2/11/1984


Conrail (Ex Reading) SW-1001 #9421 leads an eastbound on the Delair bridge approach (The Woodwork) next to Lewis St. in Philadelphia, PA. March 15, 1987.


This unit was repainted into the more standard small "Conrail" scheme between January and September of 1985.

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