Joe Osciak's Conrail action

Joe Osciak has been actively shooting in the Mid-Atlantic states for many years, and we are happy to present a collection of his fine Conrail photographs

Conrail GP15-1 1607 is seen trailing on a local at Thorndale, PA on 2/19/1984
Conrail GP15-1 1693 is seen trailing on an empty coal train that went on the ground at Richland, NJ on 2/12/1984
Conrail GP30 2179 is seen leading a train at Winslow Junction, NJ through the snow on 4/19/1983
Conrail GP30 2179 (ex-RDG 3611) is seen on WPCA-51 as it reverses past Winslow tower to get its train on 9/13/1979
Conrail GP30 2180 is seen working a local at downtown Burlington, NJ on 6/27/1982
Conrail GP30 2202 (ex-PC 2202) is seen leading a westbound freight at Rutherford, PA on 8/18/1981
Conrail GP30 2235 is seen on a local at Paradise, PA on 7/10/1982 as the Broadway Limited speeds by
Conrail GP30 2235 is sitting with RS-3M 9909 at Greenwich Yard in South Philly on 4/12/1980
Conrail GP35 2298 is seen in charge of a westbound freight at Princeton Junction in West Windsor, NJ on a hazy August 17th, 1979.
Conrail E8A 4021 is seen leading an OCS-101 west at Rosemont, PA on 6/16/1992
Conrail 4022 is seen leading a Philly-Reading OCS trip at Birdsboro, PA on 3/13/1999
Conrail SD80MAC 4101 is seen blasting out of the mist at Thompsontown Station, PA with MOPI on 10/9/1997
Conrail SD80MAC 4106 is seen leading a westbound freight at Jamestown, PA on 10/11/1998
Conrail SD80MAC 4120 is seen powering a PIBA at Lilly, PA on 5/13/1999
Conrail SD80MAC 4121 is the sole unit on OIPI as it crosses the Rockville Bridge on 9/27/1997
Conrail E44 4416 is seen leading a southbound freight on the Northeast Corridor at Sharon Hill, PA on 5/11/1979
Conrail E33 4603 is seen at Greenwich yard in South Philly, PA on 4/12/1980
Conrail GG1 4835 is seen at Wilmington, DE as a Amtrak Toaster passes on the Northeast Corridor on 2/15/1981
Conrail 4835 is sitting at the head of a line of GG1s awaiting the scrapper's torch at Wilmington, DE on 3/15/1981
Conrail GG1 4859 is seen at the Railroad Museum of PA at Strasburg on 10/14/1982, awaiting restoration into her original PRR colors for display at the Harrisburg Amtrak station.
Conrail GG1 4891 is seen among a group of other Gs waiting to be scrapped at Rutherford Yard on 11/14/1981
Conrail GG1 4891 is seen awaiting the scrapper's torch at Rutherford Yard on 11/14/1981.
Conrail B36-7 5052 is leading a pair of Santa Fe units on PIOI at CP-Belt in Reading, PA on 2/27/1994
Conrail B36-7 5032 is seen leading a pair of Santa Fe Dash-8s on PIOI at Walnuttown, PA on 2/27/1994
Conrail SD45 6071 (ex-EL 3606) is seen laying over at Chessie's Eastside Yard in Philadelphia, PA on 12/16/1979
Conrail SD45 6079 is seen leading an eastbound freight through Perdix, PA on 8/19/1981. Notice Track 1 and what would become the controlled siding are still stick rail.
As Conrail inched closer and closer to profitability, some of the casualties were older, less-efficient workhorses like these SD45s. Conrail 6115 and 6099 await their fate at Rutherford, PA on 8/14/1982
Conrail SD40 6249 is leading a SD40-2 and a SD50 on ALCA, seen at Valley Forge, PA on 10/12/1989
Conrail SD40-2 6364 is seen shoving on the rear of an eastbound coal train at Lilly, PA on 10/11/1998
Conrail SD40-2 6382 is seen leading SEPY south on the Northeast Corridor at Crum Lynne, PA on 8/25/1984
Conrail SD40-2 6464 is seen leading ENMO eastbound into the Black Rock Tunnel at Phoenixville, PA on 10/5/1990
Conrail SD40-2 6504 is seen sitting in the siding at Feltonville, PA on the Chessie Philly Sub while PYSE passes on 11/20/1982. Gotta love the message on the back of the caboose...
Conrail SD45-2 6665 is leading ALSR through Walnuttown, PA on 9/28/1991
Conrail SD50 6707 is seen leading a PGAL at Abrams Yard near King of Prussia, PA on 2/7/1993
Conrail GP9 7157 is seen at Wilmington, DE on 6/22/1980
Conrail GP10 7553 is seen drilling Abrams Yard near King of Prussia, PA on 11/9/1992.
Conrail GP38 7660 is seen on an eastbound WPCA-31X at Albion, NJ on 1/30/1982
From the cab of Conrail GP38 7662 on WPCA-31, we see Winslow Junction tower on the Amtrak Atlantic City Line on 1/8/1984
Conrail GP38 7669 is seen on a snow extra sent out to clear the line after a blizzard on 2/12/1983
Conrail GP38-2 8090 is seen powering WPCA-51 at Williamstown Junction, NJ on 1/26/1998
Conrail SW1001 9411 (ex-RDG 2611) is seen at Greenwich Yard in South Philly, PA on 12/25/1983. Note that this unit did not even receive the typical early-Conrail hasty paint-out treatment, shop forces instead simply slapped "CR" stencils over the Reading logo and new numbers on top of the old RDG reporting mark.
More than 3 years after the formation of Conrail, sister-units CR 9617 and 9618 are seen working their home turf at Abrams Yard. The pair is pausing for a crew change on October 27, 1979.

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