Joe Osciak's Conrail action

Joe Osciak has been actively shooting in the Mid-Atlantic states for many years, and we are happy to present a collection of his fine Conrail photographs

CR 1607 Thorndale, PA 2-19-1984

Conrail GP15-1 1607 is seen trailing on a local at Thorndale, PA on 2/19/1984

CR 1693 wreck at Richland, NJ in 1984

Conrail GP15-1 1693 is seen trailing on an empty coal train that went on the ground at Richland, NJ on 2/12/1984

CR 2179 Winslow Junction, NJ 4-19-1983

Conrail GP30 2179 is seen leading a train at Winslow Junction, NJ through the snow on 4/19/1983

CR 2179 Winslow Junction, NJ 9-13-1979

Conrail GP30 2179 (ex-RDG 3611) is seen on WPCA-51 as it reverses past Winslow tower to get its train on 9/13/1979

CR 2180 at Burlington, NJ in 1982

Conrail GP30 2180 is seen working a local at downtown Burlington, NJ on 6/27/1982

CR 2202 Rutherford, PA 8-18-1981

Conrail GP30 2202 (ex-PC 2202) is seen leading a westbound freight at Rutherford, PA on 8/18/1981

CR 2235 Paradise, PA 7-10-1982

Conrail GP30 2235 is seen on a local at Paradise, PA on 7/10/1982 as the Broadway Limited speeds by

CR 2235 Philadelphia, PA 4-12-1980

Conrail GP30 2235 is sitting with RS-3M 9909 at Greenwich Yard in South Philly on 4/12/1980

CR 2298 Princeton Junction, NJ 8-17-1979

Conrail GP35 2298 is seen in charge of a westbound freight at Princeton Junction in West Windsor, NJ on a hazy August 17th, 1979.

CR 4021 at Rosemont, PA in 1992

Conrail E8A 4021 is seen leading an OCS-101 west at Rosemont, PA on 6/16/1992

CR 4022 at Birdsboro, PA in 1999

Conrail 4022 is seen leading a Philly-Reading OCS trip at Birdsboro, PA on 3/13/1999

CR 4101 at Thompsontown, PA in 1997

Conrail SD80MAC 4101 is seen blasting out of the mist at Thompsontown Station, PA with MOPI on 10/9/1997

CR 4106 at Jamestown, PA in 1998

Conrail SD80MAC 4106 is seen leading a westbound freight at Jamestown, PA on 10/11/1998

CR 4120 at Lilly, PA in 1999

Conrail SD80MAC 4120 is seen powering a PIBA at Lilly, PA on 5/13/1999

CR 4121 on Rockville in 1997

Conrail SD80MAC 4121 is the sole unit on OIPI as it crosses the Rockville Bridge on 9/27/1997

CR 4416 Sharon Hill, PA 5-11-1979

Conrail E44 4416 is seen leading a southbound freight on the Northeast Corridor at Sharon Hill, PA on 5/11/1979

CR 4603 Philadelphia, PA 4-12-1980

Conrail E33 4603 is seen at Greenwich yard in South Philly, PA on 4/12/1980

CR 4835 Wilmington, DE 2-15-1981

Conrail GG1 4835 is seen at Wilmington, DE as a Amtrak Toaster passes on the Northeast Corridor on 2/15/1981

CR 4835 Wilmington, DE 3-15-1981

Conrail 4835 is sitting at the head of a line of GG1s awaiting the scrapper's torch at Wilmington, DE on 3/15/1981

CR 4859 Strasburg, PA 10-14-1982

Conrail GG1 4859 is seen at the Railroad Museum of PA at Strasburg on 10/14/1982, awaiting restoration into her original PRR colors for display at the Harrisburg Amtrak station.

CR 4891 Rutherford, PA 11-14-1981

Conrail GG1 4891 is seen among a group of other Gs waiting to be scrapped at Rutherford Yard on 11/14/1981

CR 4891 Rutherford, PA 11-14-1981

Conrail GG1 4891 is seen awaiting the scrapper's torch at Rutherford Yard on 11/14/1981.

CR 5032 Reading, PA 02-27-1994

Conrail B36-7 5052 is leading a pair of Santa Fe units on PIOI at CP-Belt in Reading, PA on 2/27/1994

CR 5032 Walnuttown, PA 02-27-1994

Conrail B36-7 5032 is seen leading a pair of Santa Fe Dash-8s on PIOI at Walnuttown, PA on 2/27/1994

CR 6071 Philadelphia, PA 12-16-1979

Conrail SD45 6071 (ex-EL 3606) is seen laying over at Chessie's Eastside Yard in Philadelphia, PA on 12/16/1979

CR 6079 Perdix, PA 8-19-1981

Conrail SD45 6079 is seen leading an eastbound freight through Perdix, PA on 8/19/1981. Notice Track 1 and what would become the controlled siding are still stick rail.

CR 6115 and CR 6099 Rutherford, PA 8-14-1982

As Conrail inched closer and closer to profitability, some of the casualties were older, less-efficient workhorses like these SD45s. Conrail 6115 and 6099 await their fate at Rutherford, PA on 8/14/1982

CR 6249 at Valley Forge, PA in 1989

Conrail SD40 6249 is leading a SD40-2 and a SD50 on ALCA, seen at Valley Forge, PA on 10/12/1989

CR 6364 at Lilly, PA in 1998

Conrail SD40-2 6364 is seen shoving on the rear of an eastbound coal train at Lilly, PA on 10/11/1998

CR 6382 at Crum Lynne, PA in 1984

Conrail SD40-2 6382 is seen leading SEPY south on the Northeast Corridor at Crum Lynne, PA on 8/25/1984

CR 6464 at Phoenixville, PA in 1990

Conrail SD40-2 6464 is seen leading ENMO eastbound into the Black Rock Tunnel at Phoenixville, PA on 10/5/1990

CR 6504 at Feltonville, PA in 1982

Conrail SD40-2 6504 is seen sitting in the siding at Feltonville, PA on the Chessie Philly Sub while PYSE passes on 11/20/1982. Gotta love the message on the back of the caboose...

CR 6665 at Walnuttown, PA in 1991

Conrail SD45-2 6665 is leading ALSR through Walnuttown, PA on 9/28/1991

CR 6707 King of Prussia, PA 2-7-1993

Conrail SD50 6707 is seen leading a PGAL at Abrams Yard near King of Prussia, PA on 2/7/1993

CR 7157 Wilmington, DE 6-22-1980

Conrail GP9 7157 is seen at Wilmington, DE on 6/22/1980

CR 7553 King of Prussia, PA 11-9-1992

Conrail GP10 7553 is seen drilling Abrams Yard near King of Prussia, PA on 11/9/1992.

CR 7660 at Albion, NJ 1-30-1982

Conrail GP38 7660 is seen on an eastbound WPCA-31X at Albion, NJ on 1/30/1982

CR 7662 at Winslow Junction, NJ 1-8-1984

From the cab of Conrail GP38 7662 on WPCA-31, we see Winslow Junction tower on the Amtrak Atlantic City Line on 1/8/1984

CR 7669 Winslow, NJ 2-12-1983

Conrail GP38 7669 is seen on a snow extra sent out to clear the line after a blizzard on 2/12/1983

CR 8090 at Williamstown Junction, NJ in 1998

Conrail GP38-2 8090 is seen powering WPCA-51 at Williamstown Junction, NJ on 1/26/1998

CR 9411 at South Philly, PA in 1983

Conrail SW1001 9411 (ex-RDG 2611) is seen at Greenwich Yard in South Philly, PA on 12/25/1983. Note that this unit did not even receive the typical early-Conrail hasty paint-out treatment, shop forces instead simply slapped "CR" stencils over the Reading logo and new numbers on top of the old RDG reporting mark.

CR 9618 King of Prussia, PA 10-27-1979

More than 3 years after the formation of Conrail, sister-units CR 9617 and 9618 are seen working their home turf at Abrams Yard. The pair is pausing for a crew change on October 27, 1979.

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