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Jim grew up in Chicago and spent his youth playing sandlot baseball and watching Hiawatha's from left field. In the 1960s he rode behind CB&Q 4960 and 5632 on fan trips with his father. He moved to the east coast in the mid 70s and his interest in railroading was rekindled by the Chessie Steam Specials. He's been photographing railroads ever since. 


Conrail's small fleet of C39-8s were greatly outnumbered by their more common C40-8 and C40-8W bretheren. Here 6619 leads a mix of wide and standard cab C40s through the cut at Huntington PA.


A C36-7 leads the westbound ENPI-2 through MO interlocking in Cresson while another train sneaks up behind him, illustrating the traffic density on the Pittsburgh Line.


A C36-7 and SD50 combo lead loaded grain train GRB85 east through Marysville PA toward the Rockville Bridge.


An SD40 and SD45-2 helper set are lending some breaking help to a train at the PA Rt 53 overpass just outside of Cresson PA.


Conrail's newest were up front, but here some veteran SD45-2s push on a much older N5 class caboose. These N5s were built for the Pennsy in the first half of the century, and you can only guess how many times this car has been around the curve.


MG Stood for Mid Grade, and it was indeed. Here two SD45-2 helpers assist three more units on TV1 as it heads west up the mountain.


Two SD45-2s assist two SD50s on this train as it heads downhill. Note what appears to be a wreck damaged hopper car on a flat first out in the train.


A pair of SD45-2s have stopped pulling and are now helping slow the descent of a train down "The Slide" through the New Portage Tunnel.


A pair of SD45-2s assist a westbound freight past Bennington Curve. The head end of the train has probably already crested the hill in the Gallitzin tunnels, which are just around the curve.


A relatively new SD50 leads an westbound manifest through Pinecroft PA, on the Pittsburgh Line.


Conrail 6719 approaches Enola Yard from the west, creeping through the wye at the west end of Rockville Bridge.


Heading west past Rockville Tower, SD50 6747 heads onto Rockville Bridge.


A pair of SD50s hustle a coal train for the Cambria and Indiana west through Birmingham PA on the Pittsburgh Line.


A pair of new SD50s leads an Enola to Pittsburgh train up the Horseshoe Curve from an uncommon vantage point.


Two almost brand new SD50s lead an eastbound TV train across Rockville Bridge.

1985-03-10 CR 6767 Rockville, PA.jpg

It appears that SD50s were briefly used in helper service on the Pittsburgh Line in the spring of 1986. Here a pair lend their braking assistance to TV2 as it descends down Horseshoe Curve.


A very new SD50 leads a slightly older SD40-2 as they knock down the signals at MG. This was a unit train of Bethlehem Steel BSCX Coke Gons heading from Bethlehem PA to the Pittsburgh area.


An eastbound Conrail train is waiting at CP Banks to head in toward Enola.


An empty westbound train of hoppers is lead by a brand new solo SD50, 6815, through Mexico PA on the eastern part of the Pittsburgh Line.


A pair of relatively new SD50s hustle a grain train through Birmingham PA in 1986.


A Conrail SD50 leads some CSX units on an eastbound tied up in the controlled siding at CP Banks.


Smell that? That's the new paint on the SD50. These three units are just hitting the hill as they cruise past the famous "brickyard" location in Altoona in this May of 86 view. They have ALPI in tow, a manifest freight from Allentown to Pittsburgh.


SD60 6855 leads a manifest freight through the S-Curves at Birmingham PA.


A trio of four axle GPs lead an westbound empty UFS coal train through Duncannon PA.


Norfolk Southern run-through power was often a frequent find on ENRO and ROEN, the NS interchange trains from Enola to Roanoke. Here a high hood GP lends some muscle to the southbound ENRO working through Camp Hill PA.


For a while Baltimore was full of RS3Ms. Here 9976 passes the Orangeville engine facility with a westbound local.


While not featuring Conrail equipment, Strasburg's excursions in the mid 80s utilized Conrail trackage for a good portion of their runs. This shot is of the double headed PRR steam crossing the Susquehanna River on the famous Rockville Bridge.

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