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Jim grew up in Chicago and spent his youth playing sandlot baseball and watching Hiawatha's from left field. In the 1960s he rode behind CB&Q 4960 and 5632 on fan trips with his father. He moved to the east coast in the mid 70s and his interest in railroading was rekindled by the Chessie Steam Specials. He's been photographing railroads ever since. 


A lashup of 5 Conrail four axle units, lead by a GP15-1 hauls a unit coal train toward the export piers in Baltimore.


Orangeville served as the engine terminal for Baltimore's Bayview Yards. Here a number of CR locomotives are being serviced while a lashup of ex-Reading units, Conrail GP10s and ex-PC geeps rolls by on the Northeast Corridor.

This photo is full of character, from the brand new Amtrak Ortner ballast cars to the old PC painted MP54s.


Conrail's TV trains didn't always rate head end helpers, even in adverse weather. Here TV4 heads around the curve on a snowy day in March of 1988.


GP40-2 3325 is doing what Conrail bought it to do, haul a high priority freight. Here it runs past MO tower in Cresson PA with three siblings. Don't miss the hoppers in the back coming off the Cresson Secondary in the background.


Here a westbound Mail-3 rolls through the semi-famous Route 53 crossing in Cresson PA. This view was taken from around the corner from the iconic shot though, providing a somewhat different angle on this popular location.


A pair of GP40-2s bracket a B36-7 leading TV3 stretched out across the Rockville Bridge.


A pair of E44s head north through Chase MD on the Northeast Corridor. Ten years later, this would be the location of the famous "Ricky Gates" wreck.


Conrail actually employed helpers in many more places than just the Horseshoe Curve area. Here two E44s assist a loaded coal train under the wires in Baltimore. They're cruising through the small yard and railfan hangout called Orangeville.


The E33s looked like a squatter E44. Here a pair layover in Baltimore's Orangeville engine terminal in October of 77.


46101 is an ex-EL caboose wearing an "R" designation, meaning it's in restricted service (as also evidenced by its MOW gray paint job. These specially designated cars were to be kept to special service due to their ages or conditions. In this case, probably the friction bearing trucks.


Like the GP40-2, the B36-7 was suited to hauling lighter, faster trains. Here, three of them charge up Horseshoe Curve in the late spring of 1986.


Heading west through the S-Curve at Birmingham PA, three units power a westbound TV train.


Two B36-7s haul a hot westbound MAIL3H through the Cove PA railfan hangout.

1996-02-17 1230 CR Mail 3H Cove, PA.jpg

A B36-7 leads runthrough train R409 to Potomac Yard on CSX rails, just west of Baltimore.


The high horsepower B40-8s were purchased to power Conrail's high priority TV trains. Here 5060 leads TV22 at McVey PA.


Conrail's C40-8 and B36-7s were intended to haul high priority freights. Here a trio runs across the classic (but modified) PRR stone arch bridge at Union Furnace PA.


Conrail's B40-8s were purchased to do just this, lead TV trains. Here one runs through Birmingham PA on the Pittsburgh Line.


A morning ENIN heads westbound, lead by a GE B40-8 through Cove PA, just west of Harrisburg on the Pittsburgh Line.


An SD60M and SD40-2 lead westbound MAIL3 over Shermans Creek through CP Cannon.


C39-8 leads NS Train 151 in Kentucky, ten years behind blue units would belong to Norfolk Southern.


A rare C39-8 heads south along the Hudson as it rolls through Iona Island on the River Line with an ML train.


A pair of GEs, followed by an SW1500, haul a mixed freight through Birmingham PA on the Pittsburgh Line.


A lone C40-8W leads a ballast train through McVey PA.


CAPI blazes through McVey PA on its journey from Camden NJ to Pittsburgh PA. Note the single container flat car first out in the manifest.


Finding single units leading trains was not a common occurance. Here C40-8W 6182 leads an eastbound train alone over Shermans Creek through CP Cannon. The interlocking here is actually on the bridge.


C40-8W heads one of the Triple Crown Roadrailer Trains through Birmingham PA.


Conrail relied on Pennsylvania Power and Light's coal trains for a steady stream of income. Here an SD40 and SD50 combo head up a train for the PPL Warrior Ridge plant.


An SD40 and SD40-2 team up to haul a loaded PPLX coal train through the curve at Duncannon PA.


The United Way SD40 (although the special paint isn't visible in this shot) lead the ALPI from Allentown to Pittsburgh around Bennington Curve.


An SD40 helper lends its dynamic brakes to the effort to slow a descending coal train around horseshoe curve. Check out the great mix of hoppers in there, two EL styles and a PC car.


SD40 6297 leads an unknown ex-PC GP38-2 east across Rockville Bridge with an MOW crane (with removed boom).


The westbound ALEN (Allentown - Enola) is lead by SD40 6299 as it heads west through Topton PA.


A lowly service for an SD40, here 6335 hauls an MOW train through Denholm PA in October of 1986. This illustrates well the priority that Conrail was putting on its infrastructure in the mid 80s.


Three SDs lead an empty coal train uphill past MG tower in 1986.


Back in 1986 Conrail's ML trains still had open top autorack cars on them. Here an SD40-2 and SD40 lead a train of racks under the Rte 53 Overpass in Cresson PA.


Pennsylvania Power and Light was a dependable Conrail customer. Their coal fired power plants had an almost insatiable appetite for black diamonds, which Conrail was more than happy to help supply.

Here an SD40-2 leads a loaded train for one of the many PPL plants along the old Middle Division.


Two days after Christmas, two SD40-2s bring PIEN from Pittsburgh to Enola through Duncannon PA.


A pair of SD40-2s and a GP38 lead SEEN (Selkirk - Enola) through Belt Line Junction in Reading PA.


An SD40-2 leads eastbound PIML through Duncannon PA, back when the station was still owned by the railroad. Notice how this train includes a mix of general freight and intermodal traffic.


Ten years before NS took over Enola, the Conrail - NS run through train from Roanoke enters its Enola destination.  CR 6438 SD-40-2 leads NS SD-40-2 6155.


Conrail SD40-2 6473 is coming right at you while heading up a UBB coal train.


A wider view of 6437 and UBB at Shamrock.


Two SDs hustle ALPI (Allentown - Pittsburgh) west through Cove PA.


Two SD40-2s lead PIML (Pittsburgh - Morrisville) into Enola to do work.


Looking like the Juice Train, SENS (Z409 on CSX's rails) heads through the S-curve of Elkridge PA on CSX's Capitol Subdivision. This train carried many empty tropicana cars heading back south for more OJ.


Conrail C30-7a 6571 leads a run-through train to Potomac Yard, symboled Z413 on CSX, through Elkridge MD, on just west of Baltimore.


A trio of GEs heads south through Elkridge MD on its way to Potomac Yard in Alexandria VA. This train travels on CSX's rails south of Philadelphia to avoid the Northeast Corridor. The Tropicana cars on the head end are being taken south to be loaded and made back into the northbound Juice train.


A C30-7a leads a westbound (geographically southbound) SEPY (Selkirk - Potomac Yard) under Washington Boulevard, just west of Baltimore on CSX. The tail end is passing under the CPLs of HX Interlocking in Halethorpe. This train may look like the southbound juice train, but that's because it usually carried a number of empty cars back south for more OJ.


Originating in Selkirk (SE), SEPY often had GEs on it, along with empty tropicana cars. Here it is passing through the unused station in Elkridge MD on CSX as their train B417.


Here C32-8 6619 and three EMDs lead the southbound (westbound) SEPY on CSX's 1833 vintage Thomas Viaduct. This train is lacking the signature empty Tropicana Cars that usually feature heavily in photos of it.

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