JB Kerr's Action Photography

Bruce Kerr has been been a Conrail fan since before there was a Conrail. He's had the great ability to see the way it works from the inside, and here brings us selections from his great collection of photos, many that only a pro could get.

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The WPLA-81 ran out of time in New Holland, PA so a recrew, RPLA-81, was called to go out and finish the work and bring the train back to Dillerville Yard. Typical 90's era branchline power around Lancaster were the GP38-2s and GP15-1s. Here the RPLA-81 is passing rural scenery east of Lancaster, PA along the New Holland Secondary.
A rare to Lancaster B40-8 leads a pair of EMDs shifting out the previous nights "LTA", Lancaster Turn at Dillerville Yard. None of this exists today having been made into a greenspace for F&M College.
ENBU-2T is screaming up the straightaway past the weigh in motion scales @ McElhattan, PA with B23-7 1920 and U23B 2705 back in April of 1990
A pair of GP38-2's leads a string of cabooses south, probably to Renovo, PA. Cabooses include: Class N7A 21769 (ex PC 21769/NYC 20483), Class N3A 19674 (ex EL C263) and 3 that look to be N4's. Emporium, PA 12/1994
Conrail U23Bs 2794 and 2786 (ex-LV 510) are leading GP38 7684 (ex-PC 7684) on of WHAL-46 at Altoona, PA in November, 1992. 2794 would later become Providence & Worcester 2208, while the 2786 would go on to be used by Pennsy Supply at Annville, PA until just a few yrs ago.
CR 3006, ex-PC 3006, nee-NYC 3006 is seen on the point of a coal drag at Lock Haven, PA in January 1990.
Tearing up #2 track thru the Canisteo Valley behind GP40-2 3331 and GP40 3210. "I spent many hours with the crew of this train over the next few months.. It's amazing what free slim jims and peanuts can get a guy!" Adrian, NY 4/1995
ENBU-8T is headed northbound through Lock Haven behind GP40-2s 3402 and 3376 on a cold February 1992 day. The intermodal on the head end would have been picked up off KW siding at CP Wye.
Conrail GP35 3644 (ex-RDG 3644) is seen behind the E&M Shop at Juniata along with a Santa Fe "Kodachrome" C30-7 8032 in April, 1996. Based on the photo date, the aging GP35 is definitely on borrowed time.

Having run the Port Road in beautiful sunshine, the OCS train would make a left turn at Perryville and head northbound to Philly.

ML-411 is heading north passing the yard at Lock Haven behind SD60M 5533 and C40-8W 6215. GP38-2 8044 leads yard power on the far right and GP38-2 8099 leads tonight's mini train (HPA-01) to Erie, the crew about to get on their power.
CR SD60M 5547 leads empty autorack ML-401 west by my train the PICA-0X at West Lawn, PA on Conrail's Harrisburg Line. The view is from GP40-2 3351 and we are hauling an extra empty gondola train heading to South Philly for reloading. At a combined passing speed of about 90 mph, it's a wonder the shot didn't blur! In just a few days, Conrail as we know it would cease to exist...
Conrail SD60I leads TV1 through Rochester, PA back in January of 1999. JB Kerr Photo
ENBU pulls past the yard in Lock Haven with CR 6019 in the lead, as SW1200 9337 sleeps. April, 1990.
Conrail C40-8 6038 leads ML420 through Northumberland, PA as a BUAL waits in the yard with SD50 6789 in charge. JB Kerr Photo
BUBI-3 passes through Gang Mills, NY behind C40-8W 6075 and SD40-2 6467. August 1995
ML-420, the old BUEN-N, heads south passing the old PRR passenger station at Lock Haven, PA in April, 1995 behind SD40 6242, C40-8W 6082 and GP40-2 3376.
Conrail C40-8W 6104 and SD40-2 6388 lead the auto rack train coming by the detector at MP 196 on the Buffalo Line.
UNL-39B heading back to the mines of SW PA. at Addison, NY behind C40-8Ws 6109 and 6064, plus SD50 6785 on a FRIGID December day in 1995
"You for a time could have set your watch by the arrival of the BUEN-N train thru Lock Haven" 4/1992 behind C40-8W 6128 and SD40-2 6442.
Conrail C40-8W 6151 is seen powering a CIR circus train with the James Strates Carnival Train in tow at Columbia, PA in July, 1998. JB Kerr Photo
HBBU-9 is departing Newberry Yard for it's destination of Buffalo, PA on a cold day in 11/1994 behind C40-8W 6152.
HBBU-9 passes CP-River in Nesbit, PA with C40-8W 6152, SD60M 5528, and GP38-2 8059 back in 11/1994
HBBU-9 is pulling into Newberry Yard off the ex-NYC Corning Secondary. "Lousy angle for sun, but back then I didn't care.. Getting a daylight move into Newberry was a feat in its own.." C40-8W 6152, SD60M 5528 and GP38-2 8059. November, 1994
BUOI-5 peels thru the early AM fog behind C40-8W 6194 and SD40-2 6497. "I had just stopped for my 1st stop on my potato chip route when I heard this coming" Cameron Mills, NY 8/1994
Coming out of the sun, climbing Attica Hill, with C40-8W 6234 and SD60M 5547 at Rock Glen, NY 3/1998
An eastbound stack train was apparently mis-routed through Conway Yard, with rather spectacular results back in Januarty, 1999. JB Kerr Photo
SD40s 6246, 6249, 6242, and 6248 are in charge of an empty coal train at Queens Run, PA. Train is heading northbound back towards Clearfield, PA to be reloaded in this April, 1990 view.
TV-78 passes the ex Erie station at Alden, NY heading to Kearny, NJ behind C40-8W 6258 and GP40-2s 3335 and 3342.. 3/1998
SD40-2s 6392, 6394, 6391 and 6395 wait for their next train to shove over Keating Summit. By this time, the NB coal trains were beginning to dry up and before long there were no helpers stationed here. Emporium, PA 1/1992
SD40-2 6394 is switching scale cars at Newberry Yard, probably to be used to test the weigh-in-motion scale at McElhattan on the Buffalo Line. Some cool old freight cars are also visible in this June, 1994 shot...like the yellow-ended MOW gon and MDT tankcars.
Heading south to Baltimore, MD's Consol Coal Terminal, UMP-2B has SD40-2 6397 and GP38-2 8049 for power today. Train will weight at the scales @ McElhattan, PA. Lock Haven, PA 9/91
UFS-885 led by SD40-2s 6399 and 6406 plus GP38-2 8051 screams thru Westport, PA on it's way to Clearfield, PA for another load of coal..
The other side of the lite engine move throttling it up after clearing the speed restriction thru Lock Haven. 9/1991
Running late on this particular day, passing the station at Lock Haven behind SD40-2 6435 and C40-8W 6072. 10/1995
UNL-34A behind SD40-2 6457 and SD60Ms 5565 and 5505 passes thru Rathbone, NY on its way to Ludlowville, NY. The remnants of recently shorn #2 track line the right of way. March, 1995.
Conrail SD40-2 6491 is seen heading east at Emsworth, PA with SHP-501. The pair of wrecked units on the head end are from the fatal 3-train wreck at Stryker, OH on the Chicago Line in late January 1999. JB Kerr Photo
ENBU-5T passes the National Hotel at Lock Haven, PA behind SD40-2s 6500 and 6427. 3/1992
A rainy day finds OIBU-3 streaking through Cameron Mills, NY in May 1994. CR C30-7A 6569, SD50s 6798, CSX 7765, and CSX 7517 add a little more color to an otherwise dull day.
ENG-201 With CR C36-7 6641 leading GP35 2349 kicks up the leaves as it heads SB toward Lock Haven, PA 10/91

SD50 6733 has just made the last double down at the mill and will soon be pulling up the US Steel Lead back to the yard for more doubles.. MOPI regularly left Morrisville between 5-7pm and had over 125 cars..

OIBU-4 with SD50s 6712 and 6743 screams past E. Alden, NY. 3/1998
ENBU behind SD50 6770 and SD40-2 6486 meets BUEN @ CP Lane, just outside of Lock Haven, PA 3/91
2 SD50's, 6786 and 6769 on the HBBU-3 passing the picturesque farm at Hyner, PA. 4/95
BUEN-5 is led by 6800-6723-UP 6025 4/91
6817-6856-6718-8042 at Lane, PA. March 1991
SD50 6822 leads 2 GE's on the ENBU passing the site of the old passenger and LCL freight yard.. Now it's all built up... 2/90
HBBU-8 is seen passing under the PRR signal bridge at McElhattan, PA behind SD50 6831, LMS C40-8W 703, SD40-2 6410 and SD40-2 6405. "The site of the old Rich tower would be close to the last unit on the left.. The old NYC had trackage rights starting here to access their old Beech Creek RR and to access Clearfield over the old PRR.."
BUBI-5 is at Gang Mills, NY, led by SD40-2R 6975 and SD50s 6775 + 6763. 6/1996

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