Grant Lowry's Photography - Page 5

Grant Lowry has been a prolific Conrail photographer from day 1.

PC 362811

PC 362811 is seen at Enola, PA.  (photo date possibly July 1986?)

PC 51665-Class H34A

PC 51665 is seen at Columbia, PA. Car is ex PRR 257035 built 5-55.

PC 752600 - Class F50

PC 752600 is seen at Columbia, PA. Car was built 12-69. It was later renumbered to CR 627600; to CSX at the split (relettered to NYC 627600 on/around 7/21/98).

PC 766159-Class F35

PC 766159 is seen at Conway Yard during the Conrail era. Car is ex PRR 470010.

PCA 166092 - Class X71

PCA 166092 (in Conrail paint) is seen at Altoona, PA in 1979/80.

RDG 38899

RDG 38099 is seen at Conway Yard during the Conrail era.

RDG 484548- RDG Class HTG

RDG 484548 is seen at Conway, PA July 1989. Shot cropped from the slide scan, having a sub-par picture is better than no picture at all.

TTKX 850316

TTKX 850316 is equipped with a tri-level Conrail rack, seen hauling Fords at Cove, PA in the mid 1980s.

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