Geoff Hubbs Conrail Action 1976 to 1990 - Page 3

CR 6517 Iona Island NY Oct 1986

SD40-2 6517 Northbound on Iona Island trestle

CR 6519 Selkirk NY Feb 1981

SD40-2 6519 with SEBO meets BOEL at CP 132

CR 6522 Canaan NY Oct 1980

SD40-2 6522 SENHa about to enter State Line Tunnel

CR 6561 Palmer MA Sep 1989

C30-7A 6561 SEFR-6 crossing former CV at Palmer Station

CR 6561 Warren MA Sep 1989

C30-7A 6561 PWSE-6 at Route 67 Warren MA

CR 6561 Westfield MA Sep 1989

C30-7A 6561 PWSE-6 crossing ex-New Haven at CP 107

CR 6562 Framingham MA Sep 1987

C30-7A 6562 heads TV-6 at Fountain St Framingham

CR 6568 Selkirk NY Oct 1985

C30-7A 6568 Eastbound ballast train coming off Castleton Bridge

CR 6574 Washington MA Jul 1986

C30-7A 6574 Eastbound at Washington Summit

CR 6578 Palmer MA Sep 1987

C30-7A 6578 with SEFR-0 crossing CV at CP 83

CR 6591 Pittsfield MA Oct 1984

C30-7A 6591 Westbound crossing to Track 1 at CP 150

CR 6598 Chatham NY Apr 1977

U36C 6598 VQ-4 (Selkirk-South Braintree) at Woodbridge Avenue Chatham NY

CR 6599 Binghamton NY Nov 1985

C30-7A 6599 heading OIBU across Chenango River

CR 6612 Springfield MA Feb 1985

C32-8 6612 eastbound off the Connecticut River bridge at CP 98

CR 6613 Hinsdale MA Jul 1985

C32-8 6613 Eastbound at Route 8 Bridge Hinsdale MA

CR 6617 Springfield MA Feb 1985

C32-8 6617 keeps company with Amtrak SPV-2000

CR 6654 Gallitzin PA Nov 1987

SD45-2 6654 headend helpers EB MG Tower Gallitzin PA

CR 6658 Gallitzin PA Nov 1987

SD45-2 6658 and 6656 push WB TV at Gallitzin tunnels

CR 7535 Elizabethport NJ May 1981

GP10 7535 leads a motley mix across the CNJ mains at Port Interlocking. The train is southbound on the Chemical Coast and soon Port and the mainline trackage would be history.

CR 7801 TV-77 Susquehanna PA May 1980

GP38 7801 with TV-77 on ex-Erie Main at Susquehanna PA

CR 8180 LEMO Tower May 1979

GP38-2 8180 EB on Shippensburg Secondary at LEMO Tower

CR 8188 Port Rdg Jct NJ Dec 1987

GP38-2 8188 WB coming off ex-LV onto Reading Trenton Line at Port Reading Jct NJ

CR 8206 Ridgewood NJ Jun 1987

GP38-2 8206 with ex-BN and NYS&W F45s Ridgewood NJ

CR 8214 SENHa State Line NY Jun 1980

GP38-2 8214 with SENHa exiting State Line Tunnel NY

CR 8233 Newark NJ Sep 1980

GP38-2 8233 leads an NJDOT westbound Raritan Line train at Hunter Tower. No HEP for lighting today!

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