Geoff Hubbs Conrail Action 1976 to 1990 - Page 3

CR 6517 Iona Island NY Oct 1986

SD40-2 6517 Northbound on Iona Island trestle

CR 6519 Selkirk NY Feb 1981

SD40-2 6519 with SEBO meets BOEL at CP 132

CR 6522 Canaan NY Oct 1980

SD40-2 6522 SENHa about to enter State Line Tunnel

CR 6553 Pittsfield MA Oct 1984

C30-7A 6553 Westbound at Amtrak station

CR 6561 Palmer MA Sep 1989

C30-7A 6561 SEFR-6 crossing former CV at Palmer Station

CR 6561 Warren MA Sep 1989

C30-7A 6561 PWSE-6 at Route 67 Warren MA

CR 6561 Westfield MA Sep 1989

C30-7A 6561 PWSE-6 crossing ex-New Haven at CP 107

CR 6562 Framingham MA Sep 1987

C30-7A 6562 heads TV-6 at Fountain St Framingham

CR 6564 Brookfield MA Sep 1989

C30-7A 6564 TV-13E Brookfield MA

CR 6568 Selkirk NY Oct 1985

C30-7A 6568 Eastbound ballast train coming off Castleton Bridge

CR 6574 Washington MA Jul 1986

C30-7A 6574 Eastbound at Washington Summit

CR 6578 Palmer MA Sep 1987

C30-7A 6578 with SEFR-0 crossing CV at CP 83

CR 6591 Pittsfield MA Oct 1984

C30-7A 6591 Westbound crossing to Track 1 at CP 150

CR 6598 Chatham NY Apr 1977

U36C 6598 VQ-4 (Selkirk-South Braintree) at Woodbridge Avenue Chatham NY

CR 6599 Binghamton NY Nov 1985

C30-7A 6599 heading OIBU across Chenango River

CR 6604 Cresson PA May 1981

C30-7 6604 Westbound Cresson PA

CR 6612 Springfield MA Feb 1985

C32-8 6612 eastbound off the Connecticut River bridge at CP 98

CR 6613 Hinsdale MA Jul 1985

C32-8 6613 Eastbound at Route 8 Bridge Hinsdale MA

CR 6617 Springfield MA Feb 1985

C32-8 6617 keeps company with Amtrak SPV-2000

CR 6654 Gallitzin PA Nov 1987

SD45-2 6654 headend helpers EB MG Tower Gallitzin PA

CR 6658 Gallitzin PA Nov 1987

SD45-2 6658 and 6656 push WB TV at Gallitzin tunnels

CR 6817 Horseshoe Curve Nov 1987

SD50 6817 WB Mail at Horseshoe Curve

CR 7535 Elizabethport NJ May 1981

GP10 7535 leads a motley mix across the CNJ mains at Port Interlocking. The train is southbound on the Chemical Coast and soon Port and the mainline trackage would be history.

CR 7801 TV-77 Susquehanna PA May 1980

GP38 7801 with TV-77 on ex-Erie Main at Susquehanna PA

CR 8028 FRSE-3 Chatham May 1981

GP38-2 8028 FRSE at Chatham NY

CR 8180 LEMO Tower May 1979

GP38-2 8180 EB on Shippensburg Secondary at LEMO Tower

CR 8188 Port Rdg Jct NJ Dec 1987

GP38-2 8188 WB coming off ex-LV onto Reading Trenton Line at Port Reading Jct NJ

CR 8206 Ridgewood NJ Jun 1987

GP38-2 8206 with ex-BN and NYS&W F45s Ridgewood NJ

CR 8214 SENHa State Line NY Jun 1980

GP38-2 8214 with SENHa exiting State Line Tunnel NY

CR 8233 Newark NJ Sep 1980

GP38-2 8233 leads an NJDOT westbound Raritan Line train at Hunter Tower. No HEP for lighting today!

CR 8251 TV-16 New Windsor NY Oct 1978

GP38-2 8251 TV-16 New Windsor NY

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