Geoff Hubbs Conrail Action 1976 to 1990 - Page 2

CR 3355 Huntington MA Mar 1981

GP40-2 3355 TV-6 Huntington MA. The Boston Division (B&A) west of Springfield was one place where you could actually chase a TV train.

CR 3358 TV-9 East Chatham Jul 1983

GP40-2 3358 with TV-9 East Chatham NY

CR 3360 BOEL-4 Selkirk NY Jun 1980

GP40-2 3360 on BOEL 4 crossing the Hudson River on AH Smith Castleton Bridge

CR 3371 TV-9 Middlefield MA Oct 1983

GP40-2 3371 TV-9 at Twin Ledges

CR 3379 RISE-4 Canaan NY Jun 1980

GP40-2 RISE-4 exiting State Line Tunnel. This was the 5th location for this train, all without breaking any speed limits.

CR 3379 RISE-4 Pittsfield MA Jun 1980

GP40-2 3379 RISE-4 at CP 148 making a drop of cars

CR 3379 RISE-4 Pittsfield MA Jun 1980

GP40-2 3379 RISE-4 Route 20 Pittsfield MA

CR 3384 TV-8 Canaan NY Jun 1980

GP40-2 3384 TV-8 about to enter State Line Tunnel

CR 3394 TV-9 Chatham NY Oct 1980

GP40-2 3394 heads TV-9 through Chatham NY. The 1872 clock tower once housed a fire company.

CR 3397 SPSE-7 Richmond MA Jul 1980

GP40-2 3397 with SPSE-7 at Route 41 Richmond MA

CR 3400 TV-6 Huntington MA Sep 1980

GP40-2 3400 TV-6 crossing the Westfield River Huntington MA

CR 3400 WB Westfield MA Jul 1982

GP40-2 3400 westbound rattles the ex-NH Holyoke Secondary diamonds

CR 3621 Cresson PA May 1979

GP35 3621 crosses WAPI-6 over at MO Tower

CR 3626 Washington Summit MA Jun 1980

GP35 3626 leads an eastbound at Washington Summit MA

CR 3668 Post Road NY Apr 1978

GP35 3668 leads an westbound towards Selkirk at Post Road Crossing NY

CR 4021 Ft Montgomery NY Aug 1987

E8A 4021 leading OCS SB at Fort Montgomery NY (from Bear Mtn Bridge)

CR 4022 Red Bank NJ in Oct 1978

E-8A 4022 on NJT commuter crossing Navesink River Red Bank NJ

CR 4107 Becket MA May 1999

SD80MAC 4107 grinding upgrade at Becket in the last week of Conrail

CR 4800 Columbia PA Sept 1979

GG-1 4800 westbound at Columbia PA

CR 5026 Peekskill NY Jun 1981

FL9 5026 SB Poughkeepsie-New York train at Peekskill NY

CR 5027 Gallitzin PA Nov 1987

B36-7 5027 WB TV about to enter Gallitzin Tunnel

CR 5058 TV-9 Westfield MA May 1984

B36-7 5058 with TV-9 Westfield

CR 6067 Solomons Gap May 1980

SD45 6067 helpers cutting off ALBU at Solomon's Gap PA

CR 6081 Niverville NY Sep 1980

SD45 6081 on SEPW with SP SD45 9023 at Niverville. Foreign power was very unusual on the B&A, also running reverse due to trackwork.

CR 6081 Niverville NY Sep 1980

SD45 6081 on SEPW with SP SD45 9023 at Niverville. Foreign power was very unusual on the B&A, also running reverse due to trackwork.

CR 6090 South Fork PA May 1981

SD45 6090 Westbound South Fork PA

CR 6230 Gallitzin PA May 1981

SD45 6230 helping westbound at Gallitzin Tunnel

CR 6295 AR Tower Nov 1987

SD40 6295 EB AR Tower Gallitzin PA

CR 6296 TV-9 Hinsdale MA Jul 1983

SD40 6296 with TV-9starting downgrade Hinsdale MA

CR 6332 Horseshoe May 1981

SD40 6332 Westbound Horseshoe Curve

CR 6349 SF Int Gallitzin PA May 1981

SD40 6349 Westbound helpers SF Interlocking Gallitzin PA

CR 6363 Washington MA Nov 1977

SD40 6363 Westbound through Washington Cut

CR 6364 BUSE S Schenectady NY Sep 1978

SD40-2 6364 BUSE passing HBD at South Schenectady NY; the display board hot box detectors were fairly new

CR 6364 Pattersonville NY Sep 1978

SD40-2 6364 Eastbound crossing Mohawk River at Pattersonville NY

CR 6370 SPSE Middlefield MA Aug 1982

SD40-2 6379 on SPSE at Twin Ledges Middlefield MA

CR 6381 Metuchen NJ July 1981

SD40-2 6381 passed by Amtrak E60 966 Metuchen NJ

CR 6385 Hinsdale MA Feb 1981

SD40-2 6385 SPSE helper Hinsdale MA

CR 6389 Washington Summit MA Oct 1981

SD40-2 6389 Eastbound at Washington Summit MA

CR 6394 Hoffmans NY Apr 1978

SD40-2 Eastbound at CP 11 Hoffmans NY; the rusty track was the passenger mainline through Schenectady and was restored a year later

CR 6401 Becket MA Sep 1980

SD40-2 on SPSE-7 upgrade at Becket MA

CR 6401 Washington Summit MA Sep 1980

SD40-2 6401 SPSE-7 through the rock cut at Washington Summit MA

CR 6409 Ridgeway OH Aug 1981

SD40-2 6409 Northbound crossing the Big Four mainline at Ridgeway Tower

CR 6423 Laurel Run PA May 1980

SD40-2 6423 heading ALBU downhill through Laurel Run Interlocking on the Lehigh Line. The power is on the LV Mountain Cutoff while the rest of the train is on the CNJ L&S Main; the connection was built in 1965.

CR 6428 Altoona PA May 1981

SD40-2 6428 eastbound passing Alto Tower. This was the sharpest the tower looked in was finally closed in 2012.

CR 6433 Marysville PA Jun 1978

SD40-2 6433 westbound coming off Rockville Bridge

CR 6441 Pittsfield MA Jul 1980

SD40-2 6441 BOSE-4b at CP 148 aka North Adams Jct

CR 6466 Chatham NY May 1981

SD40-2 6466 slowly powers the Speno rail grinding train on Track 1 near River Road. Carl Weber Jr's shot of the same train on Track 2 was probably taken the same day.

CR 6475 Canaan NY Jun 1981

SD40-2 6475 TV-6 under Route 22 State Line

CR 6475 Gallitzin PA May 1979

SD40-2 6475 westbound TV leaving Gallitzin Tunnel

CR 6493 Altoona PA May 1981

SD40-2 6493 Westbound at Slope Interlocking

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