Geoff Hubbs Conrail Action 1976 to 1990

CR 1958 Altoona PA Jun 1978

B23-7 1958 Westbound passing MG Tower

CR 1981 Chester MA Jul 1981

B23-7 1981 BOSE-7 starting upgrade at Chester

CR 1981 West Warren MA Jul 1981

B23-7 1981 BOSE-7 passing Quoboag River dam West Warren

CR 1995 Palatine Bridge NY May 1980

B23-7 1995 Westbound ballast train at Palatine Bridge

CR 2002 Pittsfield MA Jul 1982

B23-7 2002 making a setout at CP 148

CR 2020 Canaan NY Aug 1987

B23-7 2020 Eastbound ballast train approaching Route 22

CR 2301 Iona Island NY Jun 1981

GP35 2301 southbound with Bear Mountain Bridge in background

CR 2301 SPSE Washington Summit MA Oct 1983

GP 35 2301 leads SPSE westbound at Washington Summit MA

CR 2514 SELI Selkirk Sep 1978

U25B 2514 starts SELI out of Selkirk Yard

CR 2724 Rotterdam Jct NY Oct 1980

U23B 2724 on coal train UBL-42A waiting for new crew in B&M yard alongside B&M GP40-2 302

CR 2805 Bear Mtn NY May 1981

B23-7 2805 SELI from Bear Mountain Bridge

CR 2805 Becket MA Oct 1981

B23-7 2805 Westbound ballast train Becket MA

CR 2807 Schodack NY Apr 1981

B23-7 2807 on SELI leaves the Boston Line at CP SM and heads down the Hudson River Connecting towards New York City.

CR 2809 Ossining NY Jul 1982

B23-7 2809 SELI at Ossining Station

CR 2809 Warren MA Jul 1981

B23-7 2809 SEBO-7A from Route 67 Warren MA

CR 2812 East Chatham NY Oct 1982

B23-7 2812 heading TV-9E at East Chatham

CR 2816 Peekskill NY Aug 1981

B23-7 2816 OPSE-8 Peekskill

CR 2860 Hinsdale MA Sep 1980

U30B 2860 headed upgrade eastbound at Hinsdale MA

CR 2877 SEEL-6 Rotterdam NY Sep 1980

U30B with SP 7803 on SEEL at Gregg Road Rotterdam NY

CR 2906 RISE Becket MA Sep 1980

U33B 2906 with RISE upgrade at Becket MA

CR 2932 Voorheesville NY Jul 1977

U33B 2932 Westbound hits the D&H diamonds at CP 142. The D&H main is now gone and the location is now CP VO.

CR 2973 Empire State Xpress Spuyten Duyvil NY Jul 1983

U36B 2973 pulling RoadRailers on Empire State Express at Spuyten Duyvil NY

CR 2973 Peekskill NY May 1982

U36B 2973 SELI along causeway north of Peekskill

CR 3166 Charlton May Sep 1980

GP 40 3166 SEBO-1a crests the hill at Charlton MA

CR 3166 Palmer MA Sep 1980

GP40 3166 SEBO-1a at Palmer MA

CR 3188 Chatham NY Jan 1981

GP 40 3188 Westbound at River Road Chatham NY

CR 3208 Horseshoe Curve Jun 1978

GP40 3208 Eastbound Horseshoe Curve

CR 3212 Newburgh NY Mar 1978

GP40 3212 TV-10 Newburgh NY; exiting tunnel under Erie Newburgh Branch

CR 3230 East Chatham NY Sep 1980

GP40 3230 threads RISE-7 through the single track bridge over the NY Thruway Berkshire Spur. This short bridge was built as single track with spring switches and remained the odd piece of single track until the mid-80's.

CR 3278 Thompsonville CT Jun 1980

GP40-2 3278 SENH-6a Southbound on Hartford Line at Thompsonville CT

CR 3280 Springfield MA Jul 1983

GP40-2 3280 TV-6 at CP 96 Athol Jct.

CR 3281 Pittsfield MA Sep 1981

GP40-2 3281 BOSE-x after making a drop at CP 148 North Adams Jct

CR 3281 Richmond MA Sep 1981

GP40-2 3281 BOSE-x at Route 41 Richmond MA

CR 3289 Canaan NY Oct 1979

GP40-2 3289 BOEL-3 exiting State Line Tunnel

CR 3293 Chatham NY Jun 1981

GP40-2 3293 BOSE-3 approaching River Road Chatham NY

CR 3293 Fonda NY Sep 1979

GP40-2 3293 TV-9 approaching Bridge Street Fonda NY

CR 3293 Kingston NY Sep 1978

GP40-2 3293 Southbound on Wilbur Bridge over Rondout Creek

CR 3297 Washington MA Feb 1983

GP40-2 3297 SPSE at Washington Summit

CR 3300 Canaan NY Oct 1980

GP40-2 3300 BOSE at NY-MA State Line

CR 3313 Hoffmans NY Aug 1979

GP40-2 3313 TV-9 at CP 11 crossing over to Track 2

CR 3314 Jack's Run PA Jun 1978

GP40-2 3314 Westbound TV at Jack's Run PA

CR 3316 Trn 48 Albany NY Sep 1979

GP40-2 3316 rescuing Amtrak Lake Shore Ltd at Lincoln Road Albany

CR 3322 CP 12 Hoffmans NY Mar 1978

GP40-2 3322 TV-9 passing B&M GP38 209 POSE at CP 12 Hoffmans NY

CR 3324 South Schenectady NY Sep 1978

GP40-2 3324 TV-9 South Schenectady NY

CR 3330 TV-9 Fonda NY Sep 1979

GP40-2 3330 TV-9 Fonda NY

CR 3335 TV-6 Chester MA Oct 1979

GP40-2 3335 TV-6 reaches the bottom of the grade at Chester MA

CR 3340 TV-6 Schodack NY Oct 1978

GP40-2 3340 TV-6 east of CP SM Schodack NY

CR 3341 RUSE Selkirk NY Aug 1978

GP40-2 3341 leads RUSE off the River Line and into Selkirk at CP 132

CR 3342 Lake Katrine NY Oct 1978

GP40-2 3342 Southbound Lake Katrine NY

CR 3355 Hinsdale MA Feb 1981

GP40-2 3355 TV-6 headed upgrade Hinsdale MA

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