Douglas E. Weaver's Conrail Action

CR 1948 is on the point of a westbound with 6361, 6398, 2772, and 1912 passing "Works".
CR 2186 (ex RDG 3618) sits with caboose CR 20075 in the former PRR yard area at Perryville, MD on 6/20/81. Today this spot is an open grass area with hardly a trace of any tracks...
CR 2255 shifts cars in the yard at South Philly, PA on 8/7/82.
CR 6108, 3009, and 2195 are on a northbound parked just short of "BELL" interlocking, north of the yard at Edgemoor. (I-495 is in the foreground).
Former PC/PRR 6222 and former PC 6240 at the engine terminal in S. Phila. PA on 1/3/81. 

The 6222 went to the CNW on 4/4/83 where it was supposed to be renumbered CNW 6545, but never was before retirement on 10/10/89. (Info from Don Strack's website)

The 6240 was rebuilt in August 1993 as SD40-2R CR 6986. It went to NS 3440 at the split, then was sold to CSXT 8910 in 2015.
CR 6271 and 1933 lead a freight west at Duncannon, PA on 8/4/84.
CR 6360, 7798, 7932, and 3206 are on an eastbound at Belmont Jct. in Phila. PA on 3/3/84.
CR 6360, 7798, 7932, and 3206 are on an eastbound at Belmont Jct. in Phila. PA on 3/3/84.
CR 6868, 3628, 3196 lead empty hoppers out of Greenwich yard west, on the elevated trackage at 25th St. and Washington Ave., (between Penrose and Arsenal), S. Phila. PA on 4/19/80.
A crew with their classic "Grips" walks across (headed home?) while another yard job with GP9 CR 7174 prepares to pull ahead.
CR 7665, 2255, 2218, and 2241 lead a southbound freight at "HOLLY" interlocking, just north of Wilmington, DE, on 9/17/83. The interlocking had been reconfigured in the late 70's by Amtrak to make the inside tracks (2 & 3) the high-speed passenger tracks (and give them the straight route), opposite of the way that the PRR had originally built it to run the outside tracks (1 & 4) for passenger.
CR 8139 (former PC 8139) and CR 7674 (former PC 2014, for PRSL) were on an eastbound parked in the yard at "The Falls" ouside of Phila. PA on 7/22/84.
CR 8235, 5846, and 8232 with an assortment of cars, are parked in the yard at Hollidaysburg, PA, among a sea of Conrail freight equipment.
CR 8280 works the south end of the yard at Bay View while CR 8278 idles alongside.
CR 8280 passes the yard tower as it works the south end of the yard at Bay View.
Former RDG 2601 shifts cars in the yard at Harrisburg, PA on 11/1/80.
Overall view looking east at all sorts of neat equipment stored in the yard at Rutherford.

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