Don Kalkman III's Conrail Photography

Don Kalkman III has been shooting railfan photographs for a long time. Like all of his work, his Conrail images are of top quality. We currently have a selection of his work from the mid 90s, but hope to grow it as he makes more available.

You can now Browse Don's collection by location too.

CR 3319 rescuing AMTRAK Train 42 on the Middle Division, 5/89

Pittsburgh Line - Mexico, Pennsylvania, USA
May 07, 1989
CR 3319 rescuing AMTK 42
Conrail to the Rescue! View from now-gone signal bridge. Accessed with permission.
Photo by Don Kalkman III

CR 4020 Vineyard, PA 3/12/94

The Conrail Biz Train makes its presence known along the old PRR as the E-units lean into a curve west of Lewistown in an area not very accessible now in the NS era.

OCS121 on the Middle Division. 

CR 4021 Ryde, PA 4/15/1994

Eastbound E8s put up some smoke as they notch it out on the straight-away west of Lewistown with an Office Car Special on the old PRR main line.

OCS601 on the Middle Division. 

CR 4100 at Burns Harbor on The Chicago Line

Chicago Line - Burns Harbor, Indiana, USA
SD80MAC 4100
A pair of Big Blue's MACs bring eastbound traffic past the then-Bethlehem Steel plant in a view off of US 20 sometime in 1997.

CR 5015 with ML411 on the Buffalo Line, 4/94

Buffalo line, CP Stoney - Dauphin, Pennsylvania, USA
April 23, 1994
B36-7 5015
With a pair of B36-7s bracketing a CSX SD50 and a CR U23B bringing up the rear, a classic Conrail (and PRR, if you add the position signal) scene is captured on the Buffalo Line back in '94.
Photo by Don Kalkman III

CR 5505 and PIED at Millerstown, 3/93

Pittsburgh Line - Millerstown, Pennsylvania, USA
SD60M 5505 on PIED
A trio of EMDs roll freight bound for the Eastern Shore amid a light snowfall back when the SD60M was new to Conrail.
Photo by Don Kalkman III

CR 5534 SD60M At Kinkora Heights on the Pittsburgh Line, 2/94

Pittsburgh Line - Kinkora Heights, Pennsylvania, USA
February 05, 1994
SD60M 5534
A then-really boring Big Blue duo rounds the S-curve east of Duncannon.

CR 5557 and MAIL-9K at Port Royal, 3/95

Pittsburgh Line - Port Royal, Pennsylvania
CR SD60M 5557
Back in the day when you could simply drive along the right of way and shoot Conrail til you ran out of film, a westbound intermodal charges through the now-illegal to access Pennsylvania countryside.
Photo by Don Kalkman III

CR 5571 Hecton, PA 8/15/1993

Passing its Buffalo-bound counterpart, Enola-bound train BUEN rolls south on the former PRR Northern Central, with BN SD60MAC 9503 in tow.

CR 6081 at Baltimore, MD, 11/93

North Avenue, CSX Baltimore Terminal - Baltimore, Maryland, USA
November 10, 1993
C40-8W 6081 on CSX train Z413
After a brisk walk to a perch along the North Avenue bridge (looking over my shoulder the whole time), I was rewarded with a Conrail run-through over the once-electrified B&O Belt Line. I'd try this shot today, only with a platoon of Marines! Ah, Charm City.
Photo by Don Kalkman III

CR 6082 at Mifflin, Summer 1994

Pittsburgh Line - Mifflin, Pennsylvania, USA
Summer of 1994
C40-8W 6082
A trio of Big Blue's finest bring a westbound manifest underneath a PRR signal bridge during Conrail's twilight years.
Photo by Don Kalkman III

CR 6123 Crossing Sherman's Creek, 4/94

Sherman's Creek - Duncannon, Pennsylvania, USA
C40-8W 6123
A westbound with paired C40-8Ws takes a Military Extra across the Much-Photographed bridge across Sherman's Creek.

CR 6153 on MAIL-3X at CP Banks 2/94

Pittsburgh Line, CP Banks - Marysville, Pennsylvania, USA
February 27, 1994
C40-8W 6153 on MAIL3X
A chilly afternoon sees a westbound MAIL heading through Banks Interlocking. Just try to shoot here nowadays!

CR 6191 and RR261 at Spruce Creek on the Middle Division, 5/94

Pittsburgh Line - Spruce Creek, Pennsylvania, USA
May 28, 1994
C40-8W 6191 on RR261
The joint NS/CR Triple Crown was working its way westward along the old PRR on a warm spring afternoon back in 1994, with a new Conrail motor providing the muscle. This photo was the recipient of a Screener's Choice Award.
Photo by Don Kalkman III

CR 6202 with ZWW-928 on the Middle Division, 7/94

Pittsburgh Line - Cove, Pennsylvania, USA
July 02, 1994
C40-8W 6202 on ZWW-928
On a sweltering July morning, an empty train of ore jennies led by a new Conrail GE awaited a new crew. One of the little things about Conrail I will miss is their use of classification lights, which shone bright red on this stopped train.
Photo by Don Kalkman III

CR 6343 and 8101 Phoenixville PA, 8/11/1991

SD40-2 6343, GP38-2 8101 and a pair of CSX-family SD50s tagging along lead ZBB-11 at Phoenixville, Pennsylvania on 8/11/91.
The westbound ore out of Philadelphia takes a ride on the Reading on its way to Bethlehem.

CR 6559 on HBCH-2D in Altoona PA, 2/92

Pittsburgh Line - Altoona, Pennsylvania, USA
February 02, 1992
C30-7A 6559 on HBCH-2D
A pair of Conrail motors brings military vehicles from the Middle East theater home on a Harrisburg to Chicago move. The train is seen here climbing the East Slope at the Brickyard, with the Altoona skyline looming in the background.
Photo by Don Kalkman III

CR 6591 at White Marsh MD, 6/90

C30-7A 6591 on PYSE/CSX Z410-24
Conrail's PYSE runs on CSX trackage rights to avoid Amtrak's Northeast Corridor, running eastward on the B&O approaching Mohrs Lane. That lead unit now toils on in Estonia.

CR 6610 on ELPR-2 at Burdick, IN 10/1998

Chicago Line - Burdick, Indiana, USA
October 22, 1998
C32-8 6610 on ELPR-2
Rolling westward in her final autumn, a Conrail Ballast Express GE leads a pair of Espee motors and a leaser towards a UP connection at Proviso. Conrail never made it to October of the next year, and this trackage is now under the ownership of NS.
Photo by Don Kalkman III

CR 6656 & CR 6666 at Horseshoe Curve, 7/87

CR Horseshoe Curve - Altoona, Pennsylvania, USA
July 27, 1987
SD45-2s 6656 & 6666
A pair of former EL 20 cylinder monsters are in full dynamics as they ease a down-bound manifest around the Curve in one of the first Kodachromes I ever exposed, back when I was a scrawny high school punk.
Photo by Don Kalkman III

CR 6660 at Johnstown PA, 11/93

Pittsburgh Line - Johnstown, Pennsylvania, USA
November 20, 1993
SD45-2 6660
A pair of Conrail's former Erie Lackawanna SD45-2s hang out on the West Slope. Big Blue's 20 cylinder beasts put in a lot of time around Pennsylvania until the Black Plague decended upon the railroad world.
Photo by Don Kalkman III

CR 6707 near Annville, PA

Conrail painted a few locomotives in special schemes over the years, and a pair of them were eastbound on the Reading Line in 1992. SD50 6707 was painted with a giant yellow ribbon in support of the troops and 6726 was painted for an Olympic bike trial held in Altoona. Passing Wimpey Minerals at Millards near Annville, a one-of-a-kind consist brightened an otherwise dreary day. Don Kalkman photo with permission

CR 6735 and RR-262 in Marysville PA, 3/99

Pittsburgh Line - Marysville, Pennsylvania, USA
January 03, 1999
C40-8W 6241 on RR262
The Roadrailer rolls onto the Rockville Bridge eastbound, passing a westbound work train during Conrail's final year. It was quite enjoyable to photograph colorful locomotives. Sigh...

CR 6831 and PICA at Cove, PA, 5/94

Pittsburgh Line - Cove, Pennsylvania, USA - May 28, 1994
SD50 6831 on PICA-7
Big Blue waits on a new crew from Enola before continuing on to Camden with freight from Conway. A pair of CSX CW40-8s trail the CR motor on what is now NS trackage.
Photo by Don Kalkman III

CR 6905 and mate Enola, PA 9-23-1990

Enola Yard - Enola, Pennsylvania, USA
September 23, 1990
U23C 6905
A pair of motors who have been ridden hard and put away wet are these two former Penn Central U23Cs, taking a break from yard duties to allow themselves to be forever captured on K64. The 6905 and 6903 have been off the roster and out of existence for many years.

CR 7558 with work train WOR-201 at Columbia on The Port Road, 4/94

The Port Road - Columbia, Pennsylvania, USA
April 05, 1994
GP10 7558 on WOR-201
A pair of GP10s hold down a work train assignment on the formerly electrified PRR line along the Susquehanna River back in 1994. These rebuilt geeps would soon be retired by Conrail.
Photo by Don Kalkman III

CR 8066 and light power move ENG201 at Mapleton on the Pittsburgh Line, 10/91

Pittsburgh Line - Mapleton, Pennsylvania, USA
October 20, 1991
GP38 8066 on ENG201
A whole mess of Big Blue four motors rolls westward along the Juniata River on the former PRR main line. For my money, Conrail blue beats Pennsy Brunswick green any day!
Photo by Don Kalkman III

CR 8257 GP38-2 on a local out of Bayview on the NEC, 1/94

AMTRAK Northeast Corridor - Middle River, Maryland, USA
The daytime local out of Bayview yard heads north near the Martin State Airport in Middle River with a Geep on each end. Not much freight rolls along these tracks in daylight.

SD40-2 6449 and PIMO at Aqueduct on the Middle Division, 5/90

Pittsburgh Line - Aqueduct, Pennsylvania, USA
May 19, 1990
SD40-2 6449 on PIMO
Big Blue skirts a muddy Juniata River near Aqueduct in a view taken off the US 11/15 overpass just west of Duncannon.
Photo by Don Kalkman III

SD45-2s 6654 and CR 6664 at Bennington Curve, 7/90

Pittsburgh Line, Bennington Curve - Bennington, Pennsylvania, USA
July 08, 1990
SD45-2 6654 & SD45-2 6664
A pair of Conrail's former Erie Lackawanna SD45-2s roll light westward around Bennington Curve, heading for Cresson for servicing back in 1990.
Photo by Don Kalkman III

SD50 6791 and Road Railer 262 at Mifflin on the Middle Division

Pittsburgh Line - Mifflin, Pennsylvania, USA
October 02, 1994
SD50 6791 on RR262
Three Six-Motors bring the Triple Crown eastward through Mifflin, underneath a classic PRR signal bridge. NS replaced the bridge in 2007 with generic cantilever signals making the shot a little less thrilling.
Photo by Don Kalkman III

U23C 6904 in Lebanon PA, 8/94

Harrisburg Line - Lebanon, Pennsylvania, USA
August 07, 1994
Conrail's U23C fleet didn't see much mainline action, spending most of their careers in the yards flung around Big Blue's system. Every once in a while, however, they got out to do some running on the high iron.

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