1979 Images

Dick Bregler captured Conrail's Altoona-area operations in 1979, when the railroad was still struggling to pull itself together. Almost any sort of power could be seen on mainline trains, with many oddball units and predecessor paint jobs still running around.

CR 21165 in 1979 on Rockville

Our 21165 heads east over Rockville Bridge in 1979. Note that at this point, the roofwalks have been removed.

CR 2292 and 7983 Marysville, PA 1979

CR GP35 2292 (ex-PC 2292) and GP38-2 7983 (ex-PC 7983) are leading a coal train out of Enola Yard onto Rockville Bridge at Marysville, PA in 1979.

CR 2315 and 2859 Denholm, PA 1-1-1979

Conrail GP35 2315 (ex-PC 2315) and U33B 2859 (ex-PC 2859) are westbound in charge of an taking some hoppers back to the mines at Denholm, PA in 1979

CR 3299 and CR 3362 At Bennington Curve

CR 3299 is leading CR 3362 on an eastbound TV train around Bennington Curve. The bi-level cattle cars on the head end identify this as a train bound for Philly or North Jersey.

CR 3316 and CR 3324 on an eastbound TV train on "The Slide" at Tunnelhill, PA

Back in 1979, a trio of new GP40-2s (including 3316 and 3324, both Phase II units built in May, 1978) keep an eastbound TV train in check as it descends "The Slide", a stretch of 2.37% grade that restricts trains to a maximum speed of 12 mph, due to the wreck of the Pennsy's Red Arrow on Feb 18th, 1947. That day, 24 people perished and more than a hundred were injured after the eastbound Red Arrow lost its brakes on the slide and jumped the tracks at Bennington Curve. The track beneath the overpass is the old New Portage secondary, a second route up the east slope that ran south out of Hollidaysburg via the much-less-famous Muleshoe Curve. Much of the old New Portage Secondary route is now used by the new alignment of US Route 22. Of particular interest is the first car in the train, one of the 86' double-level stock car that were seen ferrying delicious cows between yards in the Midwest and slaughterhouses in North Jersey and Philly until the early 1980s.

CR 3322 and CR 3362 at Bennington Curve

CR GP40-2s 3322 and 3362 are seen assisting an eastbound TV train down the hill around Bennington Curve.

CR 4430, Harrisburg, PA 1-1-1979

Conrail E44 4430 passes by GG1 4921 at Harrisburg, PA in 1979. In the background is E33 4610.

CR 4431 Enola, PA 1-1-1979

An overview of Enola Yard from 1979, showing Conrail E44 4431 sitting alongside the locomotive shops.

CR 4431, 4436 and 4605 Enola, PA 1-1-1979

A 1979 view of Enola Yard shows E44s 4431 and 4436 sitting along the shops with E33 4605.

CR 4885 Enola, PA 1-1-1979

A 1979 view of Enola Yard shows a lineup of GG1s, including 4845, 4885, and 4886.

CR 6149 Bennington Curve, PA 1-1-1979

Conrail SD45 6149 is part of a light helper set drifting down around Benny in 1979. Due to poor reliability and fuel economy, these beasts would not last much longer on Conrail.

CR 6164 Tunnelhill, PA 1-1-1979

Conrail SD45 6164 (ex-PC 6164, nee-PRR 6164) is shoving hard on the rear of a westbound empty coal train at Tunnelhill, PA in 1979. The caboose appears to be CR 21237, which would be a class N21, one of a group of 113 cars built by Fruit Growers Express in 1978 at their Alexandria, VA plant.

CR 6270 at Jacks Narrows, PA in 1979

CR SD40 6270 leads a westbound through the area known as Jacks Narrows, just west of Mount Union, PA. This area takes its name from Captain Jack Armstrong, a mid-18th century pioneer and trader who was murdered by local indians and is believed to have been buried on the shores of the Juniata River in this vicinity.

CR 6284 at Marysville, PA in 1979

CR SD40 6284 (ex-PC 6284) is in charge of a westbound caboose hop coming off Rockville Bridge at Marysville, PA in 1979.

CR 6371 at Marysville, PA

CR SD40-2 6371 brings up the rear of a light power move heading east on the "0" track towards Rockville Bridge in 1979.

CR 6440 and CR 3274 at Marysville, PA

CR SD40-2 6440 and GP40 3274 are in the lead of a light power move heading towards CP-Mary in Marysville, PA in 1979.

CR 9125 and CR 22936 at Mount Union, PA

Conrail SW9 9125 is seen passing class N5B cabin car 22936 at the old Mount Union, PA freight station in 1979.

Enola Yard Enola, PA 1-1-1979

An overview of Enola Yard from 1979.

Enola Yard in 1979

A 1979 overview of Enola Yard.

Enola Yard in 1979

A 1979 overview of Enola Yard

Enola Yard in 1979

A 1979 overview of Enola Yard, showing the old coal dock.

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