David Leonard


The early 80s were a strange time on the Pittsburgh Line. Here a pair of light road units provide assistance up the hill, shoving behind two different cabooses.


Many of Conrail's inherited SD45s served their short stint with Big Blue as helpers, sometimes far from home. Here an ex-EL unit leads an ex-PRR/PC unit on their way to help another train across the mountain.


A brand new C32-8 is being broken in as a helper unit on the Horseshoe Curve.


A lone SD45-2, still in EL paint, helps a freight up hill.

Single helper units weren't the rule, but were occasionally used.


A mis-matched pair of EMD 6 axle units (an SD45-2 and an SD40) help a westbound train over the mountain on the Pittsburgh Line.


A pair of GEs fill in for the common fleet of SDs as helper units approach the Horseshoe Curve. The first unit is an ex-EL unit, while the second was a built new for Conrail C30-7A.

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