David Leonard

CR 1654 and 1931 Altoona, PA 7-24-1982

The early 80s were a strange time on the Pittsburgh Line. Here a pair of light road units provide assistance up the hill, shoving behind two different cabooses.

CR 6079 Altoona, PA 4-22-1980

Many of Conrail's inherited SD45s served their short stint with Big Blue as helpers, sometimes far from home. Here an ex-EL unit leads an ex-PRR/PC unit on their way to help another train across the mountain.

CR 6616, An Almost New C32-8 Helps Out At Horseshoe Curve, 4/85

A brand new C32-8 is being broken in as a helper unit on the Horseshoe Curve.

CR 6656 in Full EL Paint Helps a Westbound Train Up The Curve, 4/80

A lone SD45-2, still in EL paint, helps a freight up hill.

Single helper units weren't the rule, but were occasionally used.

CR 6659 and CR 6288 Help a Westbound on the Pittsburgh Line, 7/82

A mis-matched pair of EMD 6 axle units (an SD45-2 and an SD40) help a westbound train over the mountain on the Pittsburgh Line.

CR 6887 Altoona, PA 6-26-1984

A pair of GEs fill in for the common fleet of SDs as helper units approach the Horseshoe Curve. The first unit is an ex-EL unit, while the second was a built new for Conrail C30-7A.

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