Brad McClelland's Conrail Photos

CR 1954 in Franklin OH, 8/84

We are looking north in Franklin, Ohio back on August 8, 1984. Local WOMO-10 placing a loaded boxcar at Stone Container, later this plant became part of the Newark Group. The Conrail boxcar to the left to heading to Georgia-Pacific's Felt Mill on the north side of Franklin. Before 1912 this was the Big Four signal track main north to Miamisburg and Dayton. The Soo Line empty covered hopper was picked up at IKO on the south side of Frankilin.

CR 1965 leading CICO-3 at Findlay Street Yard, Dayton OH, 8/83

Looking west towards downtown Dayton, Ohio on August 13, 1983. Eastbound CICO-3 making a pick-up at NYC's Findlay Street Yard, to the left is the distant signal for Tates Point Tower.

CR 3291 and 7962 at CP RUSS west of Columbus Ohio. March 1, 1986.

DIIN-1 at CP-Russ west of downtown Columbus, Ohio on the Cincinnati Line. March 1, 1986.

CR 5426 Spotting cars at Chaney Pulp & Paper in Franklin, OH. November 9, 1983.

On November 9, 1983, WOMO-10 spotting a loaded L&N boxcar Chaney Pulp & Paper in Franklin, Ohio. We are looking north on the original Big Four main before it was relocated west of the Great Miami River sometime in 1912.

CR 5436 crossing the Great Miami River in Franklin, Ohio. 11/83

On November 9 ,1983, WOMO-7 crossing the Great Miami River in Franklin, Ohio. On this day they only one car that will be spotted at Chaney Pulp & Paper.

CR 6010 and 6001 are crossing the Great Miami River with CSCO-8 in Miamisburg, Ohio. 2/18/89.

Two GE C39-8's 6010 and 6001 are pulling 105 cars on CSCO-8 ( CSX-Cincinnati to Buckeye-Columbus ) in Miamisburg, Ohio. CSCO is crossing the Great Miami River on Conrail's Cincinnati Line on Saturday February 18, 1989 at 11:50 am.

CR 6378 on CODI-8 in Nitro, WV. 1/89

Southbound CODI-8 photographed from I-64 overpass in Nitro, West Virginia. Nitro is located on the West Virginia Secondary northeast of Charleston. Saturday January 28, 1989

CR 6398 leads DIIN at Hobson OH. January 21, 1989.

It's 9:40 am on a very cold Saturday morning back on January 21, 1989. Northbound DIIN-1 coming into Hobson, Ohio for a quick change of crew, soon the Hobson-Buckeye crew will take this freight on to Columbus. In the background are the smoke stack and water cooling towers for the Gavin Power Plant in Cheshire, Ohio.

CR 8214 on WOMO-4 at the eastbound signal for Glen Echo, Ohio. September 14, 1986.

A group of friends where photographing around the Bellefontaine area when WOMO-4 came up from Springfield. The local picked up a work train in Bellefontaine and took it back to Moraine. The engineer invited everyone for a cab ride back to Springfield, two of them jumped on the invite were I had to drive my car back east. Here is WOMO-4 at eastbound signal for Glen Echo, slowing down to let off the extra riders off. North of Springfield, Ohio on September 14, 1986.

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