Conrail Scenic and Action Photographs

A collection of scenic shots of Conrail action from April 1st, 1976 through the final split day. These photos are arranged by their photographer and general subject. They capture Conrail at work moving freight (and occasionally passengers) and contain photos from all across the system.

Alan Page's Conrail: 1976 to 1984

Alan Page's Conrail photography features Conrail’s early years covering PRR's electrified lines, Horseshoe Curve and Conway operations, RDG's Abrams and Rutherford yards, LV's Allentown yard, CNJ's South Amboy and Elizabethport passenger and freight operations, and EL's Binghamton and Croxton yards.

These albums include colorful mixes of predecessor road power, leased units, former PC and EMD demonstrator electric power, multiple builder consists from EMD, GE, and ALCo, and widespread locomotive retirements from the fallen flags.

Art Peterson's Conrail Photography

Featuring the Conrail photography of Art Peterson. Many images from Conrail's early days and throughout.

Brian Ferrell's Conrail

Brian Ferrell's Conrail photography features Conrail in southeastern Pennsylvania throughout the 1990's, from Conrail on the Northeast Corridor to smaller yards and branch lines such as Wanamaker Yard.

Carl Weber's Various Conrail Photography

Carl has shot a large variety of Conrail photos over the years, and we've broken them down into a few albums for your viewing pleasure.

Chris Howe's Conrail Action

Chris Howe caught Conrail in its twilight in Indiana, Ohio, and Illinois from 1996 to the last day.

Conrail's Last Day On Boston Street in Baltimore

Lee Weldon was present on what turned out to be CR's last day running along Boston St. in Baltimore. Luckilly he was out on his lunch break with his Pentax and snapped these photographs that we can enjoy today.

Dale Woodland

Photos by Dale Woodland.

Dick Bregler's Conrail Action

A Lansdale, PA native, Dick Bregler is a retired USMC Gunnery Sargeant who made several trips into the heart of Conrail country over the years. He has been gracious enough to submit his entire collection of Conrail images for us to publish for your viewing pleasure.

Don Kalkman III's Conrail Photography

Don Kalkman III has been shooting railfan photographs for a long time. Like all of his work, his Conrail images are of top quality. We currently have a selection of his work from the mid 90s, but hope to grow it as he makes more available.

You can now Browse Don's collection by location too.

Doug Davidson's Chicagoland area Conrail Memories

Doug Davidson, who lives in Evanston, IL captured Conrail in action all around Chicago and Northwest Indiana from '76 til the merger in '99, including rare shots on the ex PRR Pan Handle mainline that ran thru the South Chicago suburbs, the ex PRR Pittsburgh to Chicago mainline, and the ex NYC main that later became the Chicago line during Conrail's early years.  The many goodies that Doug captured on film include the bottle train(hot steel moved in specially equipped cars), the few years that Conrail operated the Valpo "Dummy" commuter service, and local service all over the Chicago area in general. 

George L Slonaker's Conrail Photos

Photography of the late George L. Slonaker

Glenn Fresch's Conrail Action

Glenn Fresch is an avid rail photographer who's day job is running trains on NJT in North Jersey. He spent a lot of time photographing Conrail in it's later, glory years, and his collection can be viewed here.

Grant Lowry's Photography

Grant Lowry has been a prolific Conrail photographer from day 1.

J. Osciak's Conrail Action

J. Osciak grew up in Southeastern PA and spent a lot of time shooting the eastern portion of Conrail's system during the life of the railroad.

JB Kerr's Action Photography

Bruce Kerr has been been a Conrail fan since before there was a Conrail. He's had the great ability to see the way it works from the inside, and here brings us selections from his great collection of photos, many that only a pro could get.

Learn more about Bruce on his Member Spotlight page.

Jim Kerner's Conrail Photography

Conrail action in the 1980's captured in black and white by Jim Kerner.

Jim Kleeman's Conrail

Jim grew up in Chicago and spent his youth playing sandlot baseball and watching Hiawatha's from left field. In the 1960s he rode behind CB&Q 4960 and 5632 on fan trips with his father. He moved to the east coast in the mid 70s and his interest in railroading was rekindled by the Chessie Steam Specials. He's been photographing railroads ever since. 

Joe Osciak's Conrail action

Joe Osciak has been actively shooting in the Mid-Atlantic states for many years, and we are happy to present a collection of his fine Conrail photographs

John Almeida's RPOTW & RSOTDs

John P. Almeida has been active on the Philadelphia railfan scene for years, and has allowed us to share photos from his "Roster Shot of the Day" and "Railfan Photos of the Week" that he's been posting on his own site for years now.

More of John's work can be found at the Philly NRHS's website.

John Pari's Conrail Locomotives

Featuring John Pari's Conrail locomotive photos from the heart of the Conrail system in Pennsylvania to Maryland and New York.

Juniata Memories, the photography of Terry Nardella

This album will feature the photography of Terry Nardella, employee of the Juniata Shops in Altoona, PA.

Kevin Nelson's Conrail Memories

Kevin Nelson, who lives in Marion, IN, managed to catch Conrail throughout its existance from '76 to the very end in '99 all over Indiana, especially in his hometown of Marion, IN where the ex NYC Marion Branch crossed the ex PRR Pan Handle mainline(Columbus to Chicago) at CP79 on the Marion Branch. While not a member, Kevin was very gracious in allowing us to put his photos on our website, so take a look inside at some classic Indiana Conrail action in both color and black & white.

Larry Gustina's Chicago Line action

Larry Gustina spent a lot of time shooting Conrail's Chicago Line in upstate New York during the mid 1990s, and has graciously contributed his collection of Conrail prints to be scanned and posted here.

Michael DeSoi's Primarily Philadelphia Area Conrail Photos

Michael DeSoi was born and raised in Philadelphia. He spent his "formative" years watching the Reading RR running down American Street. He started active railfanning in the summer of 1976, just in time for Big Blue.

Other Scenic and Action Photos

Great scenic and action photos that don't fit on the other galleries can be found here.

Paul Carpenito's Conrail Photos

Many thanks to Paul for allowing me to post these here! The photos contained in this album are of Conrail in New Jersey and Pennsylvania with a couple New York photos thrown in. The dates vary greatly from CR's formation in 1976 through it's split up in 1999, so you'll find a diverse selection of equipment here.

Ralph Molesworth

Photos from Ralph's two haunts: Baltimore's Bayview Yard and Enola.

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