Conrail's Youngstown Line

The Youngstown Line was in the heart of Industrial America, and its fortunes followed those of the heavy industry it served.

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The most B23-7's I've ever seen at one time, trains PIME-15 and ZWW-619 meet near New Castle,Pa on March 15th, 1981. The Conway to Meadville train had 1908,1934, and 1904 and the Shenango to Weirton ore train had 1902, 1906, 1925, 5914(GP-7), 1912, and 1921 for a total of 8 B23's and 1 geep. Both leaders went to CSX in the Conrail split.
The operator at "Castle" walks over to hand up a set of 19's to train ZWW619 as a local crew looks on. The train has ran over the P&LE from Youngstown to here and is entering the Youngstown Line via the connection. That's the Youngstown Line curving off to the left. Castle was a tower at one time, but a fire resulted in this trailer becoming the control point.
Conrail train MEPI-15 heads north near New Castle, Pa with a trio of B23-7's, 1908, 1934, and 1904. Behind me is a ZWW ore train waiting to go south, see "CR 1902" for the meet.
Alco C-430 2052 teams up with RS-27 2407 as they negotiate the connection between the former EL and PRR in Youngstown, Ohio on what was probably a local from Haselton to Sharon and return. That's the ex NYC Youngstown passenger station with the line to Ashtabula running under it, and the ex EL and PRR in the foreground. NS still operates the ex NYC as their Youngstown Line with CSX having trackage rights to the docks. This ex NYC/PRR pair operated together for a couple of weeks, shown here on another day with a Brier Hill to Haselton transfer :
A southbound Conrail freight is approaching West 58th St bridge in a snowstorm on Conrail's Youngstown Line.
Conrail GP30 #2198 leads a Southbound Conrail freight approaching State Rd on Conrail's Youngstown Line.
A Conrail C-425 brings a bottle train in the yard to sort out some cars as a Chessie local returns from the ex PC Haselton yard with a transfer. Republic Steel is still going this August 1979, but like the Conrail Alco and the Western Maryland GP-9, the future won't be good.
Conrail SD-70's 2564 and 2566 lead northbound coal train UOH-87 at West 32nd Street in Ash, Ohio, on Conrail's Youngstown Line.
By this 1989 date GE U23-B's were hard to come by, let alone a pair of them. This day's BUPI had 2740 and 2708 for power as it passed through Lowellville, Ohio on their way to Conway via the Youngstown Line. Both units were former Penn Central.
Conrail power was no stranger to P&LE's Gateway yard in Struthers, Ohio, a holdover from the days of NYC control of the P&LE. Power off the New England Bow coal trains could often be seen here, including this example of Conrail U30B 2830, Boston and Maine GP-18 1750, B&M GP-9 1719, and a Conrail U23B. Little remains of the P&LE today.
Conrail TV-22 approaches Conway as he passes Rochester Tower, still open at the time of this photograph. The Cleveland Line diverges to the left, crossing the Beaver River. At this point the lead engine is crossing from the Fort Wayne Line to the Youngstown Line.
CR #5559, 6763, 5647 pulls a Northbound Conrail “ZLW” (empty Ore train) nears W. 30th st. on Conrail’s Youngstown Line Ashtabula, Ohio
Conrail 6003 and CR 6850 lead southbound Conrail UNL-5B as it approaches Carson Rd. in Plymouth Twp., Ohio, [on Conrail's Youngstown Line].
PIME crosses the big curved bridge that crossed the Beaver River at Wampum, PA.
Conrail BUPI-9X is lead by Conrail 6253 at West 58th Street in Ashtabula, Ohio on Conrail's Youngstown Line
Conrail 6432, 6603, and 6605, all wearing the small "star" test unit application, are about ready to take the Crab Creek Industrial connection and head north to Ashtabula via the ex NYC portion of the Youngstown Line with a loaded coal train. Off in the distance are 4 ex P&LE U28B's bound for the TTI in the Chessie yard.
BUPI rolls thru Wampum in heavy snowfall.
Units from the Erie Lackawanna and PRR pass at Center St in Youngstown, Ohio in Nov 1979. It's an all blue scene, as both the SDP and the Alco C425 pair- as well as all the cabin cars- have received a new coat of Conrail blue. The 6687 has just arrived from Ashtabula and the Alco's are on a local out of Brier Hill. The caboose line up is ex DL&W, DL&W, PRR, and Erie.

CR 6728 SD-50 and UP 9496 are southbound on Conrail's Youngstown Line on BUPI-6 near the Route 11 bridge and Seven Hills Road in Plymouth Township, Ohio

Northbound PIBU is passing through Center St Junction as it departs Haselton yard in Youngstown.
PISE crosses the Beaver River at Wampum.
An XWB hopper train with CR & CSX power pops thru the snow drift at Newport Road on the Youngstown Line.
HNPI picks up a gondola from the spur into New Castle.
HNPI heads onto the bridge that crosses the CSX (ex P&LE) main and Beaver River in Wampum, PA on 7/4/1994.
A lone Conrail GP-38-2 has a string of empty P&LE hoppers in tow (and a cabin car) on the Youngstown Line. The rusty, dead end double track line to the left was the Erie main, and it crossed this ex PC line under that first bridge in the background at "Valley Street" tower, the base of which can still be seen in this photo. This had been the EL main through Brier Hill and downtown Youngstown. A connection was built near Hubbard, Ohio for trains to access the former EL off the Youngstown Line and serve Sharon and Meadville, Pa.

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