Conrail's Southern Tier Line

Conrail's Southern Tier was the scenic ex-EL line that ran through New Jersey and New York State. It provided CR with a valuable extra route west, but never saw the same amount of traffic that the former PC (NYC and PRR) routes did.

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Semaphore 318.1 on the westward main at Brown's Crossing, NY. displays a "clear" indication, but not for long.
One of the good things about automatic block signals, of any kind, was that they gave warning about oncoming traffic running against the current. Semaphore 318.1 has "dropped" to caution for just that reason. And now you know where the expression "signal dropped" comes from, if you didn't already.
And here it is! BUOI, led by SD60 6850, rolls past the signal at Brown's Crossing, NY. The photo was purposely composed this way to show the "umbilical" between the semaphore and the code line.
The operators desk inside of BD Tower in Binghamton.
The operator at BD Tower ties train orders to the arms on the train order pole.

The West end of the Southern Tier was at Bison Yard, a joint facility with N&W.

It did not take long for this yard to be abandoned, since Frontier Yard was only a little over a mile away. Here is a mix of power at the engine facilities as seen from the old LV main.

A Guilford train snakes thru the curves just East of Browns Crossing on Conrails Southern Tier Line..
An Eastbound Guilford stacker with a 3 builder lashup.
BUOI-2 with SD50's 6760 and 6758 east on one @ the Hillburn X-overs Hillburn, NY
DHT9 rolling along through East Wellsburg, NY.
DHT9 passing a "replacement" signal in Wellsburg, NY.
DHT9 by eastward semaphore 312.2 in Cameron, NY.
DHT9 passing semaphore 318.1 at Brown's Crossing, NY.
DHT9 passing the, now extinct, station in Canisteo, NY.
A leased CN GP-38 leads an Eastbound into Hornell. Those widecabs were a novelty back then!
IHB-7 with leased CN power swings off the Graham Line @ Howells Jct., Howells, NY
IHB-7 rolls by the Honesdale Branch @ Lackawaxen, Pa
CNJ exB&O SD40 3067 "the Red Baron" idles across for the former EL Work Equipment Shop @ Binghamton, NY
On the way back to the motel, we ran into this guy in Canaseraga. The shadows had already overtaken the area, so I thought if the train and I both hurried back up to Dalton, we might catch the last rays. JUST made it!
D&H/CP train 259 at MP 361.
D&H/CP train 557 with a pair of CP SD-40-2s at Nichols.
CP 5645 leads DHT9 at Chemung, NY. on 5/5/93. The old station can be seen near the rear of the train on the curve in the distance.
CP 5645 leads DHT9 passed semaphore 308-2 in West Rathbone, NY on 5/5/93.
An Eastbound CP/D&H train crosses the Portage Bridge with a mix of CP & CR power.
CP 676 takes DHT9 through Dalton, New York on May 7, 1993. The CP acquired several of these ex KCS SD40's and a quick "patch job" resulted in what was known as the "reverse CP scheme".
BICR-8 has just resumed its eastward trek toward Croxton Yard after making a NYS&W setoff. Note: The shatterd window in the door!!!
A new B23-7 already has a broken window as it rolls a Westbound across the Portage Bridge.
It's dawn in the Canisteo River Valley and a Westbound CR freight is splitting the double semaphores just East of Adrian, NY.
It didn't take long for ex E-L N3A 19654 to find the paint booth, October, 1976.
BUOI splits the double semaphores at 308. The train was running "wrong main" on track 2.
A little B23-7 is leading much bigger units on an Eastbound coal train.
The only over - under meet I ever got at Lanesboro was this meet of cabooses between an Eastbound CR and Northbound D&H freight.
An N-7A caboose on a Westbound.
Mixed color lashups were getting rare by this time, but TV 77 had a surprise with an ex PC GP-30 and a Chessie GP-40 leading a more common blue GP-40.
An Eastbound CR freight stops at SR Tower to add the Gulf Summit helper to its consist. U36-C #6590 will be added behind the 2276 for the trip to Deposit.
A Westbound climbs the hill out of Hornell.
The power on an Eastbound backs up to work the Binghamton yard. The BAR engine was a leaser.
A short TV10 crosses over from track four to track two to head down the exErie Bergen County Line...
The end was near for cabooses. An N8 brings up the rear of OIEL as it heads up the hill out of Hornell.
An N8 class caboose on the back of OIEL passes the Canisteo depot.
In a pouring rain the conductor has just grabbed his train orders at the Hornell depot.
A Westbound departs Hornell.
A Westbound to Buffalo departs Hornell. The signal to the far right is on the line from Meadville.
In a cloud of brake shoe smoke, an Eastbound from Meadville comes down the grade to Hornell.
A Westbound leaves the buildings of Hornell behind as it starts up the grade on the line to Meadville.
U25B 2628 leads BAR GP38 87 and GP40 3053 on FM-4 as it approaches the "Dye Works" crossing, Ho-Ho-Kus, NJ
An Eastbound departs Hornell at ZY - the East end of the old Hornell Yard.
A U25-B sits at the fuel pump at Gang Mills.
An Eastbound with 2 PC GE's heads into the Caniateo River Valley.
HB-3 rolls by the Waldwick Commuter Yard as it crosses into Allendale, NJ

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