Conrail in South Jersey

Conrail's presence in South Jersey was made up of a network of Secondaries and Running Tracks (Conrail's terms for branchlines) that provided quite a brisk business. Large industries included power generating stations at the end of the Beesley's Point Secondary, near Atlantic City, and many chemical plants along the Penns Grove Secondary, which paralleled the Delaware River.

CR 1693 wreck at Richland, NJ in 1984

Conrail GP15-1 1693 is seen trailing on an empty coal train that went on the ground at Richland, NJ on 2/12/1984

CR 2179 Winslow Junction, NJ 4-19-1983

Conrail GP30 2179 is seen leading a train at Winslow Junction, NJ through the snow on 4/19/1983

CR 2179 Winslow Junction, NJ 9-13-1979

Conrail GP30 2179 (ex-RDG 3611) is seen on WPCA-51 as it reverses past Winslow tower to get its train on 9/13/1979

CR 4020 at Wenonah, NJ in 1996

Conrail 4020 is leading OCS301 at Wenonah, NJ on 5/31/1996. The train is far off its usual mainline home, and is traveling the Vineland Secondary on a trip to promote light rail service in South Jersey.

CR 4020 Burlington, NJ 5/31/1996

Conrail E8A 4020 is seen powering the Trenton bound Office Car Special street running through Burlington City on a publicity trip for what would become the NJT River Line. 5/31/1996


CR 6511 at Petersburg, NJ in 1997

Conrail SD40-2 6511 and the WPCA-20 crew is seen leading an empty coal train at Petersburg, NJ on 5/28/1997

CR 7660 at Albion, NJ 1-30-1982

Conrail GP38 7660 is seen on an eastbound WPCA-31X at Albion, NJ on 1/30/1982

CR 7661 and 18869 in Mount Laurel NJ, 12/2/81

Conrail GP38 7661 ex PRSL GP38 2001, long hood forward, in the rain, Mt. Laurel N.J. 12-2-81.

CR 7662 at Winslow Junction, NJ 1-8-1984

From the cab of Conrail GP38 7662 on WPCA-31, we see Winslow Junction tower on the Amtrak Atlantic City Line on 1/8/1984

CR 7666 Ocean City, NJ. 8/2/76

PRSL GP38 2006 8/2/76 coming into OC NJ.

CR 7666, 7662 and 7668 coming into OC NJ 8/2/76

Former PRSL GP38's 2006 (CR 7666), 2002 (CR 7662), and 2008 (CR 7668) coming into Ocean City, NJ on August 2, 1976.

CR 7668 at Braddock, NJ in 1982

Conrail GP38 7668 is seen leading a WPCA-31X at Braddock, NJ on 11/26/1982

CR 7668 at Ocean City NJ, 8/2/1976

PRSL GP38 2008 8/2/76 leaving OC NJ.

CR 7669 Winslow, NJ 2-12-1983

Conrail GP38 7669 is seen on a snow extra sent out to clear the line after a blizzard on 2/12/1983

CR 7743 Richland, NJ 11-24-1989

Conrail GP38 7743 is leading a WPCA-31X on the Beesley's Point Secondary at Richland, NJ on 11/24/1989.

CR 8090 at Williamstown Junction, NJ in 1998

Conrail GP38-2 8090 is seen powering WPCA-51 at Williamstown Junction, NJ on 1/26/1998

CR 8094 at Braddock, NJ in 1997

Conrail 8094 is leading a coal train on the Beesley's Point Secondary at Braddock, NJ on 11/3/1997

CR 884874 - Class H50 - Winslow Jct., NJ 4/78

CR 884874 exPRR 201105 Class H5G @ Winslow Jct., Winslow, NJ

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