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Stretching north from the New York City area, the River Line is one of Conrail's most scenic mainlines. The River Line parallels the Hudson River for most of its length, often very closely.

Notable locations along this line include Bear Mountain State Park and Iona Island.

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CR 6629 Cornwall NY 1991

On an early winter morning in 1991 the sun is just rising over the hills on the east side of the Hudson as C36-7 leads a northbound (westbound) train on the old West Shore line through Riverfront Park (now Donahue Memorial Park) in Cornwall-on-Hudson.

CR 6727 Iona Island, NY 5-1998

CR 6727 with an oddball paint scheme, note the small Conrail but the regular size quality on the nose, is on the point of SESA at Iona Island, NY on a dreary day in May of 1998.

CR 6740 leads SENS at Iona Island, NY 3/6/94

SENS6 rumbles through Iona Island with two SD50's leading an NS U23B and GP38AC.


MP41 CR River Line 

CR 6808 on SEOI-7 at Ridgefield Park, NJ

Southbound SEOI-7 hard on the heels of SEAL-7 at Ridgefield Park, NJ 7/27/1998

CR 6826 at Iona Island, NY. on 10/22/92.

CR SEAL crossing Snake Hole Creek at the south end of Iona Island, NY. on Oct. 22, 1992.

CR 6861 Haworth, NJ 4-1999

CR 6861 is on the point of TV-80 at Haworth, NJ 4/1999

CR 6961 in Fort Montgomery, NY. on 10/22/94.

SD40-2R 6961 leads tonnage southward on the River Line in Fort Montgomery, NY. on Oct.22, 1994. The train is crossing Popolopen Creek, having just exited the short tunnel on the north side.

CR 6990 Bogota, NJ 8-1994

Conrail 6990 is on the point of SENS at Bogota, NJ 8/1994

CR 7658 Kingston, NY 7-1981.

Nice roster shot of GP38AC 7658 at Kingston, NY. in July, 1981 by Joe Quinn, with permission.

CR 7730 New Baltimore, NY 12/91

Local freight WPKI-90 makes a run for Selkirk, NY

CR 7875 at West Point, USMA, NY. on 8/20/88.

GP38 7875 leads SEOI out of the south portal of the tunnel beneath West Point, USMA, NY. on Aug. 20, 1988.

CR 8028 Iona Island, NY 12/78

SEWA-9 proceeds south across the timber trestle on the restored track one side @ Inoa Island. The track was swung over to facilitate the contruction of a new concrete bridge on the track two side.

CR 8131 Ridgefield Park, NJ 12-1997

CR 8131 is the trailing unit of a light engine move at Ridgefield Park, NJ 12/1997

CR 888138-Class 959H

CR 888138 is seen in the consist of WV-2 at Ridgefield Park, NJ in March of 1977. Car is ex NYC 886668.

CR GP38-2 8070 Bogota, NJ 11-28-1981

GP38-2 8070 powers a Camp Car Extra made up of the old and the new...

CR OISE-1 at Fort Montgomery, NY

Northbound OISE-1 with SD40-2's 6501 and 6453 exits the north portal of Fort Montgomery, NY tunnel on Conrail's 15th Birthday 4/01/1991

CR south Bear Mtn Dad 11061998

My dad, Tom Beckett Sr, was not a railfan, though he was an avid photographer who shot just about anything that caught his fancy. Sometimes that involved trains. He was at Bear Mountain State Park on day in 1998, up on the bridge. He caught this southbound with a block of vans ahead of a long train of merchandise cars. I found this while going through his slides after his passing.

CSX 6240 on SECS Ridgefield Park, NJ 10-1997

Folks, this is not a post split image. The CSX locomotives were foreign power at the time. CSX 6240, CSX 6236 and unidentified CSX six axle GE still in Family Lines colors are on SECS at Ridgefield Park, NJ 10/1997. CSX GP40-2's and B36-7's were common lead units of CSSE and SECS due to cab signal requirements on the former RF&P.

CSX 6249 Bear Mountain, NY 10-1998

CSX 6249 is on the point of SECS at Bear Mountain, NY 10/1998

EL 3319 Bogota, NJ 11-28-1976

NE-2 approaches CP-7 to run the siding from 7 to 13 meeting three southbounds.

GP38 7879 West Haverstraw, NY

GP38 7879 idles on the freight house siding @ West Haverstraw, NY

LMS 717 Iona Island, NY 9-3-1994

Brand new LMS 717 and LMS 715 are on the point of UOR-98 at Iona Island, NY 9/3/1994

MW-1 U25C 6504 Bogota, NJ

U25C 6504 leads U33C 6561 on Southbound MW-1 (Montreal,Canada-Washington/Pot Yard @ Bogota, NJ

NS 8305 (CR 6032)

PRR 8305, soon to be NS 8305 (ex-CR 6032) is on the point of SENS at Ridgefield Park, NJ 5/1999. The split is less than a month away and the PRR 8305, like most of the locomotives to be conveyed to NS, has already been renumbered for its new owner.

OISE-4 B40-8 5072 Stoney Point, NY

B40-8 5072 leads C40-8W 6214 and a GP38 on OISE-4 @ 37S Signal Stoney Point, NY. This signal was moved after the West Haverstraw, NY siding was lengthed in the mid 90's

PC 2966 Weehawkin, NJ 9/76

A trio of Penn Central General Electric U-Boats power Conrail TV44 @ Weehawkin, NJ. The train is getting headroom prior to backing into the Sea-Train yard. The Weehawkin (Bannana Pier) Scale was being returned to service..

PRR 8544 (ex-CR 6613) Bogota, NJ 4-1999

PRR 8544 (ex-CR 6613) is on the point of OISE at CP-7 in Bogota, NJ 4-1999 NS would later renumber it to 8463 before retiring it.

PYSE-8 SD40-2 6418 Tomkins Cove, NY

PYSE-8 northbound @ the Stoney Point HBD/DED Tomkins Cove, NY

SD40-2 6452 on ALSE-6 at Roseton, NY

ALSE-6 northbound @ the Central Hudson Gas & Electric Crossing Roseton, NY

SEAL-4 C30-7a 6554 Tomkins Cove, NY

CR C30-7a 6554 leads sister units 6557 and 6580 on SEAL-4 northbound @ Tomkins Cove, NY

SEAL-5 Ballast Express C32-8 6613

Ballast Express C32-8 6613 has the lead on SEAL- @ Ridgefield Park, NJ 8/1998

SEOI-6 6099 Iona Island (Bear Mtn State Park) NY

CR 6099, 6033 and DIT 1957 on SEOI-6 southbound @ Iona Island, NY

SP 7428 Tomkins Cove, NY 8/92

A SP SD45 , SD40-2 and a GATX SD40-2 power TV-201 north @ Tomkins Cove, NY 8/19/92

SP 8016 Iona Island, NY 10/22/1992

SP 8016 and 7330 take TV556 across Snake Hole Creek at the south end of Iona Island, NY. on Oct. 22, 1992. Solid sets of SP power were common on this particular train at the time.

SPL171, River Line, 7/23/88. (01)

A fan trip sponsored by a New Jersey NRHS chapter I believe, symboled SPL171, passes Haverstraw station, NY. on it's way north on the River Line to Selkirk. M&E's gorgeous ALCO's made a chase positively necessary. C430's 16 and 17 bracketed C424 18. The 16 and 17 are ex-Con's (nee NYC) 2054 and 2053.

SPL171, River Line, 7/23/88. (02)

SPL171 splitting the signals at Highland, NY., just across the Hudson from Poughkeepsie. The Mid-Hudson bridge is in the background.

SPL171, River Line, 7/23/88. (03)

SPL171 going away, about to pass beneath the former New Haven/Central New England Poughkeepsie high bridge.

SPL171, River Line, 7/23/88. (06)

SPL171 coming off the River Line at CP SK in Selkirk, NY.

SPL171, River Line, 7/23/88. (07)

SPL171 heading into Selkirk yard from CP SK.

SPL171, River Line, 7/23/88. (10)

SPL171 exiting Selkirk yard, beginning the return trip.

SPL171, River Line, 7/23/88. (12)

SPL171 crossing Popolopen Creek with the Bear Mountain Bridge at Fort Montgomery, NY.

TV204 GP40-2 3278 Bergenfield, NJ

Southbound TV204 approaches CP10 @ MP11 Bergenfield, NJ

TVLA-2 B40-8 5086 Storm King Mtn, Cornwall, NY 9/12/88

TVLA-2 rolls along the Hudson River at Storm King Mtn. just north of West Point @ Cornwall, NY

TVLA-4 at Iona Island, NY

CR northbound TVLA-4 crossing the Doodletown Bog behind B36-7's 5034, 5051 and GP40-2 3321 at Iona Iland, NY 6/04/1991

TVLA-4 B36-7 5027 Tomkins Cove, NY

CR B36-7 5027, B40-8 5071 and GP40-2 3301 hustle TVLA-4 north @ Tomkins Cove, NY Tomlins Cove was once the mooring site for a fleet of WWII Liberty Ships

TVLA-8 GP40-2 3354 Iona Island, NY

The engineer on GP40-2 3354 gives a friendly wave as TVLA-8 crosses the Doodletown Bight @ Iona Island, Bear Mountain State Park, NY

UP 855 Ridgefield Park, NJ 10-1997

UP 855 is on the point of ML-480X at Ridgefield Park, NJ 10/1997

UP 9105 Ridgefield Park, NJ 7/9/1993

It's 7/09/93 and UP/SP power leads a late running TV-98 north at RFP.

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