Conrail's River Line

Stretching north from the New York City area, the River Line is one of Conrail's most scenic mainlines. The River Line parallels the Hudson River for most of its length, often very closely.

Notable locations along this line include Bear Mountain State Park and Iona Island.

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Afternoon at Iona Island on 10/24/98. (1)

CSX 6220 leads a varied lash-up on CSSE through Iona Island at 14:03 on Oct. 24, 1998.

Afternoon at Iona Island on 10/24/98. (2)

SD60M 5573 trails in CSSE on Iona Island on Oct. 24, 1998.

Afternoon at Iona Island on 10/24/98. (4)

C40-8 6034 leading an ML480X through Iona at 15:37 on Oct. 24, 1998.

Afternoon at Iona Island on 10/24/98. (5)

CSX 7880 leads SECS through Iona at 16:00 on Oct. 24, 1998. CSX power was fairly common on the SECS/CSSE turns and was a harbinger of the future for the River Line.

Afternoon at Iona Island on 10/24/98. (6)

SD70MAC's 4137 and 4134 bring ALSE through Iona at 16:24 on Oct. 24, 1998.

BN 7837 Ridgefield Park, NJ 5-1998

BN 7837 is on the point of TV-204 at Ridgefield Park, NJ 5/1998

CNW 6923 West Haverstraw, NY 04-1998

CNW 6923 is on the point of SEAL at West Haverstraw, NY 4/1998

CR 1915 at Bear Mountain, NY. on 7/30/97. (1)

CR local WAKI-80 (Kingston) rolls across Iona trestle at Bear Mountain, NY. on July 30, 1997 with the 1915 and 1911.

CR 1915 at Bear Mountain, NY. on 7/30/97. (2)

WAKI-80 at the south end of Iona trestle in Bear Mountain state park, NY. on July 30, 1997.

CR 1915 Iona Island, NY June, 1998

CR 1915 is on the point of WPKI-80 at Iona Island, NY 6/1998

CR 1918 Iona Island, NY 11/83

TV-10 southbound was one of the TV's routed off the Southern Tier after the closing of Croxton Yard in 1981/82

CR 1928 south New Baltimore 08111985

In August 1985, there was a Hudson River circle trip that ran from Newark Penn Station to Shell Tower on the Corridor behind Amtrak power, then with these three CR B23-7's to Selkirk. We got a shop tour, then returned to Newark via the River Line. The trip did a runby at New Baltimore on the River Line, which we see here.

CR 1933 Iona Island, NY 3/90

Track Geometry Train North @ Iona Island...... St. Patrick's Day 1990

CR 1945 at Kingston, NY. on 1/30/88.

TV301 crossing Rondout Creek in Kingston, NY. on Jan. 30, 1988.

CR 1970 south N Bergen 021984

CR 1970 leads a pair of EMD's at the south end of North Bergen Yard.

CR 1986, 6993 West Haverstraw, NY 2/94

ML-430 (6993) holds the siding as SEOI-8 (1986) runs by on the main..

CR 2003 Iona Island, NY 2-17-1990

B23-7 2003, GP15-1 1661 and SW1500 9585 on a southbound rail extra @ Iona Island (Bear Myn State Park) NY

CR 2295 Ridgefield Park, NJ 1/79

A dusting of snow is on the ground as OISE-3 leans into the elevation as it accelerates north

CR 2367 Haworth, NJ 4-16-1978

TV-16 hustles south through Haworth, NJ 4/16/78

CR 2531 Ridgefield Park, NJ 1-26-1977

A single U25B is enough power to move rail extra WX-1 south at RFP on 1/26/77

CR 2558 Ridgefield Park, NJ 5-1999

CR 2558, is on the point of ALSE at Ridgefield Park, NJ 5/1999.

CR 2574 Ridgefield Park, NJ 1-1999

CR 2574 is on the point of SECS at Ridgefield Park, NJ 1/1999

CR 2722 Haworth, NJ 2-26-1977

MW-1a rolls south behind mixed PC/EL/CNW power...

CR 2802 Iona Island, NY 4-1999

CR 2802 is on the point of WPKI-80 at Iona Island, NY 4/1999

CR 2816 Stony Point, NY 10/24/98

B23-7 2816, the highest numbered unit in the 2800 series group, leads XNS113, the empty coal train out of the Tompkins Cove power plant, a few miles south of Iona, through the Island at 14:50 on Oct. 24, 1998.

CR 2882 Haworth, NJ 4/78

Same day, same power, different train and direction. NE-2 northbound @ Haworth, NJ with TV-16's power.

CR 2960 West Englewood, NJ 11/78

SERU-4 rolls south approaching Signal 10S West Englewood, NJ

CR 2972 Bogota, NJ 1/77

Two of four exAutotrain U36b's hold in the siding at Bogota, NJ with TV-16

CR 3212 at Haverstraw, NY. on 7/23/88.

GP40 3212 leads TV301 past the depot at Haverstraw, NY. on July 23, 1988.

CR 3222 West Nyack, NY 2/82

ENSE-8 climbs to Valley Cottage @ W. Nyack, NY

CR 3230 Bogota, NJ 3/77

Back when TV-9 ran out of New Jersey instead of Boston, a trio of Gp40's and a U25C powered the northbound passing CP-7 @ Bogota, NJ two days before my 34th birthday..

CR 3239 Bogota, NJ 5/77

The PC U25b looks cleaner than Blue 3239

CR 3286 Haworth, NJ 9/81

OISE-3 northbound through Brooke Shields hometown....

CR 3287 Ridgefield Park, NJ 10-1997

CR 3287 is on the point of SENS at Ridgefield Park, NJ 10/1997.

CR 3296 west TV Haverstraw 04121985

A trio of 40's rolls a TV train north on the River Line, passing the Haverstraw station, now a private business.

CR 3305 West Haverstraw, NY 5-1996

CR 3305 sits in West Haverstraw yard in West Haverstraw, NY with a MOW train 5/1996

CR 3308 Ridgefield Park, NJ 4-1997

CR 3308 is on the point of ML-480X at CP-5 in Ridgefield Park, NJ 4/1997

CR 3310 Newburgh, NY 10/79

Before it was re-symboled to TVLA, TV53 runs siding to Main @ CP-55 Newburgh, NY. That's my '69 Chevy in the background.

CR 3319 North Iona Island 06/11/1985

Three GP40-2's lead an autorack train across the Iona Island trestle at Bear Mountain State Park. Check out the open racks!!

CR 3366 at West Point, NY. on 8/20/88.

TV301 passing the station at West Point, USMA, NY. on Aug. 20, 1988.

CR 3366 Newburgh, NY 10/79

"NEW" GP40-2 3366 leads two GP35's on TV16a south @ Newburgh, NY

CR 3380 leads TV80 southbound at Tomkins Cove, NY

CR TV80 southbound at Tomkins Cove, NY. TV80 was a "River Line" Friday only train..

CR 3392 West Haverstraw, NY 6/93

GP40-2 3392 leads TVLA-6 up the main at West Haverstraw, NY

CR 3399 Tomkins Cove, NY 2/93

GP40-2 3399 leads TV-80 on its Friday only southbound trek on the River Line. Hoppers were set out for Orange Rockland Gas & Electric..

CR 3640 Weehawkin, NJ 11/81

ENSE-9 works north of the River Line between Hoboken and Weehawkin, NJ... This WAS the Combat Zone.. Trains didn't stop around here if they could help it!!! The good looking track to the left was the EL Weehawkin branch.

CR 4020 Haworth, NJ 4-1999

CR 4020 is on the point of an OCS at Haworth, NJ 4/1999

CR 4137 West Haverstraw, NY 5/1998

Nearly new CR 4137 is on the point of SEAL at West Haverstraw, NY 5/1998

CR 4139 on ALSE Iona Island, NY 6/1998

CR 4139 is on the point of ALSE at Iona Island, NY 6/1998

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