Conrail's Reading Line

The Reading Line was Conrail's route between Reading and Allentown/Bethlehem, with CP-Wyomissing on the Harrisburg Line at the west end and CP-Bethlehem on the Lehigh Line on the east. It is mainly composed of the former East Penn Railroad, which came under control of the Reading Railroad and became known as the "Crossline". 

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B23-7 leads AP-20 out of Allentown Yard across the Lehigh River towards "BURN"....
A work extra-looks like it may be a rail train-crosses the Lehigh River and Canal as it approaches Allentown Yard behind a pair of B23-7's.
Four GP30's power APB-1 up and over the crest @ Emmaus, PA
BH-15 with Allentown Vans headout climbs out of the "HOLE" at East Penn Jct. (CP-Burn) Auburn Street Allentown, Pa
A trio of former PC units cross the Lehigh River in Bethlehem, Pa on the former Reading.
HAE-8 rolls through "BURN" and approaches Allentown Yard.
Conrail GP40 3196, U23B 2795, and a GP40-2 team up to bring a loaded coal train east through CP-Blandon in the fall of 1989. The old "high grade" right of way is visible to the left.
PIOI rolls through Blandon with two Geeps sandwiching two UP SD40-2's. CP-Blandon MP7.8 CR Reading Line
An eastbound trailer train heads through Emmaus in the early morning.
3364, 5060, and 5066 lead MAIL-3 through the "old" CP-Burn. This scene has completely changed over the past few years. CP-Burn MP 35.0 CR Reading Line
MAIL3 passes the temporary block station at CP-Blandon with five GP40's and a B40-8. CP-Blandon MP7.8 CR Reading Line
A GP40-2 brings Conway-Oak Island manifest train PIOI through CP-BURN on November 15, 1992. PIOI is not working in Allentown, as evidenced by the fact that the train is using the "bypass" via East Penn Jct. to get to Bethlehem.

OIEN5 passes the MP0.8 detector at Blandon with some four axle power. GP40-2's and B40-8's were the main locomotives used on MAIL trains until the C40-8W's and SD60M/I's came in, so it was somewhat unusual to see them on a freight in 1993.

 MP0.8 CR Reading Line

CR 5007 is on the point of ALHB at CP-BURN in Allentown, Pa 11/1994
Conrail B36-7 5052 is leading a pair of Santa Fe units on PIOI at CP-Belt in Reading, PA on 2/27/1994
Conrail B36-7 5032 is seen leading a pair of Santa Fe Dash-8s on PIOI at Walnuttown, PA on 2/27/1994
CR 5551 is on the point of TV-211 at CP-Burn in Allentown, Pa 9/1996
An unlikely pair of EMD's powers CCRU-1 charging upgrade out of Allentown on the Reading Line
CAAL1 is about to cross from Berks County into Lehigh County as it nears Alburtis on a very late afternoon March afternoon. MP22.6 CR Reading Line
ALSR1's power passes Smith Lane. The consist itself is still heading through the interlocking at CP-Alburtis.

A westbound rolls out of Allentown Yard with a Dash 8 leading. This was more than likely ALHB.

CP-Burn MP35.0 CR Reading Line

PIAL5 heads east through Longswamp with a couple Dash 8's as power. MP22.5 CR Reading Line
C40-8Ws 6132 and 6102, UP SD40-2 4245, B36-7 5015, and SD50 6709 are on the head end of OIEN seen heading west through Topton in March of 1993.
CR 6317 leads an eastbound manifest past the mushroom farms at Blandon.
OIPI-6 westbound on the Reading Line @ CP-Burn Allentown, Pa
CR 6246 is on the point of ALHB at CP-BURN in Allentown, Pa 12/1994

The westbound ALEN (Allentown - Enola) is lead by SD40 6299 as it heads west through Topton PA.

A couple SD40's (6366 and 6352) lead CAAL by the abandoned Burn Yard in the summer of '87. Note the caboose behind the engines. CP-Burn MP34.9 CR Reading Line
CR 6427 is on the point of ALNS at CP-BURN in Allentown, Pa 11/1994

A pair of SD40-2s and a GP38 lead SEEN (Selkirk - Enola) through Belt Line Junction in Reading PA.

An eastbound coal train led by SD40-2 6446 heads through Blandon in the fall of 1992.
A trio of SD40 series units bring the Enola-Saucon manifest through Longswamp in the afternoon.

ALNS departs Allentown with an SD40-2 leading a ubiquitous NS unit.

CP-Burn MP35.0 CR Reading Line

CR 6503 is on the point of OIPI at CP-BURN in Allentown, Pa 11/1994
ALEN7 rolls through Blandon with an SD40-2 leading an NS C40-8 and three more CR engines. CP-Blandon MP7.8 CR Reading Line
Ore Train ZBB-410 holds at "BURN" for traffic with U25C 6511 and SD40-2 6433 providing the power. The 6511 will either be retired or renumbered to make room for SD40-2 6511 that will be arriving on the property soon....

SENS-7 departs Allentown with a CR-NS-CR lashup.

CP-Burn MP35.0 CR Reading Line

Look Ma, no logo's! An AH Extra departs Allentown for Rutherford @ CP-Burn....
ALRU-4 departing Allentown, PA at Auburn Street E.Penn Jct. the location would later be known as CP-BURN.
Conrail 6611 is on the point of a coal train to Bethlehem Steel at CP BURN in Allentown, Pa 4/1995.
Conrail SD45-2 6665 is leading ALSR through Walnuttown, PA on 9/28/1991
Conrail SD50 6720 brings ALCS west through Longswamp Township on the afternoon of January 26, 1993. The ALCS ran from Allentown to Rocky Mount, NC and became CSX R413 at Park Junction in Philadelphia.

6742, NS 3980, and NS 1628 lead ALSR6 through Longswamp, PA on January 26th, 1993. This train became NS 155 at Hagerstown, MD.

MP22.5 CR Reading Line

CR 6748 leads a sister on a stone train at Reading.
Almost new 6828 leads 6412 on PIOI-5 @ Longswamp, PA
CR 6997 is on the point of ALHB at CP-BURN in Allentown, Pa 10/1995
CR GP10 7519 (ex PC GP9 7058 nee PRR GP9 7058) + CR SW1500 9563 with mixed freight leaving yard (CP CLINT)

GP10 7580 leads WHRE10 through Topton. Another GP10, 7578, is on the other end of the train.

MP18.5 CR Reading Line

A GP38-2 brings Allentown-Enola manifest ALEN westbound through CP-BURN on September 7, 1990. Notice that this was clearly before the Basin St. grade crossing elimination project took place. Today, the roadbed is on a fill several feet above ground level here.
CR 8227 is on the point of ALHB at CP-BURN in Allentown, Pa 8/1994

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