Conrail's Port Road

 Conrail's Port Road Branch ran between Perryville, MD on the Amtrak Northeast Corridor on its east end, and CP-Mary on the Pittsburgh Line at the west. It is composed of the former PRR Columbia and Port Deposit Branch between Perryville, MD and Columbia, PA, the former Atglen & Susquehanna line between Columbia and Shocks Mills, where it crosses the Susquehanna River. On the west side of the Susquehanna, the former A&S joined with the former Northern Central line north into Enola Yard. The line largely saw nocturnal operations, as freight trains operating over Amtrak's Northeast Corridor were subject to a 10PM-6AM window to clear the NEC.

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Overall view of CLY Interlocking Tower and adjacent Station. CLY controlled the junction of the PRR's Northern Central Branch to Baltimore along with the PRR's Atglen & Susquehanna line to Columbia. The 2 tracks closest to the tower are the Northern Central Branch. This tower used an Armstrong Lever Machine. It was taken out of service sometime in 1985 or 1986 and demolished in the late 1980's.
COLA Tower, in service for Conrail in 1979. Once the Port Road got CTC, the windows were bricked over and the tower was turned into essentially a large relay case. This tower is still currently standing.
Taken in the 1990's along the Port Road. Photo by Kevin Jones.
Conrail GP40 3242 (ex-PC 3242) is seen entering Enola Yard at DAY tower in West Fairview, PA in 1983.

Having run the Port Road in beautiful sunshine, the OCS train would make a left turn at Perryville and head northbound to Philly.

After crossing Rockville bridge, the OCS enters Enola yard at Overview.
The 4020 leads the OCS southward across Conodoquinet Creek on the Port Road at West Fairview, PA. on August 20, 1985.
Conrail E44's 4409 and 4418 power and Northbound freight across Shocks Mill Bridge.
E44's 4409 and 4458 have PIWA-5 in tow as it passes the Port Deposit Boat Club on 5/26/79
Two E44's power ENWA-3 passing under the B&O's Philadelphia Line and over Susquehanna Ave @ Perryville, MD
The two E44's are doing a good job keeping ENWA-2 moving toward the "Corridor" at Perryville. The WA in ENWA will later be changed to PY indicating Potomac Yard.
Two E44's lead by the 4418 power a Sparrows Point Coke train...
GG-1's 4856 and 4801 power OIPI-7 through Cly, PA
Conrail C40-8W 6151 is seen powering a CIR circus train with the James Strates Carnival Train in tow at Columbia, PA in July, 1998. JB Kerr Photo
Baltimore bound GRB-20 @ Safe Harbor, Pa
Two SD40-2's power an eastbound coal train at Minnick, MD
Conrail SD50 6746 is seen heading north into Enola Yard past DAY tower in 1986.

The Port Road - Columbia, Pennsylvania, USA
April 05, 1994
GP10 7558 on WOR-201
A pair of GP10s hold down a work train assignment on the formerly electrified PRR line along the Susquehanna River back in 1994. These rebuilt geeps would soon be retired by Conrail.
Photo by Don Kalkman III

The photographer gets a friendly wave from the crew of CR 7854 as it pulls outlawed D&H RPPY-6 into the clear of the single track @ Perryville, MD. The B&O's huge Susquehanna River Bridge looms in the background.
DAY Interlocking Tower protected the Southern (Eastern) end of Enola Yard. This tower was demolished while in service from a derailment.
Powered by GM10C 1975, TV22 exits the Port Road and enters the "Corridor" for remainder of its run to Baltimore...
Still painted entirely PC green, LEMO Interlocking Tower controlled traffic coming across the Susquehanna River from Harrisburg Station, the Ex-Cumberland Valley Line to Hagerstown, and the Port Road/Northern Central Branch. In 1988 the tower was removed from the site by the Lancaster Chapter of the NRHS and re-located to the Strasburg Railroad where it has been restored to its former Pennsy appearance.

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