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Conrai's Pittsburgh Line served as one of it's two main arteries connecting the eastern edges of the United States to the west, the other being the Chicago Line across New York. Spanning from CP-Harrisburg in the interlockings namesake city to CP-West Pitt in Pittsburgh the line includes famous locations such as Lewistown, Altoona, Cresson, Conemaugh, and Pitcairn, amongst a variety of others. Also included is the climb over the Allegheny Mountains between Conemaugh and Altoona, with the historic Horseshoe Curve as the center piece.

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CR 6417 at CP-Conpit

Conrail SD40-2 6417 is seen on a ballast cleaner at CP-Conpit in 1982. Seems like less-than-glamorous duty for a unit that is less than 5 years old at that point.

CR 6443 East Conway, PA 1/17/1992

A Westbound arrives at East Conway in heavy snowfall.

CR 6454 Mifflin, Pa 8/92

PIEN-9 has finished weighing at Denholm and is proceeding east @ Mifflin, Pa

CR 64564 and CR 64621 in 1990

Snowplow CR 64564 (Russell Plow I believe) and Jordan Spreader CR 64621 bask in the warmth of a summer day confident in the knowledge that they will not have to go to work on this day. I believe that this was somewhere along the Pittsburgh Line west of Horseshoe Curve.

CR 6469 and CR6509 Horseshoe Curve 1990

SD 40-2s 6469 and 6509 lead a train up the Alleghenies around Horseshoe Curve in 1991.

CR 6489 at Duncannon, PA

Conrail SD40-2 6489 is seen leading a westbound unit grain train past the old station at Duncannon, PA in 1982.

CR 6491 on ALPI at Cove PA, 2/96

Two SDs hustle ALPI (Allentown - Pittsburgh) west through Cove PA.

CR 6502 Gallitzin, PA 7/17/1994

A Westbound blasts out of the smaller tunnel at Gallitzin. Work was under way to enlarge the adjacent tunnel, and once done, this tunnel was abandoned.

CR 6502 helps a westbound off of the Portage Secondary at Tunnel Hill, 3/78

A westbound manifest climbs up the Portage Secondary and is about to enter the main line at Tunnel Hill, PA on 3/18/78. Two U25Cs provide the head end helpers. Two more units were also shoving back on the rear.

CR 6505 at Marysville, PA. on 8/18/85.

CR 6505 leads OIPI past Banks tower on Aug. 18, 1985.

CR 6511 Lewistown, PA 8/92

York Haven bound UFY-20 rounds the curve @ Lewistown station 8/14/92

CR 6511 Radebaugh, PA 10/83

Two SD40-2's shove the rear of OIPI-2 as it clears CP-RADE on my hire day 10/12

CR 6516 on WB lite power at Antis, PA 1/26/99

A WB power move that consist of CR 6516, 3326, 6749, 6721, 6785, & 6194 are seen at Antis, PA on 1/26/99.

CR 6601 Mifflin_3-07-1986

ENPI-7 runs west on for now track 2. Track 1 is out of service and will be removed as will the signal bridge...

CR 6602 rolls east through Mapleton PA, 3/78

An eastbound manifest rolls through Mapleton, PA on 3/20/78, led by relatively new C30-7 No. 6602. New power and new crossties were signs of the times. Serious money was being invested.

CR 6620 Cresson, PA 10-18-1997

A Conrail westbound is stopped at CP MO to cut off it's helper. C36-7 # 6620 is one of the two C36-7's to carry the "Ballast Express" lettering under the number, 6621 being the other. Neither one would get painted gray as did the ballast express C32's. A pair of Southern Pacific EMD units trail the Conrail GE.

CR 6635 Powers Grain Trian GRB85 Through Marysville PA, 10/89

A C36-7 and SD50 combo lead loaded grain train GRB85 east through Marysville PA toward the Rockville Bridge.

CR 6639 in Jacks Narrows, PA. on 8/19/85.

Eastbound extra 6639 passes Jacks tower in Jacks Narrows, just west of Mt. Union, PA. on Aug. 19, 1985.

CR 6655 Cresson, PA 10-18-1986

An SD40 and SD45-2 helper set are lending some breaking help to a train at the PA Rt 53 overpass just outside of Cresson PA.

CR 6656 and another EL painted SD45-2 help a westbound TV at Benny, 3/78

Two former EL SD45-2s are the head end helper on a WB TV Train as it climbs upgrade through Benny Interlocking, Bennington, PA. 3/18/78.

CR 6657 Conway, PA 8-8-1977

CR SD45-2 6657 (ex-EL 3672) waits for assignment at Conway yard in August, 1977.

CR 6666 at Altoona on 8/24/85.

SD45-2 6666 at Altoona on Aug. 24, 1985.

CR 6694 east through Mifflin on the Pittsburgh Line, 3/78

An EB manifest passes through Mifflin, PA on 3/20/78, led by SDP45 No. 6694.

CR 6695 Eastbound with WPB-4 at Cove PA, 2/78

Conrail SDP45-6695 (ex Erie Lackawanna) is leading E/B WPB-4 on jointed rail. 12:40PM on 2/4/78 in Cove, PA.

CR 6706 HorseShoe Curve 2/93

One of the "Perks" of being a scale inspector is that we got to go to different places. Feburary 1993 I had to transport the scale departments Miter rail Saw to Altoona. Not one to miss an opertunity to visit the Curve, we made our way up there after an ice storm. My 4 wheel drive Jeep gave us no trouble and we made it there in time for a few trains. ALPI-9 powered by a SD50, SD40 SD40-2 lash-up struggles with the grade with the GP9 standing as a silent sentinal....

CR 6716 on TV-2H at Cassandra, PA 6/8/97

CR 6716, 6735 & 6459 are seen leading TV-2H east at Cassandra, PA on 6/8/97.

CR 6719 Leads a Westbound Through Pinecroft PA, 10/19

A relatively new SD50 leads an westbound manifest through Pinecroft PA, on the Pittsburgh Line.

CR 6731 Loshs Run, Pa 8/93

SD50 6731 and SD40-2 6422 power USD-22 eastbound @ Loshs Run. Train is bound for Shamokin Dam, Pa

CR 6735 and RR-262 in Marysville PA, 3/99

Pittsburgh Line - Marysville, Pennsylvania, USA
January 03, 1999
C40-8W 6241 on RR262
The Roadrailer rolls onto the Rockville Bridge eastbound, passing a westbound work train during Conrail's final year. It was quite enjoyable to photograph colorful locomotives. Sigh...

CR 6736 leads an eastbound unit coal train at Tunnel, PA on Oct. 13, 1989

A eastbound Conrail unit coal train passes a signal at Tunnel, PA on Oct. 13, 1989, led by SD50 No. 6736.

CR 6747 Leads an Empty Coal Train at Rockville, PA, 3/86

Heading west past Rockville Tower, SD50 6747 heads onto Rockville Bridge.

CR 6763 Altoona 1990

SD50 6763 leads an eastbound coal train through Altoona on a sunny day in 1990.

CR 6767 SD50s Lead an Eastbound TV Train Across Rockville Bridge, 3/85

Two almost brand new SD50s lead an eastbound TV train across Rockville Bridge.

1985-03-10 CR 6767 Rockville, PA.jpg

CR 6782 at Duncannon, PA in 1998

Conrail SD50 6782 is seen leading a UFY998 coal train eastbound at Duncannon, PA on 10/15/1998

CR 6799 on PIEN blasts through Mifflin, PA on Oct. 15, 1989

Eastbound Conrail PIEN blasts through Mifflin, PA on Oct. 15, 1989 with two SD50s.

CR 6807, a CNW and a CSX Unit Marysville, PA 5/28/1994

An eastbound Conrail train is waiting at CP Banks to head in toward Enola.

CR 6825 Leads a Grain Train Through Birmingham, PA, 10/86

A pair of relatively new SD50s hustle a grain train through Birmingham PA in 1986.

CR 6831 Marysville PA, 5/28/1994

A Conrail SD50 leads some CSX units on an eastbound tied up in the controlled siding at CP Banks.

CR 6849 Horseshoe Curve 1990

SD60 6849 and 3 other EMD products brings a train downgrade around Horseshoe Curve in 1990. We won't discuss how I got this particular photo angle.

CR 6849 in 1990

SD60 6849 leads a quartet of power, including SD40-2 6500, down the hill around Horseshoe Curve in 1990.

CR 6849, CR 6847, and 6500 Horseshoe Curve 1990

A pair of SD60s, 6849 and 6847, and a pair of SD40-2s, 6500 and 64??, bring an eastbound freight past the spot where I was supposed to be if I was following the rules and obeying the signs.

CR 6852 on Rockville in 1990

Conrail SD60 6852 is seen leading Mail3H west across Rockville Bridge on 10/20/1990

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