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Conrai's Pittsburgh Line served as one of it's two main arteries connecting the eastern edges of the United States to the west, the other being the Chicago Line across New York. Spanning from CP-Harrisburg in the interlockings namesake city to CP-West Pitt in Pittsburgh the line includes famous locations such as Lewistown, Altoona, Cresson, Conemaugh, and Pitcairn, amongst a variety of others. Also included is the climb over the Allegheny Mountains between Conemaugh and Altoona, with the historic Horseshoe Curve as the center piece.

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CR 5625 on MAIL-9H at Antis, PA 1/26/99

CR 5625, 6802 & 5623 are seen on MAIL-9H at Antis, PA on 1/26/99.

CR 5628 SD60I South Fork 10-97

This westbound Roadrailer encountered some problems getting out of Rutherford last night requiring a crew change at South Fork, Pa this October 11th, 1997 for the last leg into Conway.

CR 5636 East Pittsburgh, PA 7/5/1997

An Eastbound van train passes under the Westinghouse Bridge.

CR 5637 west Harrisburg 09021998

I drove for JB Hunt for 5 years, from Nov 1995 to Jan 2001. In that time, I pulled a lot of intermodal loads, which gave me access to places I would not have had otherwise. Once in a while, I could get a couple of photos. I had just dropped a container here at Harrisburg, and was on my way out, catching this westbound TV train as it worked the terminal.

CR 5649 SD60I Leetsdale 04-99

The quintessential 90's Conrail train, two big HP EMD's and a train of 100% CR coal gons, blasts through Leetsdale, Pa with train UCI-275. It's April 30th, 1999- Conrail has one month left before the split.

CR 5872 and CR 9137 Lewistown, PA 1-1-1982

A 1982 shot of the Lewistown yard shows GP7 5872 (ex-PC 5872, exx-PRR 5872, nee-PRR 8572) and SW9 9137 (ex-PC 9137) sitting by the sand tower.

CR 5872 and PC 32306 at Lewistown, PA

Conrail GP7 5872 (ex-PC 5872, exx-PRR 5872, nee-PRR 8572) is seen sitting alongside sand car PC 32306, a former PRR class H30 covered hopper in 1982.

CR 6020 Leads a Mixed Freight Through Birmingham PA, 5/93

A pair of GEs, followed by an SW1500, haul a mixed freight through Birmingham PA on the Pittsburgh Line.

CR 6022 Pitcairn, PA 10-8-1977

Former PC SD35 6022 idles awaiting assignment at Pitcairn in October, 1977.

CR 6028 on westbound at "Works" - Altoona, PA Nov 1989

CR 6028, 6569, and an SD40 (6338?) are on a westbound passing "Works" in Altoona, PA, in November 1989.

CR 6034 on ALPI-4F at Gallitzin, PA 3/5/99

CR 6034 & 5620 are seen on ALPI-4F at Gallitzin, PA on 3/5/99.

CR 6037 at Duncannon, PA. on 12/2/8/92.

C40-8 6037 with an eastbound pig train at CP Cannon in Duncannon, PA. on Dec. 28, 1992.

CR 6044 126991

CR 6044 is seen on TV-2H at Altoona, PA on 1/26/99.

CR 6054 and CR 6773, Horseshoe Curve 1990

A trio of Conrail power including C40-8W 6054 and SD50 6773 ease a freight down the mountain around Horseshoe Curve in 1990.

CR 6054 Gallitzin, PA 7/17/1993

ENPI ducks under the signal between Gallitzin and Cresson.

CR 6070 Pitcairn, PA 8-19-1978

CR SD45 6070 (ex-EL 3605) rests at Pitcairn, PA in August, 1978.

CR 6071 and CR 6297

C40-8W 6071 and SD40 6297 are neck and neck as they make their way west through Altoona in 1990

CR 6072 at Rankin PA

A morning eastbound on Conrail's busy Pittsburgh Line rolls through the municipalities of Rankin (left) and Swissvale (right). The tracks form the border between the two municipalities in this area.

CR 6072 Jamestown, Pa 10-24-1977

An eastbound Grain Extra climbs the West Slope crossing over RT-53 approaching Cassandra @ Jamestown, Pa

CR 6079 Perdix, PA 8-19-1981

Conrail SD45 6079 is seen leading an eastbound freight through Perdix, PA on 8/19/1981. Notice Track 1 and what would become the controlled siding are still stick rail.

CR 6081 Baden, PA 12/26/1990

A pair of new C40-8s lead XPK-4C out of Conway Yard.

CR 6085 at Horseshoe Curve 9/27/84

A pusher set drifts through Horseshoe Curve on its way back down the mountain for another push.

CR 6085 plus 5 at Horseshoe Curve 9/27/84

A westbound COFC climbs toward Gallitzin behind helper set 6085/6453, with 6042/8144/2732/3326 for road power. While most trains that got pushers had them on the rear, TV trains got them up front, due to the likelihood of the long trailer flats to derail when pushed. The Curve was quite a show in those days, when there was still a lot of older power around. You never knew what would show up.

CR 6095 Leads a westbound manifest through Benny, 3/78

Patched SD45 No. 6095 leads a westbound manifest upgrade through Benny Interlocking at Bennington, PA on 3/18/78.

CR 6109 Gallitzin, PA 10-22-1977

One SD45 and two SDP45's on the head-end and four helpers on the rear lift this Ore Extra up the east slope on 10/22/77

CR 6120, Horseshoe Curve 1990

C40-8 6120 leads a westbound around Horseshoe Curve in 1990.

CR 6123 Crossing Sherman's Creek, 4/94

Sherman's Creek - Duncannon, Pennsylvania, USA
C40-8W 6123
A westbound with paired C40-8Ws takes a Military Extra across the Much-Photographed bridge across Sherman's Creek.

CR 6127 and 6148 at Marysville, PA

Conrail C40-8Ws 6127 and 6148 are seen leading an eastbound freight onto Rockville Bridge at Marysville, PA in 1992.

CR 6135 Pitcairn, PA 8-20-1978

CR SD-45 6135 leads a quartet of CR blue power at Pitcairn, PA in August, 1978.

CR 6148 at Marysville, PA

Conrail C40-8W 6148 is seen trailing on an eastbound freight as it rolls onto Rockville Bridge at Marysville, PA in 1992.

CR 6153 on MAIL-3X at CP Banks 2/94

Pittsburgh Line, CP Banks - Marysville, Pennsylvania, USA
February 27, 1994
C40-8W 6153 on MAIL3X
A chilly afternoon sees a westbound MAIL heading through Banks Interlocking. Just try to shoot here nowadays!

CR 6158 Baden, PA 9/29/1993

TV-2 departs East Conway after a crew change.

CR 6161 Altoona, PA 7/3/1978

An Eastbound rolls into Altoona at Alto Tower on a rainy 4th of July weekend.

CR 6168 Gallitzin, PA 7/17/1993

A Westbound roars out of one of the Gallitzin tunnels.

CR 6172 Pittsburgh, PA 8-18-1978

PC SD-45 6172 leads SD-40's 6295 and 6250 quickly through Pittsburgh in August, 1978.

CR 6174 Duncannon, PA 1981

Conrail SD45 6174 (ex-PC 6174, ex-PRR 6174) is trailing a pair of other units on an eastbound TV train approaching VIEW tower in 1981.

CR 6174 Leads CAPI through McVey PA, 5/93

CAPI blazes through McVey PA on its journey from Camden NJ to Pittsburgh PA. Note the single container flat car first out in the manifest.

CR 6190 on HBPI at Lilly, PA 6/15/96

CR 6190, 6207, 7561 & 6634 are seen on HBPI at Lilly, PA on 6/15/96.

CR 6193 Leads a short westbound TV train at Benny, 3/18

Conrail painted power is starting to show up on a somewhat regular basis at this point. SD45 No. No. 6193 leads a WB TV Train upgrade at Benny Interlocking in Bennington, PA on 3/18/78.

CR 6193 Pitcairn, PA 8-19-1978

With CR blue paint gleaming in the sun, SD-45 6193 is ready to go at Pitcairn in August, 1978.

CR 6202 with ZWW-928 on the Middle Division, 7/94

Pittsburgh Line - Cove, Pennsylvania, USA
July 02, 1994
C40-8W 6202 on ZWW-928
On a sweltering July morning, an empty train of ore jennies led by a new Conrail GE awaited a new crew. One of the little things about Conrail I will miss is their use of classification lights, which shone bright red on this stopped train.
Photo by Don Kalkman III

CR 6205 on MAIL-3 at Altoona, PA 6/8/97

A well powered MAIL-3 that consists of CR 6205, 6099, 5529, 6635, 5556 & 5633 is seen at Altoona, PA on 6/8/97.

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